Humm, it’s Armenia where you’re planning to visit, correct? Well, it’s a charming place housing remarkable collection of historic edifices; cultural glimpses too. Wow! That’s incredible, and it’ll be a fantastic experience to explore such a beautiful city.

This small country also boasts for multiple things; the list tops with religion, Christianity, then it’s for the mesmerizing views and natural beauties. Many travelers acknowledged it to be one of the best in Europe. Next up: the Mount Ararat’s peak that touches the country’s skyline to offer travelers breathtaking views beyond the horizon!

Furthermore, you’ll also find countless stunning monasteries spread around. You’ll love to explore them for their religious significance and the surrounding natural settings alike. That’s thrilling, but what else?

Yerevan: that’s the destination hot-stop and one of the stopover point, why? Well, you’ve to visit and find it yourself!

But don’t worry! We’ve got a list of the ten best things to do in Armenia. We’ll also guide you about the tour and activities that you should book along. Great!

Let’s start an incredible and exciting journey then!


1.  Visit Yerevan

Yerevan is incredible! We’re not the one telling this to you; that’s what around two million tourists feel. Wow! Sounds exciting, huh? But, what makes it a treasure trove destination? Well, Yerevan is Armenia’s largest city and a treasure-trove destination to visit. It’s a city where you’ll find tons of monuments with historical significance. Next up: The grand Republic Square, the Armenian Genocide Memorial, and the Blue Mosque are a few of them.

When you’re exploring the city, don’t miss to visit Levon’s Amazing Underground World; it’s the most unusual attraction in Europe.

2. Shikahogh State Reserve

The Shikahogh State Reserve will, of course, mesmerize you. It’s a destination with unspoiled natural beauty. Why? Well, you’ll find over a thousand species living over here. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot Leopards, wild goats, vipers, and other wild animals. Likewise, you’ll also see stunning waterfalls cascading by. To enjoy this incredible experience, you’ve to make sure and book a tour to visit and explore this beautiful location.

Lake Sevan

3. Lake Sevan

Lakes are always a beautiful place to sit and relax, correct? In Armenia, you’ll find the Lake Sevan located right at the heart of the city. It’s an excellent place to sit, relax, and sunbathe. You’ll also find beautiful monasteries surrounding the lake area. It not only makes a great day trip, but you’ll also enjoy the surrounding scenic beauty; Indeed, it’s mesmerizing!

Goshavank Monastery

4. Dilijan national park

You’ll enjoy exploring the Dilijan national park. It’s an excellent place for nature and history admirer alike. We’ll tell you why it’s so? Well, you’ll get an opportunity to explore some of the stunning cultural attractions surrounding it. The Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank Monastery, and others top the list. It’ll be an exciting day with a guided tour to explore this park and its surroundings.

Mount Aragats

5. Mount Aragats

Well, you must have seen stunning natural attractions, correct? Yet, Mount Aragats will attract you as it’s a unique attraction. It’s not only the highest peak in Armenia, but you’ll also enjoy tons of Rock art. Of course, you’ll need an expert guide to scout you around. Indeed, there’s a challenging track for you to explore!

6. Lake Arpi

Lake Arpi is one of the most popular lakes in Armenia; it’s crowded too! It’s an excellent place to visit and marvel around with your family. You’ll find over a hundred of unique species in the surrounding area. Additionally, there’s an array of beautiful flora and fauna. Those will, of course, please you if you’re a nature lover! You’ve to book camping and walking tours to have a magnificent experience.


7. Visit the Noravank

You can’t leave Armenia without exploring the Monasteries; the Noravank is a perfect example that’ll mesmerize you with its architectural brilliance. It’s a 13th-century building and the famous Holy Mother of God church, according to the locals. Thus, a trip to explore this church is one of the top things to do while exploring the town.

Mother Armenia

8. Gyumri

You’ve to plan a visit to Gyumri while you’re in Armenia; that’s the second-largest city. Wow! It’s cool! What’s there? You’ll find Black Fortress on top of the hill, a giant statue of Mother Armenia, and multiple places of cultural attractions. Therefore, you’ve got a tour guide with you while you’re marveling around.

9. Vanadzor

You’ll be visiting another stunning city while exploring Armenia, and that’s Vanadzor. It’s famous for the Vanadzor Botanical Garden, the Vanadzor fine art museum, and other places of stunning attractions. You’ll need time to explore this place. Indeed, you’ve to book a tour and plan an entire day.

10. Amberd Fortress

Amidst all the brilliant attractions stands the Amberd Fortress. It’s another historical attraction for you to marvel around. Once it was the military-defensive points of the kingdom of Armenian, and now it’s a historical attraction. You’ll learn more about this attraction with a guided tour. Don’t miss it!

Final Verdict

There’s no shortage of destinations around the globe. Of course, Armenia is one such destination. But, you’ve to plan before you start exploring. It’s a daunting task, but don’t worry! We’ve listed these ten best things to do in Armenia. We’ve also suggested the best tours and activities that you should ideally book to maximize your travel experience. Click to check over 1000 exciting tours and activities! So, why are you waiting? It’s backpacking time!


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