Hey Thrillist, Howdy! We’re sure it’s going great, correct? Indeed, it’s time for you to rejoice. Ohh, how can you so that when people are combatting the COVID pandemic globally. Humm, that’s true, but there’s no need to stop planning for your next dream destination; why? Well, there’s a bucket-list of amazing COVID safe travel destinations around the globe.

Furthermore, in most of these destinations, the government already opened up the international border. What does that mean? Yes, you’ve guessed it right. You can start planning for awesome backpacking. Wow! So what’s the next destination? We’re super-excited to tell you the name; aren’t you too?

It’s Sydney, the vibrant cosmopolitan city that attracts over thirty million global visitors; wow, that’s an incredible number. Yes, and it’s the treasure-trove travel destination about which we’ll talk in a while. That’s Cool! But what’s the unexpected places to see and things to do in Sydney? Humm, we know that you’ll be asking this question; we’ll be listing down the ten best things to do out there.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick overview of this stunning travel destination.

It’s a city they never sleep; hey! That’s what people have to say about Sydney. You’ll love the city’s stunning climate, mesmerizing beaches, excellent year-round weather, and, of course, the gastronomical delight. Wow! That’s incredibly exciting and ideal for backpacking too!

Let’s not delay further and find out what this tourist-paradise has to offer.

The Opera House by night

1. The Opera House

Once you’re in Sydney, you’ll be confused to decide from where to start. Don’t worry! You’ve to head straight towards the Opera House. Yes, that’s the city’s iconic building and a hot-spot tourist spot; Why?

Well, it’s a UNESCO heritage property and a structure of historical significance. However, you’ve to make sure to visit it at night and enjoy watching the illuminated building. How does it feel? You’ve to visit and see yourself; you’ll be thrilled, and we bet that!

Darling Harbour

2. Darling Harbour

If we start talking about the stunning destinations in the city. Indeed, it’s a never-ending list. That’s cool! Then let’s visit the next destination, which is Darling Harbour. Yes, it’s the city’s most popular recreational complex where you’ll find tourists and locals flocking alike. You must be wondering what to see there, right? Well, it’s the stunning scenic beauty surrounding it. The list includes iconic places like the Chinese Garden of Friendship, the National Maritime Museum, and others.

3. Visit Paddy’s Markets

Do you know there’s a heritage market in Sydney that dates back over 150 years? Yes, it’s the famous Paddy’s Markets, and you’ve to visit and explore it. You’ll be thrilled to marvel around this vibrant place, having over a thousand retail stores. Why don’t you buy souvenirs for this place? Indeed, it’s an ideal destination for local shopping and street-foods. So, visit and have the ultimate fun.

Sydney Bondi Beach

4. Bondi Beach

There’s a bunch of attractions to see and explore in Sydney. Bundi Beach is one such iconic attraction ideal for all sun-seekers and beach lovers alike. Indeed, it’s an excellent hangout place where you can visit and enjoy your family’s entire day. So, beachgoers backpacking Sydney, it’s time to land in an atmosphere full of thrill and unlimited excitement. It’s one of the most-popular photo-shoot destinations too! So, keep your camera to click some exciting snaps!

Royal Botanic Gardens

5. The Royal Botanic Gardens

One of the biggest reasons for the tourists to fall in love with Sydney is its diversified list of attractions. Indeed, the Royal Botanic Gardens is another addition to it. It’s a massive green space established date backed in 1816. Indeed, it’s one of Australia’s oldest gardens full of flora and fauna of diversified species.

You’ve to book a guided tour and explore it; why? There’s a lot to see and learn about the country’s botanical history. When you take a guide to escort you through, you’ll know them directly from an insider.

Luna Park Sydney

6. Luna Park

If you’re a Thrillist visiting Sydney, there’s something for you too! You’ll be thrilled to see one of the city’s largest amusement park, Luna Park. Indeed, it’s an excellent place where you can visit and spend an entire day with family.

But you must book tickets online before your visit; why? It’s to avoid the over-the-counter booking rush save time. That’s a cool idea, huh! Don’t forget to visit Coney Island; there’s a lot to see and enjoy!

Museum of Sydney

7. Museum-hopping

Do you know that there’s a bucket-list of stunning museums in Sydney? That’s cool! Why wait then? You can book the Museum-hopping experience and enjoy a captivating journey marveling around. Next Up: The Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum, The Hyde Park Barracks Museum, and others. Indeed, it’s an endless list that houses a fascinating collection of enriched Australian history.

Sydney Zoo

8. Visit Taronga Zoo in Sydney with Kids

Of course, kids love to see animals in their natural habitat. That’s what they’ll enjoy after visiting the Taronga Zoo. Yes, it’s an exciting place, housing over four thousand animals of diversified species. Don’t forget to book tickets online as there’ll be a long queue for over-the-counter tickets.

Harbour Bridge by Night

9. Harbour Bridge Night Climb

If you want to carry some golden memory with you back home, enjoy the thrilling Harbour Bridge Night Climb. It’s one of the best breathtaking experiences that you’ll have during your visit, and we bet that!

Sydney Tower Eye

10. Sydney Tower Eye

You can’t leave Sydney unless you take a feel of this glorified city from the top. If you’re thrilled, you’ve to book an online ticket to climb to the Sydney Tower Eye’s observation deck. You’ll be mesmerized to see the city glowing under the night sky. That’s an unforgettable view, and you can lock it inside your pleasant travel memories.

Final Verdict

You’ll not be able to visit everywhere in Sydney during the first visit. That’s when you’ve to follow this list of the ten best things to do in Sydney; it’ll act as a guide and will help you to plan your Sydney travel itinerary. Great!

Then, also check out all these hot-spot tours and activities that are on offer!


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