Hey, readers! We’re back with another exciting blog on a COVID safe, unique travel destination. If you’ve already guessed the name, it’s excellent! Yes, it’s Jerusalem, which is Israel’s cultural and pilgrim’s epicenter alike. Indeed, it’s a fascinating destination housing over two thousand years of enriched cultural, historical traces; aren’t you thrilled to visit and explore this destination yourself. Of course, you’re! But we know what’s stopping you, and it’s the COVID 19 pandemic. Well, the good news is, it’s a COVID safe travel destination as the number of cases is declining every day.

Cool! Let’s talk more about Jerusalem and the best family-friendly activities to do out there; we’ve got a long list, and it’s the best, we bet that!

Once you step in the holy land of Jerusalem, you’ll be delighted to find multicultural people living out there. You’ll find a robust cultural diversification between the Jews, Christians, and Muslim community people. Don’t forget to marvel around the narrow cobblestone streets around the city to experience a powerful stirring. It’s a travel destination that’ll delight you. From culture, people, attractions, and culinary retreats, you’ll have an unforgettable experience in Jerusalem.

It’s a family-friendly destination with exciting things to see and do; we’ve got the list ready for you. So, let’s dive in and explore this destination. We’ll also recommend the best activities that you can do while you’re exploring Jerusalem.

Let’s begin then.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

1. Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Once you’re in Jerusalem, you must be wondering where you’ve to start exploring the city, correct? You can withdraw from exploring the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and how to do that? Well, the simplest way is to book the Church of the Holy Sepulcher guided tour and have a lovely day marveling around.

Do you know that it’s one of the world’s holiest sights, according to Christianity? The reason is, it houses the crucifixion site of Jesus and his empty tomb alike. Indeed, you’ll also find Mary Magdalene’s chapel, which is at a nearby location. Thus, there’s a lot for you to explore and enjoy a day full of memorable events.

Western Wall

2. Visit the Western Wall

You’ll find tons of holy sites in Jerusalem, and the Western Wall is one of them. Indeed, it’s a decade-old Jewish temple with immense historical significance. You’ll be thrilled to know that it’s date back to the 7th century. Indeed, it’s when the Romans torture the Jews, and there’s a turmoil past. It’s an open-air synagogue that symbolizes the painful history of the Jews. It’s a crowded place, and you’ll find tourists and locals alike gathered over in hundreds to offer their prayers.

3. The Israel Museum

You’ll love to explore the Isreal Museum; it’s a treasure-trove attraction. Indeed, it’s the finest archaeology and art museum in the world housing tons of historical edifices. You’ll be surprised to explore its biblical archaeology collection. From the world’s oldest biblical manuscripts to stunning art galleries, there’s a lot to see. Thus, it would be best to scout you around for the day if you had an expert guide. Don’t worry; you can book an online tour for that.

4. Zoological Gardens

The next place to explore in Jerusalem is the Zoological Gardens. To visit this place, you’ve to travel to Jerusalem’s southern part. You’ll be surprised to know that over seven hundred and fifty thousand visitors visit around here yearly; that’s a massive number. You’ll also love to see the excellent collection of exhibits, species, and wildlife out there. It’s a place where you’ve to visit and spend an entire day with family.

Mount of Olives

5. Mount of Olives

If you’re a nature lover, there’s something for you in Jerusalem. It’s the Mount of Olives from where you can enjoy breathtaking views. You’ll be thrilled to marvel around the Jewish cemetery and learn it’s exciting history. Don’t worry! You can book an online guided tour of the Mount of Olives and spend an exciting day with family.

Jerusalem tourism

6. Full-Day City Tour of Jerusalem

You’ll love exploring the beautiful city of Jerusalem. Well, the best way you can do that when you book a full day city tour. It’ll be an extraordinary journey where you’ll be marveling around the city’s most famous sites. You can also stop at multiples sites like the Holocaust Museum, the Dome of the Rock, and others. Don’t forget to take stunning pictures of the beautiful places around, and it’ll be a memorable experience.


7. Visit the Masada and Dead Sea from Jerusalem

There are many memorable sites to see in Jerusalem, but Masada and the Dead Sea are among the unmissable attractions. These historic ruins, and you can book a day trip from Jerusalem to visit over there. Also, you’ll need an entire day for this breathtaking excursion that’ll be full of excitement and memories; we bet that!

8. Israel’s Parliament

You can’t leave Jerusalem without visiting Israel’s Parliament; it’s a religious center and a political capital alike. You can book a guided tour to escort this stunning place. You’ll get a local guide to tell you interesting historical facts about this place. You can also find stunning sculptures that are enriched works of some of the world’s finest artists.

Dome of the Rock

9. The Dome of the Rock

It’s the city’s most photographed landmarks. According to the local Muslims, it’s on the Temple Mount and the most sacred place from where Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven. Although everyone can enjoy its view and learn its religious significance from outside, Muslims are only allowed to visit inside.

Dead Sea

10. Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of those attractions that’ll keep a long-lasting impression in your memory. It’s an excellent place where you can visit to sit and relax on the stunning beach. Or, you can enjoy floating on the water and escape the heat. It’s an excellent experience and a good relaxation retreat.

Final Verdict

When there are many thrilling tours and activities to explore in Jerusalem, don’t delay planning and visiting. Also, you can book the most popular tours online in advance and save on deals! So, don’t wait as the sales are for a limited time. Check it out, NOW!


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