Hello travelers! What’s your next travel plan? Hey! You must be wondering how we can ask about your upcoming travel plan, correct? The COVID-19 pandemic that’d rendered all your programs can’t last long; why? Well, you’ll be thrilled to know about the countries those declared as COVID safe travel destinations. Wow! Indeed, it’s exciting news. What do you say? If you do a random search of COVID safe travel destinations 2020, you’ll get a list of multiple destinations; most of them are tourist-friendly! Likewise, you’ll find Dubai’s name on the top. That’s incredible news, huh!

Dubai, the mega glitzy city and world’s most visited tourist destination, had opened gates for all international tourists. There’s no doubt that it’s an evergreen holiday hot-spot for millions globally. From high-rises to the world’s biggest shopping mall and from the artificial beach to the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, there’s a lot in Dubai that’ll surprise you. Desert Safari Dubai is a highly-rated adventure experience; it consistently ranks top each year.

Thus, in this glamorous destination, you’ll be able to explore a bucket-list of exciting things; it will be daunting. But don’t worry! We’ve done the listing for you about the ten unforgettable experiences to enjoy in Dubai. Are you thrilled to know about them? Great! We’ll begin an exciting journey shortly to the land of sun and sand.

Dubai City

1. City Tour, Dubai

You must be wondering why this Private city tour Dubai is one of the highest-rated activities in Dubai, correct? Well, the reason is it gives you an overview of this beautiful city. Of course, you can book sightseeing tours or hip-on-hop-off tours alike, but a private guided tour stands ahead. You’ll learn about the city’s most famous landmarks, which include the Burj Khalifa, underwater aquarium, creek, and the world’s only seven-star hotel. While strolling around, you’ll learn exciting stories about Gold Souq and other significant attractions in the city.

Burj Khalifa

2. Climb to the top of Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, also houses the world’s highest observation deck. Surprising, huh! Also, there’s an elevator that’ll take you to the 124th floor from the ground in just sixty seconds, simply staggering. But, is that all? No, certainly not! From the top of this stunning architecture, you’ll enjoy 360-degrees sweeping views of the city. Indeed, if you view at night, you’ll find the entire cosmopolitan city glittering like stars under the clear sky. It’s one of the crowded attractions, and you’ve to book tickets online well in advance.

Dubai Mall

3. Explore the Dubai Mall

Do you love shopping or want to get a window-shopping experience? On both occasions, the Dubai Mall is your ideal destination. Why? It’s the world’s largest shopping mall and one of the iconic landmarks in this cosmopolitan city. Indeed, it also provides the gateway to enter Burj Khalifa, the cosmopolitan tower. Other than premium retail stores, food chains, and cafes, what else is there in this mall? It houses an underwater Aquarium, ice-skating rink, and even a gaming zone.

Dubai Museum

4. Dubai Museum

Do you know that Dubai has got an enriched history? Yes, it’s something that you should know; Indeed, you’ll be thrilled to learn about the phenomenal growth story that this city had undergone over the last few decades. As you’ll step inside the Museum, you’ll find videos, artifacts, and prototypes reflecting Dubai’s enriched history. Indeed, it was the royal residency of the ruling family date back in history.

Souk souvenir

5. Explore the traditional souks in Deira

Do you know about the best places in Dubai to find traditional items? It’s the local market, also known as “Souk.” Once you’ll book a walking tour and walk around this place, you’ll be thrilled to see the hustle-bustle around. Indeed, you’ll also find the world’s largest gold market over here. Additionally, you’ll find shops selling items that include spices, perfumes, and other local issues. Don’t forget to check for souvenirs in the shop that you can carry back home.

6. Visit the Global Village

There are tons of exciting things to see and explore in Dubai. The Global Village is one such hot-spot tourist destination, an unmissable attraction too! You’ll be thrilled to explore this amazing theme park. From local handicrafts, souvenirs to food and drinks, there’s a lot to see over here. Indeed, these are from different countries and cultures around the world.

Desert Safari night

7. Book a Desert Safari evening and overnight

Of course, when you’re in Dubai, you’ve to explore and enjoy the beautiful Arabian Desert. Thus, the Desert Safari evening tour is one of the favorites for tourists from around the world. Why? Well, it’s the best place to learn intimately about the Bedouin culture. You can stay overnight in a Bedouin camp and enjoy cultural activities like belly dancing, fire show, and others. Also, enjoy a hot BBQ dinner and your family and experience the thrill of staying amidst the Arabian soil.

8. Visit LEGOLAND Dubai

Ohh, you’re planning to visit Dubai along with your kids? That’s cool! Don’t worry! There’s an incredible place where you can spend your entire day and enjoy with your family. Yes, it’s the LEGOLAND theme park. It’s one of the busiest attractions housing LEGO designed incredible rises. But, you’ve to make sure to book online tickets and avoid the over-the-counter booking rush.

Jumeirah Beach

9. Stroll around Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the city’s luxurious destinations and an excellent place for an evening stroll. There’s a lot to do out there, and you’ve to visit yourself and explore; it’ll be a memorable experience, and we can bet that!

10. Mall of the Emirates

When you’re exploring the shopping destinations in Dubai, don’t restrict yourself only to the Dubai Mall. There’s another exciting place for you to explore, and that’s the Mall of the Emirates. It houses the indoor ski slope where you’ll find yourself standing at a temperature of below four degrees Celsius; incredible, huh!

Final Verdict

What’s your plan in Dubai? Don’t worry! You can follow these listed experiences and enjoy them while you’re in Dubai. You’ll have an unforgettable experience, and we can bet that! 


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