Paris, the largest city in Europe is famous in many ways. Starting from art, culture, nightlife, fashion, food and even UNESCO World Heritage Site – The City of Lights has its own charm. The colorful atmosphere, buildings, food, streets and people make tourists fall in love with this city. It would not be wrong either to rename Paris as the most romantic city in the world. Few of the world’s beautiful churches are also found here. However, above all attractions stands majestically The Eiffel Tower which needs no introduction. It is estimated that over seven million tourists visit Paris and get mesmerized with the beauty of this Wonder Tower. Other than the Eiffel Tower, few notable attractions attracting over 35 million tourists annually are the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge, and Lido. Visiting Paris is definitely the most beautiful and romantic experience of your life. Make your visit plan and fall in love with this City of Lights.

1. Eiffel Tower

The world needs no introduction to this architectural masterpiece, The Eiffel Tower. This 324-meters high tower was constructed to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution. Until today this is one of the largest tourist attractions in the world and the most photographed monument. Throughout the year tourists flocks here to see this architectural artistic beauty with their own eyes. In case you have a photo with the Eiffel Tower behind, it is definitely a legendary one. The best way to avoid the crowd and long queues are booking tickets online.

Once you have the tickets, just step inside the elevator that takes you straight to the second level which is at a height of 375 feet from the ground level. Enjoy the mesmerizing panoramic view of Paris from the Observatory deck. Enhance and multiply your thrill reaching the Summit of the tower where the second Observatory desk is situated. Here you find the office of the Gustave Eiffel, the creator of this Tower. The views are breathtaking and definitely, words can’t express. In case you want to have more adventure, take a challenge to climb all the 1,665 to the summit. Do you dare to do it?

Louvre Museum

2. Louvre Museum

Paris is full of beautiful museums all over the city. The Louvre is one such Museum, and the most visited in the world. This amazing museum is located right in the heart of Paris City and a major center of attractions for tourists visiting here. This was actually a fortress build under Philip II during the 12th century, later converted into modern day Museum. This museum showcases a large number of exhibitions those are over sixty thousand in numbers. These elegant collects are further divided into departments such as the Egyptian antiquities, Oriental antiquities, Greek, Etruscan and Roman, Islamic Art, etc. The famous painting of Mona Lisa is also seen here. It is never possible to explore the Museum with one visits, therefore plan to visit here at least twice.

3. Visit Disneyland Paris

Meet and greet your favorite Disney characters at Disneyland Paris. This is definitely a major center of attractions all-round the year. The park has two theme parks which include Disneyland and Walt Disney Studio. Moreover, the park consists of over fifty attractions including world-class rides like Star Tours, Tower of Terror and Buzz Light year Laser Blast. Tourists visiting here call this as the happiest place on this earth because of the endless fun and entertainment. The park also organizes special shows and fireworks among other attractions. Feel the joy only by visiting this extraordinary theme park during your Paris backpacking.

Moulin Rouge

4. Moulin Rouge Show Paris

Paris is also famous to host famous shows, and the Moulin Rouge Show is definitely one among them. This is a French cabaret show where you see the live performance of the French Cancan dancers. Actually, through this legendary show, the birth of this new style dancing Cabaret took place. This is definitely a legendary show, over 110 years old and never missed by any tourists visiting Paris. It is important to grab tickets in advance for this show as it sells out quickly.

5. City Tour of Paris

In case if you are at Paris for the first time, go for a City Tour. This is an exciting tour where you travel around the entire city covering major landmarks and monuments. Attractions covered are – THE PLACE VENDÔME, PLACE DE L’OPÉRA GARNIER, MUSÉE DU LOUVRE, HÔTEL DE VILLE, NOTRE DAME DE PARIS CATHEDRAL, THE PANTHÉON, THE MUSÉE D’ORSAY, PLACE DE LA CONCORDE, CHAMPS ELYSÉES, ARC DE TRIOMPHE AND LES INVALIDES in Paris. This is a non-stop tour in an air-conditioned coach and an ideal way to explore the city and its beauty.

6. Special Night Tour of Paris

It is often heard people saying “An evening in Paris.” The reason is this French capital looks brilliant at night. After the sunset, the entire cities illuminated avenues are enough to mesmerize you with its gorgeous beauty and elegance. This enchanting tour covers a round-up across all the major points of attractions including The Eiffel Tower. Just close your eyes and imagine how beautiful the lit up Eiffel Tower would look?

Final Verdict

Words are not enough expressive to personify the beauty of this majestic city. Visiting here is definitely a lifetime experience for any traveler. Therefore make your travel plan and visit this French Capital as there are over 2000 reasons to visits. Why keep waiting?


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