Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates remains an inspiring place to explore. If Dubai is famous for the Burj Khalifa, Abu Dhabi is famous for the UAE’s largest Mosque. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi remains the most popular tourist attraction. To explore the city, you can directly fly to Abu Dhabi international airport. Abu Dhabi is conveniently accessible by road from Dubai and takes about two hours. However, the driving remains extremely comfortable because of the long stretched Sheikh Zayed Road connecting both these emirates. At Abu Dhabi, you get the opportunity to enjoy the Corniche, explore the mosque and visit the world’s fastest theme park. Ferrari World theme park surprises traveler with its extraordinary rides. You can even test drive a real Ferrari on the Abu Dhabi roads, provided you have an acceptable driver’s license. Over here we are discussing the top things to do and see in Abu Dhabi.

Explore Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This remarkable well-built architecture is a major tourist attraction for people visiting Abu Dhabi. The mosque has a beautifully built interior as well as exterior. The entire building is built using Macedonian marble. The glass-works and mosaic tiling used inside the Mosque are a piece of spectacular beauty. The mosque has a capacity to hold over 40,000 worshipers. Non-Muslims are allowed to enter the Mosque but must follow certain decorum. There is no restriction to taking photographs as the surrounding gardens and water fountains give an amazing experience. There is no doubt that the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque remains Abu Dhabi’s most majestic building. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and experience the Islamic Culture closely.

Visit Louvre Museum

Your Abu Dhabi tour remains incomplete in case you don’t visit the Louvre Museum. This amazing museum houses a massive collection of art. The museum collections are from different parts of the world. This art museum is also one of the largest in the Gulf region. The architectural design of the museum remains a real beauty which shapes up like a palm leaf. The huge collections of galleries and special exhibits are definitely something spectacular to watch. It is always better to book tickets online as it saves your time.

Enjoy at Ferrari World Theme Park

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi remains a unique tourist attraction. This is another major attraction for travelers visiting Abu Dhabi. You might have enjoyed riding a roller-coaster, but at Ferrari World, the experience remains unique. Here you find the world’s fastest roller-coaster, Formula Rossa. The experience you get after riding this roller-coaster can’t be explained with mere words. The speed of this roller-coaster remains at 240km/hour along a 2.2 KM steel track with a unique shape. This theme park is built in an area covering around 86,000 square meters. There are around 20 thrilling rides and unique attractions inside the park. All the rides are well built in shape of the Ferrari Cars. The park also has unique attractions for children to complete family entertainment. Ferrari World is the only Ferrari styled themed park across the Middle East. It remains exceptionally busy all-round the year, therefore advance booking is highly advisable.

Visit Yas Waterworld

The Middle East means sand and heat! Cool yourself in this extreme heat by visiting Yas Waterworld. Spend an exciting time with your family and friends enjoying the water ride at Yas Waterworld. The park is huge with several water slides and tube river rides. The world’s first hydro-magnetic tornado water rafting ride is also found here. Among the major attractions include the Jebel Drop, Bubble’s Barrel, and Bandit Bomber, etc. There are many restaurants and cafes serving yummy food to fill your appetite. Go for the Yas Waterworld and spend an exciting day. The place remains extremely crowded therefore advance booking is highly advisable.

Go for Desert Safari

Desert Safari remains the major attraction during your Abu Dhabi tour. The experience during desert Safari ride always remains unique. During the desert safari, you ride a 4 x 4 jeep and hover around the sand dunes. Driving on the sand always remains a different experience altogether. It is better to go for a desert Safari ride early morning. Enjoy the sunrise and escape the heat. The Desert Safari also includes camel riding which remains a lifetime experience. Depending on the time of your desert Safari visit you can also enjoy sand-boarding or staying in a traditional Bedouin camp. This is a never to be missed activity. If you book the evening desert safari, it comes with BBQ dinner and enchanting dance performances.

What Next?

Abu Dhabi is a lovely and lively city. There are unlimited options for entertainment at Abu Dhabi. The city has large well-built multiplexes, shopping malls and food to taste. Other than spending time visiting the attractions listed above, you can explore the city. Abu Dhabi city tour remains a popular choice for travelers. At Abu Dhabi, you find some of the finest dates in the Middle East. There is a dating market selling a unique variety of dates. Visit there and try their chocolate coated dates. They are not only amazing but equally melt in the mouth. Some tourists love to travel on the open roof-top buses. For them, the Hop – On Hop -Off bus tour is an ideal choice. Plan your visit to this cosmopolitan capital city of the United Arab Emirates and make your holidays exciting!


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