The emirate of Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form together with the United Arab Emirates. It is a true wonder to the world, how Dubai changed itself from a primitive fishing village to a modern metropolitan. The modern city of Dubai is exceptionally well constructed with all ultramodern buildings, shopping malls, tall skyscrapers, and man-made canals. The World’s largest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall is located here. It would not be wrong either in case Dubai is nicknamed as the “Shopping Paradise” as you can enjoy Luxury shopping at its best. The world largest themes shopping mall, IBN BATTUTA mall is also located here. However, the lists of wonders don’t end up here. BURJ KHALIFA the world’s Tallest Skyscraper, three times taller than the Eiffel Tower and the tallest man-made architectural tower is also in Dubai. However, don’t forget Dubai is located at the heart of the Arabian Desert, still, you find here white sand man-made beach at JUMEIRAH. You can also enjoy a unique Scuba Diving and Skiing experience at some of the finest man-made attractions in Dubai. Do you think Dubai has more wonders in its bucket list? The answer is a big “Yes.” Desert Safari Dubai is something that you can never miss during your Dubai Backpacking. This comprehensive guide shares about the top things to see and do in Dubai during your Dubai Backpacking.

Visit the 8th Wonder – The Burj Khalifa

In case you doubt, why BURJ KHALIFA should be nicknamed as “The Eight Wonder” you should not. Can you ever imagine an elevator taking you from the ground floor to the 124th Floor in Sixty Seconds? This miracle is possible only when you book “THE BURJ KHALIFA – AT THE TOP TICKETS” and get inside the elevator. Tourists from all over the world on their backpacking Dubai never miss visiting this wonder tower. This wonder tower received a massive footfall all over the year. Around 1.6 million tourist visits here to ride the amazing building elevator and enjoy seeing Dubai through the bird’s eye view from the observation deck balcony. This observation deck situated on the 124th and 125th floor on this 2,723 ft. tall, gigantic architecture is also the second-highest outdoor observation deck in the world. There are specific time slots available for you to choose and by the tickets for visiting “THE BURJ KHALIFA – AT THE TOP” however, the best in the evening slot. During this time you not only see the City shining like stars, but you can also enjoy the world’s largest dancing fountain on THE BURJ KHALIFA LAKE. Prior to that, enjoy the mesmerizing Sunset from the 360-degree panoramic view. In case you want to visit during the early morning or during the day, either option is available. Obviously, take unlimited photographs and lock them in your travel memories forever.

Dubai City Tour

Do you know other than BURJ KHALIFA there is another wonder iconic building present in Dubai? It is the world’s only Seven Start HOTEL BURJ AL-ARAB located near the artificial beach of JUMEIRAH. In order to explore such iconic buildings, beaches, museums and places of historic importance, explore the Dubai City with Dubai City Tour. You are straight picked up from your hotel in a luxurious air-conditioned bus dropping you at THE JUMEIRAH BEACH. Here you enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful beach and take unlimited photography of THE BURJ AL-ARAB located just right behind the beach. You also visit BASTAKIYA and next to AL-FAHIDI FORT, popularly called the Dubai Museum. Both these are sites of historic importance remembering you about Dubai’s history through the exhibits present over there. Next, visit the Dubai Creek riding traditional ABRA (Water Taxi) and visit GOLD SOUQ for shopping.

LEGOLAND Entertainment Theme Park

Dubai has many extraordinary amusement theme parks, but this LEGOLAND Entertainment Theme Park is unique among all. The park mainly targets children as their visitors as everything is designed in blocks like the famous Lego characters. However, there is no shortage of adult travelers. This extraordinary park has 40 LEGO themes rides with over 15,000 LEGO models inside the park. The roller-coaster ride is the most famous among all other park attractions. This entertainment theme park is a new addition to Dubai’s top to do bucket lists and a park for complete family entertainment.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

On the ground level Dubai Mall you get a free glimpse of the Dubai Aquarium, but it is not all that you see. The Dubai Aquarium is a gigantic aquarium holding 10 million liters of water in it. It is a home of about 33,000 fish and other exotic marine species. This is indeed a wonder to the world to have such a large aquarium in the basement of a Shopping mall. To get inside and walk through the round glass tunnels or even do Scuba Diving inside this gigantic aquarium, you need to buy tickets. You can also explore the underwater zoo with a large collection of exotic species including Sand Tiger Sharks and King Crocodile. If you still find it hard to believe, do a visit to this place during your Dubai Backpacking.

Go for Desert Safari

Your trip to Dubai cannot complete in case you don’t go for the Dubai Desert Safari. This safari ride takes place in the Arabian Desert far away from the city’s hustle-bustle. There are many exciting adventures and customized tour package to choose from for the Dubai Desert Safari. Once you reach the Desert Safari point you get transferred into a 4 x 4 for an ultimate Dune-Bashing experience you never had before. The vehicle drives you through the Sand Dunes like a rollercoaster and you experience stiff climbs and falls while sitting inside the car. This thirty minutes dune-basing experience is incredible and thrilling which words can’t express. Later your reach the BEDOUIN CAMP to enjoy the camel ride, Shisha and lots of open stages show including Belly Dance. End the evening with mouth-watering Barbecue Dinner and submerge yourself completely into the Arabic Culture.

Final Verdict

The attractions in Dubai are plenty and one is better than the other. It is really a tough choice to prepare a list of the top things to see and do list in Dubai.


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