Dubai Tours

Dubai Tours

An oasis in the desert, Dubai is a fascinating mix of modern and timeless – the timeless traditions of the souks and of the Muslim faith that has shaped and formed it, married with some of the most iconic architecture and luxurious hotels of modern times. A stay in Dubai is an opportunity to relax, take stock and to be stunned by the feats that man can achieve.

These feats dominate Dubai’s skyline, leaving the first time visitor amazed by the towering giants that cannot hidden wherever you are in the city. It goes without saying that the chief amongst these is the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Standing at 830m to its tip, its fascinating design reflects the patterns made beautiful in Islamic art. Although it houses the world’s largest shopping centre, the must-see site here is the viewing deck. Taking you 555m up and offering the highest observation deck in the world, the unparalleled views should not be missed.

Next on city sightseeing tour are two hotels: the breath-taking 7* Burj Al Arab, and the well-established and sumptuous Atlantis Hotel and Resort. The two provide an interesting juxtaposition. The Atlantis is a place to be a player – shopping in luxury boutiques, swimming with dolphins, or enjoying the ride at the Aquaventure waterpark. Burj Al Arab is a place of pampering and letting the world escape you, with its underwater restaurant (reached via a submarine) and butler service to all of its suites.

For those looking for an authentic experience, the gold and spice souks remain unchanged by the passage of time. For the adept haggler there are bargains to be bagged, but for the rest of us the richness of the sights, sounds and smells of the souks are simply Dubai.

The best way to enjoy spending time in Dubai is to leave the stresses of the world for others to deal with. Big Bus Tours steps in here, giving a city sightseeing tour that takes in the most famous landmarks Dubai has to offer and more. Just choose a seat and enjoy the ride.

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