Rome Tours

Rome Tours

The historic city of Rome is a spectacular destination for all discerning travellers and has an abundance of attractions to fulfill any holiday itinerary. From a Big Bus Tour around the beautiful city to Vatican museums and of course the well renowned Colosseum; Rome has an array of tours and activities to suit everyone!

You cannot possibly visit Rome without seeing the Colosseum, the attraction for which the city is famed. There are a number of tours available at competitive prices, which will inform and enable you to see ancient history first hand. With family-friendly deals amongst many others on offer, the Colosseum makes for a wonderful day out for both the family and the individual.
The various Vatican museums located within the city’s boundaries are also a must see during your stay, displaying a plethora of historical works and sculptures accumulated by Popes throughout the centuries. There are all manner of tours available, for an expert guide about the rich history within the city. Another historical landmark in the city is the Sistine Chapel, the official residence of the Pope in the Vatican City, with an abundance of tours available to display the grandeur and beauty of such a significant architectural landmark. Equally, St Peter’s Basilica, an Italian Renaissance church, the papal enclave within the city of Rome, will provide another fascinating insight into the rich history that is available through various tours across Rome.

Aside from the historical attractions of the city, there are many tours that will give you a chance to take in the modern, cosmopolitan streets of Rome. For instance, the Big Bus sightseeing tour of Rome showcases the city in all its glory; with an insight into both the historical and modern culture of the city provided through an informative, personal commentary and a convenient ‘hop on, hop off’ policy. There are a number of city sightseeing tours like these throughout Rome, which will ensure that you experience the friendly and bustling atmosphere of the city!

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