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The Guardians of the Blue Rose Tour
Our tour will start in the old Slavic guarding place – in the town Straz nad Nezarkou (Guard above the river Nezarka), in the south Bohemia, near to the border with Austria. The sacred duty of the residents was to protect the land border in the heart of Europe. In the 13th century, the king entrusted the powerful knights with a rose on their coat of arms, with a guarding duty. They built a castle and their house ruled the whole south Bohemia. The lords of Straz boasted the blue rose, and you will save that rose in your heart for ever. We will see the castle, the church, the mysterious obelisk and many other old-fashioned buildings. You will also hear the story about the underground tunnels in town, one of them connects the castle with the crypt under the church. The knights of the blue rose are buried there.
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