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Berlin: East Berlin History Walking Tour
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Enjoy a 2-hour Berlin walking tour through East Berlin, seeing the urban development in socialist East Berlin. Walk along the prestigious Karl Marx Boulevard (former Stalin Boulevard) to Alexanderplatz.
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Private Walking Tour: Behind the Berlin Wall
After World War II Germany was divided between the winning powers. The capital, Berlin, was divided as well, even hough it lays deep in the Soviet occupation zone. Being declared an open and international city after the establishment of East and West Germany in 1949, Berlin was a preferred route for escape for East Germans dreaming of a new life in the west. In 1961, after losing a major part of their population, the East German government decides to close the border and physically divide the city, isolating West Berlin.In this five-hour tour we will walk through some of the most important sites on he route of the wall. We will hear the historical background to its construction, speak about everyday life in communist East Germany, exciting escape attempts and cold-war tentions, see where some of the famous escpe tunnels were, visit an actual border crossing station and conclude with the largest memorial for the time, on the longest segment of the wall still standing.
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Berlin: City Center Walking Tour
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Experience Berlin on an easy-going walking tour with a maximum of 12 people. See Alexanderplatz, with the World Clock, Red Town Hall and the imposing Fernsehturm (TV Tower). Walk across the Schlossplatz and enjoy a coffee on the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt.
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Berlin City Walking Tour of Scheunenviertel and Hackesche Höfe in Berlin Mitte
Enjoy a 2-hour walking tour in Berlin and discover amazing Courtyards like Hackeschen Höfe in Mitte, an old Ballroom building and learn about Berlin's Jewish history and the roaring twenties. Explore the Old Berlin and the city's small alleys.
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Sachsenhausen Memorial: Walking Tour
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Visit Sachsenhausen Memorial, the concentration camp closest to the Nazi capital which became a prototype on which all other camps were based.
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Guided walking photo tour throughout Berlin
You just started off with photography and are a beginner?You already took some steps and know your camera?You are a pro and just want to find the best spots in Berlin?No matter which questions you answered with yes: Everyone is welcome to join our guide Jeels on a tour throughout Berlin. We will take enough time to give you some tipps, insights and even small lessons if you like. Each tour is individually tailored to your needs. All spots are available in walking distance. Please bring your own camera. In terms of questions please contact us at any time!
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Berlin: Charlottenburg Guided Art Walking Tour
Follow popular routes through the district of Charlottenburg and explore arty backyards, attic floors, and other hidden gems around the area on a guided walking tour.
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Berlin Private Walking Tour With A Professional Guide With A Professional Guide
Meeting point: at Gendarmenmarkt in front of the German Cathedral or Meeting Point at hotel possible if central, without extra chargeDuration: 3hMaximum 25 participants per GuideYou will learn about: • Why Gendarmenmarkt is “the place to be in downtown Berlin” • What does it mean to be a “Berliner” • Why Humbold University of Berlin is considered to be one the the best universities in the world. • The assassination attempt on Hitler’s life inside the old Arsenal • The parades and the mass rallies that took place in the Pleasure Garden • Why the Royal Palace was selected as the winter residence of the Kings of Prussia and the German Emperors
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Berlin: Jewish Walking Tour
Learn about the Jewish community in Berlin on this guided walking tour around significant Jewish sites in the city.
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Architectural Walk of Berlin with a Local
This Experience is provided by a private local.Each LocalBini Experience is conducted in a small group of up to 8 people.Discover the most impressive buildings in Berlin and learn about each one and its characteristics in this invigorating architectural walk.Join me on this adventure and discover the beauty and unique characteristics of the city’s most significant buildings and get to know a bit more about the local culture in Germany from my own perspective!During this walk, you will become better acquainted with the local architecture, while also learning about the way in which this has changed over the years, with the city becoming more modern while still keeping its unique character.
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Lonely Planet Experiences: Berlin Small-Group Walking Tour
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Discover vibrant history on this guided walking tour of Berlin's iconic sites. Starting from the Reichstag, visit Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, and much more as you immerse yourself in the culture of past and present Berlin.
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Small Group Walking Tour of East Berlin with a French Guide
This tour will go beyond an standard “East/Communist Berlin Tour”. We will visit places to understand Berlin’s history as the capital of East Germany. You will visit with a French speaking Guide the Wall Memorial at the Bernauerstrasse. You will take a look to one of the former "ghost stations"  and will talk about the communist architecture at the famous former Stalin Allee and go the "East Side Gallery".
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Berlin: Nazi History Walking Tour
Explore the main historical sights from the Nazi period in Berlin`s city center on this walking tour. See buildings built in the Nazi-style and learn about this dark chapter in German history.
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The Dönerkebab: Discover how it changed Germany on an audio walking tour
Get familiar with the most popular street food in Germany, the Döner Kebab, on this self-guided GPS audio tour. Take a walk through Kreuzberg, also known as little Istanbul, and learn about the life and legends of Berlin's Turkish community and the invention of the Döner Kebab. You will follow a path through eastern Kreuzberg, once walled in by the Berlin Wall on three sites, and now known as Berlins most multicultural area. We show you where the Berlin wall divided the neighbourhood in two and where the city's most legendary Döner Kebab is sold. The tour doesn’t include a food stop, but you are free to stop at any time and savour the local delicacies whenever it suits you. Just press play when you are ready to go, stop when you get hungry and press play again to continue.
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Berlin: Russian Orthodox Cemetery 2-Hour Walking Tour
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Enjoy a 2-hour tour of the Russian Orthodox Cemetery in Berlin and learn more about German-Russian history and the history of Russian exiles in Germany. Explore interesting gravestones and experience emotional moments.
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Witches, Riots and the Cold War: A Walk Through Wedding Audio Tour
This self-guided GPS audio walk takes you on a ramble through the vivid history of working-class Wedding, one of the most underrated neighbourhoods in Berlin. Wedding is an area that has seen many changes, and is currently transforming again.On this walk, you'll be shown what's beneath the surface of a somewhat plain-looking neighbourhood, which attracts very diverse people. You'll find out about its period of social upheavals, GDR-era ghost stations, and re-appropriated public swimming pools, while following its river, the Panke.The tour is ready whenever you are and the audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smartphone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline.
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Berlin: Political History Walking Tour
Learn about the history of conflict in Berlin with a guided walking tour of some of its most famous landmarks.
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Queer Berlin: Private Walking Tour
Berlin has long been a centre for LGBTIQ communities in Europe. Frederick the Great, Prussia’s legendary 18th century monarch is widely believed to have been gay; sexologist Magnus Hirscheld pioneered advocacy for homosexual and transgender rights in the early 20th century; Marlene Dieterich cross-dressed on the city’s screens in the hedonistic ‘20s; and Klaus Wowereit, mayor of the city from 2001 until 2014, was openly and proudly gay.This 3-hour walking tour explores Berlin’s LGBTIQ scenes past and present, and, naturally, is open to all. Topics covered include the work of Magnus Hirschfeld, queer king Frederick the Great, persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany and homosexuality within the Nazi Party itself, the experience of LGBTIQ communities in East and West Berlin, and the queer scene in the hedonistic 1920s and in the 1990s as part of the burgeoning techno and club scene.
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Battle of Berlin: Walking Tour of the 3rd Reich's Last Days
The Battle of Berlin tour offers a glimpse of Berlin at the end of WWII. A talented guide employs maps and other tools to explain what happend in the final days of the Third Reich's reign. Compelling civilian stories are also included.
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Berlin's Centre - Explore the city's modern history with this audio walking tour
There are many facets to Berlin. It's a young city, it's a trendy city, it's a green one, a vibrant one, full of art and architecture, but most and foremost, it shaped 20th-century history like nothing else. This is what Jo Eckardt will show you in her self-guided GPS audio tour: the signs of history as it has taken place in the very sites you'll walkthrough. You will follow the route of the Berlin Wall, stepping over it: into the East; into the West. You'll hear stories that immerse you in Berlin as it was in its darkest hour. You will see where the Nazis had their centre of power, and explore what remains of their architecture. You will remember the victims of their terror regime, and you will see how present-day Germany has reinvented itself.
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Berlin: In and Around Alexanderplatz Walking Audio Tour
Alexanderplatz has a mythical status in Berlin history, from its seedy 1920s portrayal in Alfred Döblin's "Berlin Alexanderplatz" novel to the massive demonstration that took place there just before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. This tour introduces you to "Alex" and its surroundings, its history as a flashpoint between Communists and Fascists in the 1920s and 30s, its halting reconstruction after World War II, and the current plans for reinventing it. The tour starts near the Volksbühne theatre and winds its way to the Marx-Engels Forum next to Berlin's beautiful cathedral, providing listeners with a taste of the city's unique history as told through its architecture and public art works. The tour starts in front of the "Junge Welt" newspaper building at Torstrasse 6, near Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse.The tour is ready whenever you are and the audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smartphone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline.
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Modern Berlin Walking Tour
Get a great introduction to modern Berlin on this half-day walking tour of four different districts. Discover formerly run-down neighborhoods like Mitte, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg where immigrant, alternative and corporate cultures thrive amid a gentrified urban landscape that continually transforms. Visit the Kulturbrauerei (Culture Brewery) and see the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall with your knowledgeable local guide. You’ll learn about the diverse cultural and political influences on Germany’s capital since the unification of this once-divided city.
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Group Walking Tour (1 - 20 people): Jewish Heritage of Berlin
3 HOURS Private Berlin Jewish Walking TourExplore on a private 3 HOURS Berlin Jewish tour the most important sites of Berlin's Jewish Heritage See and learn about the form Berlin Jewish Quarter, also known as the Spandauer Vorstadt (Old Suburb of Spandau) located right in the middle of Berlins Historic centre.More remote sites on a Berlin Jewish tour as The Memorial to Track 17, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial) the Bavarian Quarter and others can be visited on a driving tour or with public transports.All tours may be of course extended the duration you wish to an may be carried out on foot, by minivan, coach, limousine, in your own vehicle, or even by bicycle.
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Cold War Berlin Behind the Wall Walking Guided Tour
After WWII Berlin went from being the capital city of Nazi Germany to being the pivotal city in the struggle to control war-torn Europe. Berlin became the frontier of the Cold War, where the two superpowers collided.
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Berlin City Center "The History of Berlin" Guided Walking Tour - Private Tour
A fantastic choice for first time visitors, this 3h Private Guided Walking Tour offers you an extensive overview of Berlin during which you will discover the streets and sights of the city. Spend 3 hours diving into Berlin’s rich history, learning its deepest, darkest secrets from our knowledgeable guides. Beyond just viewing the city’s most iconic architecture, you’ll be thrown into the world of the Kaisers, come face-to-face with Hitler’s rise to power and stand in the exact location that marked a divided Berlin. Even more exciting, our guides will share their insider tips and favorite places, so that by the end of this tour you will be all set to handle Berlin on your own. Museum Island Berlin CathedralThe TV TowerRoyal PalaceBerlin WallFormer SS Headquarters Book burning memorialJewish MemorialCheckpoint CharlieHitler’s BunkerBrandenburg Gate
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