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Berlin Wall Free Tour
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Step back in time to learn about the Cold War history with this Berlin Wall Free Tour. Walk through the remains of the wall and discover what life was like.
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Berlin: Jewish Museum Berlin Entrance Ticket
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Visit Europe’s largest Jewish museum, housed in a symbolic zig-zag shaped building. Explore the new core exhibition presenting the history of Judaism in Germany.
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Mysteries & Legends Free Tour
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Do you want to discover the secrets, mysteries and legends of Berlin? Now’s your chance with this free tour.
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Free Berlin Bike Tour
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Explore Berlin on two wheels on this free bike tour! You'll explore the most emblematic places in the city and learn all about their history.
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Free Walking Tour of Berlin
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Discover the monuments, streets and squares of Berlin with this tour, ideal to get to know the German capital at first glance. What's more it's FREE!
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Berlin: Self-Guided City Experience
Discover Berlin with a self-guided audio tour, from the moment you arrive in your destination.Immediately take advantage of our unique navigation functionality which makes self-guiding easy, with plenty of suggested walking routes to explore. Find yourself immersed in the culture and history of the city, as you approach iconic landmarks including Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall Memorial, TV Tower and Checkpoint Charlie.Don’t forget to tune into your audio commentary to hear all about the tourist hotspots, or take a break whenever you fancy to suit your own schedule. When you’re ready, plan your next walking route, pinpoint your favourite sights and source the best photo hotspots, as you continue your exploration of Berlin, the Vox City way!
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Berlin: Underground East Berlin Exploration Game
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Discover East Berlin’s underground music scene before the fall of the Wall by solving clues and unlocking stories on your phone. Play the engaging exploration game, reenacting the struggle of a young artist smuggling tapes from the Western side.
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The Express Free Tour - History without the boring bits.
Join your experienced, professional guide in the historic center of Berlin for an informative walk detailing the story of this amazing city. Throughout the 2 km stroll, you'll learn of the events which changed the world, while standing in the places where they happened.Contemplate Hitler's rise to power, unravel the mystery surrounding his death. Learn of the East German uprising, come face to face with the Berlin wall. Get the story of Berlin - without the boring bits!We finish the tour at the world famous Checkpoint Charlie where you'll have the chance to get some inside tips and advice for your stay. With small groups and a seasoned guide, the Express Free Tour is the perfect way to kick-start your trip to Berlin.
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Original Free Berlin Walking Tour
The Original Free Berlin Tour is perfect for tourists, travelers, expats, and locals. This FREE Original Berlin Walking Tour is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the German Capital. Learn about the great history of Berlin and yet still get the inside knowledge on a modern-day Berlin.This tour has been molded and sculpted by thousands of guest, and we’re happy to think we are the best in town! The Free Berlin Tour covers famous Berlin attractions, the most influential historical sights, and delves into stories of past wars, urban legends, and the city’s triumphs and tragedies. We love Berlin and are proud to call it home. We welcome you to this amazing place and would love to show you the sights!
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Free Tour: Hitler's Berlin
Join an experienced and professional guide, specialized in Berlin's Third Reich history, and explore the area which was once the epicentre of Nazi terror. See the scars left from air raids and street fighting during the battle of Berlin, visit memorials to Holocaust victims, unravel the mystery surrounding Hitler's death, and gain insight into the inner workings of the regime.You will come to understand the cities role as Nazi capital, and the challenge it now faces in confronting and acknowledging its past. This tour is completely outside. Groups are kept small so you get the most of your experience.
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Rude Bastards tour of Berlin
This tour of Berlin is much different than the usual politically correct nonsense. Think of this as the politically incorrect tour of Berlin. So bear that in mind when going on this tour. It will be full of bad language, bad taste jokes and, yes, of course, a history lesson! No snowflakes allowed!!!
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Berlin: Berlin Wall's Greatest Escapes Exploration Game Tour
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Embark on a quest and travel back in time to escape from East Berlin. Solve puzzles and learn about the greatest real escape stories, all with your phone. Visit iconic places such as Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, and Berlin Wall, without a guide.
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Berlin: Historical WWII City Exploration Game
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Embark on a quest and find out historic information about WWII in Berlin. Solve clues and unlock stories on your phone, as you discover the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Hitler's bunker, and iconic landmarks.
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Berlin: Holocaust Memorial Self-Guide Tour
Learn more about the somber history behind the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin with this self-guided audio tour.
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Classic Sights and Hidden Histories of Berlin's Museum Island Audio Tour
Discover Museum Island at your own pace in the company of best selling author Rory MacLean. Start at the Schlossplatz – Berlin's original seat of power, its Westminster and St Paul’s, its White House, Smithsonian and Pentagon . Take in the rebuilt Schloss, from where in 1914 Kaiser Wilhelm sent a million men to their deaths at Verdun, Ypres and Passchendaele. Discover why five magnificent museums – which trace the development of civilizations throughout the ages – make Museuminsel such a celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site. You can start the walk at your convenience. Audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smart phone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline. If you've got an hour and want to understand why Europe owes so much to the Age of Enlightenment – this is the tour for you!
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Ku'damm Couture and Currywurst Self-guided Audio Tour
Discover Berlin at your own pace in the company of best selling author Rory MacLean. Berlin has always been a place that has attracted outsiders, most famously in the Golden Twenties. On this tour you'll walk in the footsteps of some of the most famous incomers and residents: Marlene Dietrich, Fritz Lang, Franz Kafka, Christopher Isherwood (whose Berlin Stories which became 'Cabaret') and David Bowie. You can start at your convenience. Audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smart phone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline. If you've got an hour, let Rory share with you something of this city that thrills, delights and haunts him. Something of this city that he so loves.
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Into the Heart of Berlin Self-guided Audio Tour
Discover Berlin at your own pace in the company of best selling author Rory MacLean. Start at the Reichstag, the building that best evokes the city's torturous (and euphoric) history, then follow the route of the Berlin Wall to stand both at the site of Hitler's wartime bunker and the unforgettable Memorials for the Murdered Jews of Europe. You can start the walk at your convenience. Audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smart phone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline. If you've got an hour and want to discover the heart of Berlin, and to understand key moments of German history – this is the tour for you! 
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Witches, Riots and the Cold War: A Walk Through Wedding Audio Tour
This self-guided GPS audio walk takes you on a ramble through the vivid history of working-class Wedding, one of the most underrated neighbourhoods in Berlin. Wedding is an area that has seen many changes, and is currently transforming again.On this walk, you'll be shown what's beneath the surface of a somewhat plain-looking neighbourhood, which attracts very diverse people. You'll find out about its period of social upheavals, GDR-era ghost stations, and re-appropriated public swimming pools, while following its river, the Panke.The tour is ready whenever you are and the audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smartphone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline.
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The Dönerkebab: Discover how it changed Germany on an audio walking tour
Get familiar with the most popular street food in Germany, the Döner Kebab, on this self-guided GPS audio tour. Take a walk through Kreuzberg, also known as little Istanbul, and learn about the life and legends of Berlin's Turkish community and the invention of the Döner Kebab. You will follow a path through eastern Kreuzberg, once walled in by the Berlin Wall on three sites, and now known as Berlins most multicultural area. We show you where the Berlin wall divided the neighbourhood in two and where the city's most legendary Döner Kebab is sold. The tour doesn’t include a food stop, but you are free to stop at any time and savour the local delicacies whenever it suits you. Just press play when you are ready to go, stop when you get hungry and press play again to continue.
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Berlin Hidden Gems Exploration Game
Embark on a quest around Berlin by solving clues to uncover iconic places & stories about the local music scene before the fall of the Berlin Wall, all on your smartphone. Unlock new stories as you discover on your own Victoriastadt, Stasi Museum, the Samariter Quarter, and more.+ Visit Berlin's iconic locations that shaped the city's underground music scene in the 80s+ Learn amazing stories from before the fall of the Berlin Wall+ Follow clues to discover unique places and the urban stories of BerlinFollow clues to uncover the iconic places and fascinating stories of Berlin's underground music scene before 1989. During this fun exploration game, each clue will lead you from one place to another, giving you precise directions, so you won’t need a map, a GPS, or a guide.Are you ready for an adventure?
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Berlin Historical Tour: Third Reich & Cold War Exploration Game
Embark on a quest around Berlin by solving clues help a young man escape Germany before World War 2 begins, all on your smartphone. Unlock new WW2 stories as you discover on your own the Franzosischer Dom, Bode Museum, Monbijou Park, and more.+ Visit iconic places in Berlin from Hitler's time in power+ Discover fascinating local stories from World War 2 (WW2)+ Solve clues around Berlin and discover amazing stories & placesPlay the role of a person helping someone escape from Nazi Germany and see if you can do it. Solve a clue to reveal exact directions to your next stop on the tour, without the need of a map, GPS, or a physical guide. Each solution unlocks an interesting story and reveals Berlin's secrets. Pause the game at any time, and restart whenever you want from the last place you visited. Once you have downloaded the Questo app, simply head to the starting point at Hausvogteiplatz whenever you choose and begin your adventure!
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Original Cold War, East Berlin, Communism & Berlin Wall Tour
The Original Cold War East Berlin Communism & Berlin Wall Tour Features: Eastside GalleryBerlin Wall MemorialGuard TowersHidden Sections of The Berlin WallBerlin Wall Escape RoutesHidden Berlin Wall EffectsWest Berlin & The DDRThe Berlin Wall Route TodayGDR / DDR Historical LandmarksEscape AttemptsCrossing PointsLife In The Gdr / DdrGerman ReunificationCold War SitesThe Palace Of Tears (Tränenpalast)Ghost Stations
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Original Berlin World War II Third Reich Walking Tour
Join us as we explore Berlin on The Original Berlin World War II Third Reich Tour. This Berlin World War II Tour concentrates on the effects, history, buildings, and stories surrounding Berlin in the Second World War. - Visits to many World War II historical sights and memorials- Recount historic events and urban legends- Explore the effects, history, buildings, and stories surrounding Berlin in the Second World War 2- Look at the scars and battlefields from left behind during the Battle of BerlinThe Berlin World War II & Third Reich Tour is a 3-hour tour. It features:- Battle Of Berlin- The Reichstag- The Russian-German War Museum- Flak Tower- Awesome Local History Guides- History Of WWII In Berlin- The Third Reich Capital- Prenzlauer Berg- The Site of Hitler’s Bunker
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Trabi Museum
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Explore a museum devoted to East Germany's 'it car'
Price from 5,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Russian Portuguese Dutch Japanese Spanish French German Polish Chinese languages_el Korean Canadian Italian
Original Berlin Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour
Take a tour of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.Discover the brutal history of the facility that was primarily used for political prisoners. The camp was also used as an administrative center of the Nazi concentration camp system.Our informative guides expose the grim realities of life and death at Sachsenhausen. Join us for a short train ride just outside of Berlin to this desolate reminder of the worst part of Human History. We will explain stories of tragedy and triumph. Explain how everyday life was in the camp, and some tactics used here. Although this is a very sobering and somber tour, we also like to celebrate some strong personalities survivors and victims that suffered here but whose actions bring inspiration to this day! Join us for the Original Berlin Sachsenhausen Tour.
Price from 5,00 EUR