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Berlin in a Nutshell- free walking tour
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This special tour will take you through all the important periods of Berlin's history! These periods were really important because they had a massive impact on the world and, in some cases, completely changed the world!
Let's tell you in a different way. Maybe it's unbelievable, but you can describe Berlin like this:

  1. A Medieval City
  2. Capital of a powerful Kingdom
  3. An industrialized city
  4. A progressive city
  5. Headquarters of the crime
  6. A fallen city
  7. A communist city
  8. A liberal city
  9. A Modern City

And you will visit many important places of the city related to those parts like:

  1. St. Mary's Church (Marienkirche)
  2. Museum island (Museumsinsel)
  3. Hacke's Courtyards (Hackesche Höfe)
  4. Alexanderplatz
  5. Memorial of Book Burning (Denkmal zur Bücherverbrennung)
  6. Franciscan monastery church (Franziskaner-Klosterkirche)
  7. Karl Marx Boulevard (Karl-Marx-Allee)
  8. Independent art passage (Haus Schwartzenberg)
  9. Volkswagen Exhibition (DRIVE. Volkswagen Gruppe Forum)

You have to understand that it will a long walking tour (about 3 hours walk). And also, it's not possible to tell you the history in details and the explanation will be in short because of time limit. But you can ask as many questions as you have and we can discuss more during the tour.

So if it's your first time in Berlin or you want to know about its rich history this tour suits you!

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Free Walking Tour of Berlin
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Discover the history of Germany's capital through its monuments, streets and squares with this free tour of Berlin. A fascinating walking tour awaits!
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Berlin Roaring 20s Tour

"Metropolis" - Marlene Dietrich - Communism vs. Fascism - Weimarer Republik

Berlin is bursting with history.
The 1920s is one of the decades it's most famous for.

With its population at a peak of around 4 million, its industrial sites steaming day and night, Babelsberg giving birth to some of cinema's early jewels, and society looking for its identity in a first attempt at democracy, the city's been experiencing a time significantly informing what made for its glamour and attraction - back then, and running in its DNA since.

This tour will take you to places having set the scenes of some of the dynamics just mentioned.

Having met at Ostkreuz,
we will first go and see the former AEG turbine plants of Schöneweide, with their brick halls and chimneys still standing tall a representative remnant of Berlin's role in 1920s' industrialized Europe.

We'll then head on to UFA-Fabrik in Tempelhof - once the place where movies such as "Metropolis" have been edited and copied, now a hub for ecology and the arts.

Having had a glimpse at the neighboring former headquarters of Ullstein, one of the city's most relevant publishing houses and media outlets at the time, we'll go on and see Tempelhof airport.
With its main building's fascist architecture providing an outlook to what's been to follow the times that are tour's focus, and that building surrounding the airport's former airfield - now a public park beloved by Berliners of all lifestyles and cultures - it's a perfect example of the city's necessity for and willingness to change.

We'll conclude the tour, going for a stroll through Mitte's former Jewish neighbourhood, seeing the restored "Alte Synagoge", as well as learning about the history of what used to be a major Jewish department store.

Eventually, there'll be the chance for cake and coffee in one of the cafés of Tucholskystraße, with its central, yet cosy charme of 2-storey buildings and some remnants of the city's 1990s squatting scene.

You're hooked, up to invest 4 hours to learn a fair bit about this fascinating episode of Berlin's history (and ready to ride some of its public transport to get from A to B (the 9,50€ 24h ticket will cover that and 20 hours more)?

Join us!

Looking forward!

PS: This tour requires a minimum of 4 attendees to be held. 

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Berlin Wall Free Tour
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Step back in time to learn about the Cold War history with this Berlin Wall Free Tour. Walk through the remains of the wall and discover what life was like.
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Free Tour, discover what even Berliner's overlook
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You want to get to know Berlin apart from the worn-off touristy stuff?
I will guide you through beautiful parts of Neukölln & Kreuzberg. You will experience impactful places hidden even to many Berliner's.

Questions you will know the answers of:
Why do German officials stop an old women from helping homeless people? Who made Google back up from entering the Berlin startup scene? Where do people live without running water and electricity - voluntarily? How can there be drug crime and family quality time at the same spot? What makes Berlin the political center of Germany?

  • What shapes Berlin's city scape recently?
  • Gentrification
  • Alternative life styles
  • Berlin's influence on Germany
  • Crime in Berlin

I want to share my amazement of my discoveries with you!
Book your tour with me - you will see Berlin like no other visitor!

Start of the tour: Schönhauser Straße (Metro station)
End of the tour: Görlitzer Bahnhof (Metro station)

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FreeTour BERLIN WALL, Graffiti and Street Art in Kreuzberg.
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Tour through the most ALTERNATIVE neighborhood in Berlin.

With the best scene of the punk-rock era. Here David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode , among others, created an alternative and counterculture atmosphere that is still lived in its streets today.

The tour starts at Rio -Raiser-Platz where we will talk about the transformation of Kreuzberg, from the raising of the wall to the present day.

Walking through the neighborhood you will learn about the history and evolution of graffiti until it became Street Art. We will see murals such as the Astronaut-Cosmonaut , by Victor Ash; Nature Morte, by Roa and The Pink Man , by Blue. And of course, we will get to know the 1UP and the Berlin Kids collectives, famous for their works marked by messages of protest and social criticism.

In the second part of the tour we will walk through the symbol of Berlin, East Side Gallery, the longest section of the wall in Berlin and the largest art canvas in the world. We will know the social aspects of a city divided by a wall through art.

  We will cross the Oberbaumbrücke, the most fascinating bridge in Berlin, and back into the heart of Kreuzberg, we will see three impressive murals.

Finally, I have prepared recommendations for you to continue discovering the neighborhood on your own.

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The movie-music-art-literature-fine art tour
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Schöneberg's tour

Note: As I am still on the one hour -winter schedule, I will only discuss two buildings, so as for now, there is not much architecture present in the tour!


 The tour starts in front of the red island where Marlene Dietrich grew up.

 We continue to David Bowie's former apartment at Hauptstrasse 155, where we learn more about his and Iggy Pop's life in Berlin.

Optional is 
  Kleistpark, named after probably the most tragic of all German romantic writers, here we can discuss German romanticism, as well as the so-called negative side of romanticism, the gothic romance.

 In between, we come across some architectural gems like Berlin's first high-rise building in the New Objectivity style, the Karthreiner House, and the brutalist Pallaseum, which is inextricably linked to the history of German gangsta rap.

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East Berlin: Wall and Cold War special
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Berlin, 1961 : one city, two countries. Communism and capitalism separated by a 155 kilometer wall that faced the Soviet sector and the Western sector. 28 years of divided families, of tanks face to face, of cut communications, of escape tunnels, of spies and red telephones, of ghost stations and above all of tears.

 Today, 34 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain , we wonder how Berliners lived through the Cold War. What was life like for a Berliner behind the wall? How important was the role of the family and the role of women in socialism ? What were the Stasi's methods of repression and surveillance ? We will also talk about the most famous escape attempts and how the resistance and peaceful revolution was organized, which led to the fall of the Soviet bloc. If you wonder what the wall means today and if it still exists: this is your tour .

 In 'Side to Side' tours we seek to answer these questions. Tours to see and know Berlin, but also to think and feel it , this is our philosophy. We will talk about all this visiting the most emblematic places that are the living testimony of a not too distant past.

 From Check Point Charlie we will enter the German Democratic Republic, the Soviet sector and, following the traces of the wall, we will see tunnels and memorials to the victims who lost their lives in their escape attempt.

 In the Palace of Tears , we will put ourselves in the shoes of those who could enter East Germany and those who could only say goodbye; a place steeped in history, from a time when justice was synonymous with control.

 From there, we will go to the most famous ghost station in Berlin , Nordbahnhof , where we can still breathe, under its dim light, the feeling of anguish that West Berliners felt when crossing the most guarded border in Europe by subway.

 In the Bernauerstrasse , one of the longest sections of the wall that is preserved today awaits us. There we will see the watchtowers , the death strip and the Reconciliation Chapel , which will help us understand what the wall that has marked the lives of Berliners meant.

 We will be in the heart of the east, the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood where, at the end of the tour, you will be able to discover its most emblematic corners thanks to the digital guide 'Side to Side East Berlin' that I have prepared with great care. A small gift that includes a selection of the most authentic bars, restaurants and breweries so that you can make the most of your stay in Berlin.

Do not hesitate and book with ' Side to Side Tours' one of the most elaborate and thought tours to get to know the Berlin of the Cold War .

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Beyond Berlin’s History - making sense of the present learning from the past
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Welcome to Berlin! Join me for a captivating ~3,5 hour tour of Berlin's rich and complex history. Starting at Alexanderplatz, we'll explore the city's diverse landmarks and delve into its fascinating past.

My tour will take us to iconic sites such as the Marx and Engels Memorial, Museums Island, the Nazi book burning site, Gendarmenmarkt, Checkpoint Charlie, the remains of the Berlin Wall, Hitler's bunker, the Jewish Memorial, the Reichstag, and the Brandenburg Gate.

What sets my tour apart is my unique perspective on history. My focus is not just on the places themselves, but on the ideas they reflect. As a Jewish woman of Polish heritage, I approach Berlin's past with a deep sense of personal connection and empathy. I tell the stories of my own family, weaving together personal narratives with broader historical themes.

Rather than simply presenting historical facts and events, I approach the subject of ideologies like fascism from a sociological perspective, highlighting their current relevance.

We'll explore the ways in which Berlin's history has shaped its character and identity, and how it continues to impact the city today. We'll examine the parallels between the past and present and reflect on the lessons we can learn from history.

So come along with me on this unforgettable journey through the heart of Berlin. Let's gain a deeper understanding of the forces that have shaped it into the vibrant and dynamic metropolis it is today.

Please be aware that nobody can be accepted on this tour from 10 minutes after the tour’s start. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Free Tour - Original Route 36 - Kreuzberg
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P.S - Currently accepting a group of 5 or more for this tour, if you need to book/inquire, kindly inbox, enjoy Berlin !

Get your kicks on Route 36!!

Come and enjoy an exciting in-depth of Kreuzberg (the capital of Berlin)

Experience Kreuzberg like you have never before, 12 main spots with a couple of short breaks.

Some of the tour highlights include: 

  • History and demographics of Kreuzberg
  • The cultural uniqueness of the term 36
  • Famous Yellow communal houses in Kottbusser Tor
  • Culinary delicacies and varieties
  • Kotti housing patterns
  • Görlitzer Station and Park
  • Schlesisches tor
  • Oberbaum Bridge
  • East Side Gallery
  • and more...

In the end if anyone wants to hang out by the lovely Oberbaum Bridge to chit chat, make new friends, and enjoy a pleasant day out in Kreuzberg

Duration - 1.5 hours (+ 15minutes if required).
Language - English
Max limit - 20 (upto 5 more can be added upon request)
Meeting point: - Vor Dem Casino 36,( U-Bahn -Kottbusser Tor)


Payment: - your kind amount of 10 euros or more (or any of your choice) if you like the tour (as it's a free tour 🙂

See you then (:  

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Rude Bastards Tour of Berlin
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This tour of Berlin differs from the usual politically correct BS. Think of this as the politically incorrect tour of Berlin, so keep that in mind when you join us. It will be full of bad language, tasteless jokes and, yes, of course, a history lesson! Lame ducks are not allowed! Some stops included in the tour: - Brandenburg Gate - Hitler's Bunker - Berlin Wall - Reichstag - Checkpoint Charlie - Jewish Monument - Potsdamer Platz - Tiergarten - Soviet Monument, etc. * Berlin shopping center for a 20 minute break *

***Please book for free to guarantee a spot. Tours require minimum 2 guests to operate. Guides will only wait 10 minutes max past the starting time**

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From Marx to the Wall: Communist & Socialist Free Tour
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Join us to learn about the most revolutionary and controversial movements in world history: welcome to the Berlin Communist & Socialist tour. The goal of the tour is to give you a deeper understanding of movements that have changed and largely shaped world history from the end of the 19th century up to the present day. From Marx and Engels, through revolution led by Luxembourg and Liebknecht, the Cold War and the Berlin Wall up to leftwing movements today.

After this 3 hours Walkative journey, you’ll form a historical Gestalt of communist & socialist ideas! Both in Germany and Europe (and even beyond). Both before and after WWII. Long before and long after.

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Homolulu.Berlin - LGBTQ bicycle city tour "Berlin invents homosexuality - queer history from 1850-1935"
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In a nutshell: the story before stonewall *** LGBTQ movement startet before in Berlin *** lots of 1st’s *** interesting queer stories *** we bike slow, no hills *** bikes are available for 9€ a day by app in Berlin *** everybody who did the tour loved it *** a guide with passion ***

The „Homolulu Berlin“ tour takes you by bike to historical places in Berlin and tells about homosexual history from 1850 to1935, like the world's first public outing, the world’s first gay activist group, the worlds first gay and lesbian magazine, the world's first sexological institute and we dive into the nightlife of the golden twenties. It also explains how Berlin became such a liberal place as it is today. 


We start Unter den Linden, we stop at Gendarmenmarkt pass by Brandenburg Gate and bike through Tiergarten, we pass Bundeskanzleramt on our way to Spreeufer, and finally discover in Schöneberg the queer areas of Nollendorfplatz and Motzstrasse.


The tour takes about 3 hours, ending in Schöneberg at Motzstrasse.


Please bring a bike or scooter.

Berlin is a city best experienced from a bicycle. The city is flat and cycling is not very strenuous. But then Berlin is sprawling, which makes it difficult to walk everything, so the bike is the perfect option. There are many bike providers that you can book via app, here are three options (prices may have changed).


-callabike: “starter” 9€/day
-Donkey Republic: bike price, 4h about 7,5€, day 13€.

-Lime: eScooter & bike price: changing offers

-Next Bike: bike price, 24h max 15€

If you want to make a tip/donation at the end of the tour, that’s much appreciated. Depending on what you can afford, 15-20€ is usually what people give.


See you on to have fun on the tour!

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Berlin: Jewish Museum Berlin Entrance Ticket
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Visit Europe’s largest Jewish museum, housed in a symbolic zig-zag shaped building. Explore the new core exhibition presenting the history of Judaism in Germany.
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Jewish Quarter Berlin: Diversity, history & urban flair
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++ Free Walking Tour through Jewish Quarter ++

The Jewish history of Europe and Germany is characterized by a mixture of ups and downs, cultural enrichment and tragic events. But in Berlin this story has taken on a particularly complex form.

Our tour takes you through Berlin's Jewish Quarter, a place full of historical events and fascinating secrets. We start at historical sites that played a crucial role in Jewish life in Berlin. As we stroll through picturesque courtyards and alleys, you will experience the special atmosphere of this district up close. Here you will hear stories about the people and the Jewish community who have shaped this place.

++ Highlights of the tour ++

  • Historical background:

Jewish history from the beginning to the present.

  • Urban flair:

Urban life & the vibrant Jewish quarter

  • Synagogues and community:

Synagogues, monuments and the vibrant Jewish community

  • Picturesque alleys & courtyards:

A unique atmosphere with cultural diversity

  • Reflections:

Answer questions

***Book this tour now to join me in revealing the secrets of this fascinating neighborhood! ***

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City West (History and Art Tour)
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Do you know Berlin was a divided city even before WWII?

Berlin during the Empire era (1871-1918) and the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) was marked by significant class conflict and division, particularly between the city's western and eastern parts.

In the empire era and industrialization, the western part of Berlin was home to the city's wealthy and influential classes. In contrast, the eastern part was more working-class and industrially focused.

You can find the trace of those conflicts in the most tragic incidents of the 20th century, and also in our walking tour in Berlin!

During this tour, you will visit some streets and Boulevards in the western part of the city and many places including:

  • Charlottenburg Gate
  • University of Arts
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Stage Theater
  • Former Synagogue and many villas in Fasanenstrasse
  • finally the famous KaDeWe
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Free Tour Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
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Please read all information carefully before making your reservation

On this tour we meet in Berlin to go together by train to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp memorial, one of the first camps that served as a model for the following ones.

Visiting the inside of the exhibitions where we will learn how this institution of terror was meticulously designed and we will understand the historical importance of the place during the Nazi period and later, after the war, during the Soviet period

This visit is intense but informative, offering us an unprecedented insight into Europe's darkest era, which has inspired numerous books and films.

Join us in this unique experience that will transport you to the depths of history.

Book your visit now!


  • An ABC zone transportation ticket is required .

  • It is recommended to bring something light to eat and water.

  • You must pay entry to the venue of €3 per person (over 14 years old).

  • For reservations of more than 6 people, even if they are made separately, a minimum of €17 per person must be paid to the guide at the beginning of the tour.


  • How to buy the transportation ticket? In the automatic machines at any train or metro station or by downloading the BVG Tickets app. If you need help with the ticket, come 15 minutes before the tour and we will advise you.
  • Can you buy food there? No. During the tour we do not take a break to eat. We are visiting a memorial to the victims . You can eat before or after entering the memorial.
  • Do I have to reserve a ticket? No, we take care of everything.
  • Can I go on my own and meet the guide? Not at the beginning. The tour begins at the meeting point and we cannot adapt the tour of the entire group to the needs of a few. If you need personalized attention you can book a private tour.
Price from 0,00 EUR
Berlin highlights 3-hour guided walking tour
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Visit all the main sites in Berlin and get to learn many interesting facts about the historic backgrounds on an unforgettable, insightful and intriguing tour.
Price from 0,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Free Historical Tour of Berlin (Museum Island)
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The idea of this tour was born to make the authenticity of the city known through the various changes that have taken place in Berlin over the years but above all to tell you a little piece of Berlin history. The professionalism and beauty of a place to be told start from the love for the city we live in that we never stop discovering and browsing. I'll start by talking about the Neptune Fountain and then mention the TV Tower. After introducing ourselves and starting our walking tour we will go to the Museum Island but we will first pass by the Nikolai Kirche (St. Nicholas Church) in Berlin which is not always open. If anyone wishes, they can come in for a visit. We will continue our tour on foot and visit the DDR Museum (DDR Museum) and then continue and see the other museums in Berlin that I will explain to you during our journey. It will eventually be possible to enter the museum of the GDR as well as in the church of San Nicola but always respecting the current directives especially current. I will let you know before the tour if it will be possible or not to enter one of these places. This will be possible if we are a small, small group. Of course I will inform you before or during the tour if there are any additional costs related to entry to the DDR Museum as well as for the church. We will continue our tour arriving at Unter der Linden where it will be possible to take pictures and where it will be possible to see the burning of books located in the Bebelplatz near the Humboldt University and the Berlin Opera House (Humboldt Universität und Deutsche Oper). From Unter der Linden we will continue the tour arriving up to Brandenburger Tor which I will explain in great detail. The tour ends at Brandenburger Tor where tourists can relax by taking pictures and also find some nearby restaurants. Tour themes: -Neptune Fountain -Tower of Berlin -Nikolai Kirche (Church of St. Nicholas) -DDR Museum -James Simon Galerie -Unter der Linden -Humboldt Universität -Alexander von Humboldt -Deutsche Staatoper -Bebelplatz -Brandenburger Tor

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Free Berlin Bike Tour
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Explore Berlin on two wheels on this free bike tour! You'll explore the most emblematic places in the city and learn all about their history.
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Walking on the wall (History and Berlin Vibe Tour)
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We would have been killed if we had participated in this walking tour 35 years ago! But don't worry it's not dangerous anymore. However, you can feel a little of the crises in this divided city. And you will know it's more than a "Tale of two cities"! It's the story of two different worlds in the middle of the cold war. Including stories of many people who suffered from these conflicts.

 In our walking tour, we will visit: 

  • Rabbit Field
  • Liesen Bridge
  • North Side Gallery
  • Berlin Wall memorial
  • Mauer Park
  • Japanese Cherry Trees on the path of Berlin Wall (in the Spring)
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Free tour Berlin essential
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It is the best introduction to Berlin. In just 3 exciting hours you will be able to see the highlights of the city on foot and in the company of expert guides: The Brandenburg Gate and its history. Location of Hitler's former bunker The holocaust memorial. The former German air transport ministry. The Berlin Wall. Checkpoint Charlie. Bebelplatz (book burning square etc.) We need a minimum of 5 people for the tour to take place

Price from 0,00 EUR
Berlin FULL + Medieval Quarter
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Everything you need to know about Berlin in 3.5 hours

**The only tour in Spanish where we visit, in addition to the most important points, the medieval quarter of Berlin and the interior of the Humboldt Forum**

In the most complete tour of Berlin, we will explore the heart of this city and learn about its fascinating history starting from its beginnings,

visiting its Medieval Quarter, walking through its narrow and cobbled streets, to then visit the interior of the

Foro Humboldt , you will be surprised by the details and curiosities of this false history, with the air of a royal palace inaugurated less than two years ago, to then be located in the center of the

Isla de los Museos to see the buildings that are inside there and then we will walk through the

Unter den Linden avenue , knowing

Royal Residences ,

the Neue Wache with his work that will leave you with goosebumps after learning the story behind it. We will stand in the center of the

Bebelplatz and we will talk about an event that took place there called the

Burning of Books , a sad episode in German history, we will know the buildings that are around it, the

Humboldt University , the

State Opera , to then walk to one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin known as

Gendarmenmarkt , with its

Konzerthaus and his two

twin churches

and after a 15-minute break we will continue visiting

Check Point Charlie , you will know what happened there, who was that famous Charlie?, we will visit a part of the

Berlin Wall that is very well preserved as it was after the 90s. We will visit the

Reich Air Ministry, a Nazi building that still stands despite the war, that building was not destroyed, for a purpose... We will be standing on the

Hitler's Bunker , the place where he theoretically committed suicide... why theoretically??? What are those theories, what is the official version, what do we believe happened... To then visit the

Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe , which are all those concrete blocks that no one knows what they mean, we will talk about their meaning and what the author wanted to show us... to end with the

Brandenburg Gate , speaking to the present day of Berlin, with its nuances of the hyper cosmopolitan and diverse capital that it is today, highlighting the most important events in its almost 800 years of life.

At the end of the tour, personalized recommendations and Latin tips on request 😉

*Not suspended due to rain

*This tour includes a pair of headphones so you don't miss anything from the guide's explanation!

I wait for you to discover Berlin together!!

Price from 0,00 EUR
David Bowie, New Wave, And The Fall of The Berlin Wall
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In the decades before the fall of the wall, West Berlin was home to one of the most vibrant alternative music scenes of all time. Despite being isolated from the rest of Western Europe, the city was home to artists and musicians from Germany and the rest of the world, all of them eager to submerge themselves in the intoxicating disorder and creativity that Berlin was home to.

Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, U2, and Lou Reed were all part of this scene at one time or another, each of them contributing to the outburst of musical inspiration that occurred here. Most notable of all though, was David Bowie. The location of some of his most inspired recordings, it is impossible to imagine Bowie's career without Berlin or Berlin's musical heritage without Bowie.

But Berlin's music scene is inexorably entangled with the story of Berlin in the 70s and 80s. Learn how the spirit of Berlin's alt-scene reflected the spirit of this unique city and how it contributed to the arrival of the its most joyous day, November 9th 1989.

This tour will tell the story of Berlin's incredible recent history through the lens of the time's most weird and wonderful music scene. It will take you through Schöneberg, West Berlin's alternative neighbourhood where Bowie and Iggy Pop shared an apartment and home to some of the most important spots in the Berlin alt-scene. 

We then move towards central Berlin to take in Hansa studio, where Bowie, Iggy, U2, Lou Reed, and many more have all been patrons. Next. we'll pass Brandenburg Gate, before ending at the mighty Bundestag, all places steeped in history (both musical and otherwise). There'll even be a quick visit to the scene of one of pop music's more infamous moments.

  • Kleistpark (start of the tour)
  • 155 Hauptstrasse (Bowie and Iggy Pop's home)
  • Dodo Beach Record Store
  • Slumberland Bar
  • Metropol Music Venue
  • Hansa Studios
  • Potsdamer Platz
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Bundestag (end of the tour)

Approximate time: 2 hours

There will be a short ride on the U-Bahn between Metropol and Hansa Studios and travelers will need a ticket for the trip.

Price from 0,00 EUR
Welcome to Berlin! Free tour by Walkative!
User rating

Berlin is without any doubts one of the most interesting and important cities in the world. Our tour will give you a good understanding of the city, its history and the many ideas born in Berlin that shaped this city and the entire world! We will journey in time from the humble medieval beginnings, through the capital of a mighty kingdom and empire, revolution, dark times of nazism, destruction and communist divisions up to today – the trendiest and hottest city in the world. That was truly a spectacular transition, one you should not miss! 

On the tour we will see and discuss:

  • TV tower
  • Red Town Hall and the remains of the old Berlin
  • Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral
  • Unter Den Linden and Humboldt University
  • Gendarmenmarkt and Book Burning Sites
  • Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall stories
  • Adolf Hitler’s Bunker Site
  • Jewish Holocaust Memorial
  • Brandenburg Gate

The last stop for this tour is Brandenburg Gate.

Look for the yellow umbrella at the meeting point!

ℹ️ ⚠️ ATTENTION - booking rules

The tour is fit for pets, but one site, the Holocaust Memorial, is only allowed to walk around (so you see it, but not walk through). Please have that in mind.

Please note that our free tours are designed for individual travelers and small private groups only. Hence, we do not accept parties of 8 or more people on regular free tours and guides have the right to deny participation to such groups. If you travel in a party of 8 or more please book a private tour in advance.

If you show up at the meeting point with the bigger group our guide will ask you for the payment (12 eur/person) before the tour or cancel your reservation on the spot. To confirm your reservation please arrive 10 minutes before starting. We can not guarantee participation when you will be late.                                  

Please note that multiply bookings (under different names) for 7 people who belong to one group will still be treated as one organized group and the guide has the right to deny participation to such parties.

This policy is implied in the best interest of our individual visitors. 

Please respect our rules.     

Price from 0,00 EUR