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Elmina & Cape Coast Castles Day Trip from Accra
This is the type of tour that offers you a detailed tour so far as the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade is concerned. It also offers you value for money.
Price from 253,20 EUR
Half-day Accra Guided Tour
See the city of Accra in a limited space of time for less. Enjoy all this a highly subsidized rate with the most knowledgeable guides.
Price from 84,71 EUR
Half Day Accra City Sightseeing Tour With Guide
This offers you the best of the city from the perspective of a local. Experience the local life and culture.
Price from 114,63 EUR
The Homecoming Experience To Cape-coast And Elmina.
This tour provides visitors with the insight knowledge on the history of Colonialism and Barbaric practices during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. It also gives visitors the opportunity to experience beautiful vegetation of the Central Region of Ghana.
Price from 161,58 EUR
Cape Coast Day Tour From Accra
This tour gives you the following:- The most experience and safest guide and driver- Explore the best of both nature at Kakum and heritage at Cape Coast Castle intertwined with a rare experience with crocodiles at Hans Cottage. - We provide you flexibility with the itinerary and give room for alterations if need be. etc.
Price from 183,23 EUR
Accra City Tour Experience
This Accra City Tour will introduce you the the hustle and bustle of the Capital City of Ghana.Our tour will include a visit to*Makola Market*Jamestown*Kwame Nkrumah Museum*Accra Arts Center to shop for souvenirs and have drumming lessons
Price from 53,86 EUR
Airport & City Transfers
We take you from the Accra's Kotoka International Airport to your hotel or accommodation within the city. Join us for the best of transfer services.We are your expert transfer services within city. We are here to serve you.
Price from 59,85 EUR
Ghana Naming Ceremony Experience
This culturally situated tour to engross you deeply in the popular Ghanaian culture of naming. Learn a lot of things on this cultural tour.
Price from 92,08 EUR
Cape Coast Castle and Kakum Park Tour
Amazing guide who will take his time to explain every detail history and tradition one should know om the tour.
Price from 197,49 EUR
Keta - Day Trip from Accra
Explore the serene Volta region with us and swim at a clean beach. Drive through rural Ghana and get a taste of fresh food right from the farm. Enjoy the breeze of the Volta river and drive along the coast. Experience the Keta lagoon and the Atlantic Coast. This tour caters for a minimum of 2 persons.Optional: cruise on the Volta River.
Price from 152,61 EUR
Kumasi Heritage Tours And Naming Ceremony In A Day
This tour gives visitors the opportunity to experience the cultural and the historic heritage of Ashanti Region of Ghana.
Price from 230,19 EUR
Cape Coast Tour
This tour will let you have a first hand experience of the transatlantic slave trade and offer a "door or return ceremony and naming ceremony".
Price from 195,65 EUR
Accra City Tour With Drumming & Dancing Lessons
Because it combines two tours that are independent on their own in one for less. It also offers you complimentary WiFi services as well as soda.
Price from 138,92 EUR
Full Day Accra Guided Tour
See the city of Accra from the local perspective with a detailed tour of sights you may not regularly see.
Price from 104,04 EUR
Full-Day Private Accra Safari and Boat Cruise with Pick Up
This package gives you an opportunity to get out of the city and take part in out door activities such as walking safari and rock climbing experience to catch the best view in your lives, gets you close to wildlife. You can enjoy the country's flora and fauna that is just about 2 hours drive from Accra, Ghana's bustling capital. Enjoy lunch your a peaceful and unique boat ride on Lake Volta, Africa's largest man made lake, and have a delicious lunch aboard or with a lakeside viewThis is a tour of getting out of the city to explore the greenery. This Tour is also ideal for anyone catching a night flight out of Accra as we back in town before it gets Dark
Price from 215,44 EUR
Private Full-Day Ghanaian Delicacy and Dessert Tour in Accra
With the help of your native guide, you'll discover the unique flavors of local cooking while learning about traditional ways of life. As part of this experience, you'll sample local breakfast, brunch and lunch delicacies, visit one of the largest open air markets in Accra, where you will be introduced to different exotic fruits, vegetables, grains and spices. Watch and learn how to bargain for the best products and put these skills to the test immediately as you shop. Visit a fishing village to watch fishmongers preserve and sell the day’s catch, and end your tour by sampling an irresistable array of local deserts, beverages and handmade chocolates made from cocoa grown, harvested and processed in Ghana.
Price from 283,67 EUR
1 Day Accra City Tour
This tour gives travellers the opportunity to experience the beauty, historic monuments and the great cultural heritage the city has to offer. It also offer visitors the opportunity to experience the pleasure and the artistic nature of the City
Price from 63,74 EUR
Accra: Shai Hills & Akosombo Full-Day Eco-Friendly Tour
This tour offers tourists a nature conservation, splendid scenic beauty and archaeological remains. Trek through the park and explore antelopes, baboons, monkeys and other species of animals.Drive through the park to the foot of the Mogu Hills.Experience a sense of Adventure with little adventure for the fun climbing rocks.Enjoy the panoramic view of the community and Accra plains from the top of the Hills.Discover the ancient caves of the early settlers on the Hills.AkosomboDepart for Akosombo, a haven of comfort hospitality and Natural Beauty in Ghana.Stop at the famous Adomi Bridge, Ghana's longest permanent Suspension Bridge built in 1955.Visit the Volta Lake front for freshers and nature exhilarating environment.Tour the World second largest man made lake and visit Ghna's first Hydro Electric Dam site.Cruise on the Volta Lake for about 30 minutesFood and drinks served on the boatDepart for AccraEnd of Tours.
Price from 107,72 EUR
Ghana 2020 - Beyond the Return: Accra - Cape Coast Heritage Tour
This is a day trip to Cape Coast Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site built by the British in 1665 and serves as a commemorating sad history inflicted on Africa and Ghana in particular. Walk on the suspended bridges at Kakum National Park and hike in the virgin forest and learn about the medicinal and spiritual importance of trees and also visit the Elmina Castle.
Price from 191,05 EUR
Cape Coast,Elmina Castles,Kakum Park and Nzulenzu Stilts Village Tours(2 Days)
This tour will inform tourists, educate them about the existence of Nzulezo and why the village was built on water with stilts. The tour will also expose tourists to the two slaves castles and its history on slavering and Kakum Canopy Walkway which suspended 30 meters above sea level.
Price from 359,07 EUR
Full-Day Private Tour to Cape Coast and Elmina from Accra
On this tour expect a lot of fun from start to finish. We will visit the Kakum Rain Forest and Canopy Walk which is one of the very few existing canopy walkways in the world - here at Kakum we give you the opportunity to try out and have a taste of the wonderful cocoa fruit. You will also have coconut juice to refreshing with after the canopy walk. Our visit to the Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle is more educative and informative as we don't only visit the castles but see communities properly exposing you to more of their culture and heritage of the local people. You will have a professional driver and a guide who is very knowledgeable and fun to be with. All your request whiles on the tour will be given a considerable look and your questions will be well answered. We are here to give you the best experience you have dreamed of.
Price from 152,61 EUR
Arrival Transfer From Accra Airport To Hotel
We offer more than just transfers by giving orientation of the city at your first contact with Ghana.
Price from 32,56 EUR
Ghana City 2-day Tour
Ghana City Tours is your perfect private tour partner to explore the history of Ghana, its attractions: past and present, and the type of people living in this diverse country.Why Choose Us1. Safe HandsMost Reliable Tour Partners with the Safest tour transportation operated by well trained chauffeurs & tour guides. Safety of our guests is our primary goal.Most Diverse Private Tours2. Offer Most Personalized Tours through out Ghana including Educational and Historical Tours, Fun Tours, Ecological Tours, and Customized Tours3. Exclusive Deals Get 5% discount on your tour if you book your stay with our preferred accommodation partner:Accra Luxury Apartments
Price from 276,22 EUR
Adventure Nature (Waterfalls Expedition)
Aburi has always been one of my favorite places in Ghana because its peaceful ambience as compared to the busy Capital, with its mountain breezes and how it welcomes you with its glorious green jungles. I specially designed this tour to bring people close to nature as well as learn about some vital and exotic plants in the universe and also to expose you to the ingenuity of the locals as you interact with them. Last but not least, visit two of the best waterfalls in Ghana with a hike through the jungle with the soothing voices of the bird to motivate you to the top.
Price from 233,40 EUR
Cape Coast Elmina Castles and Kakum Canopy Walk Tour
This tour will take you on a journey which will expose you to the activities of the slave trade era and the effects it had on communities, nations and humanity as a whole. Travelers will also get to enjoy the Flora and fauna of Ghana at the Kakum National Park as we go on Canopy Walk in the park.Get ready for an exciting but physically demanding (30 minute) hike in a dense Rain Forest. Wear sporty shoes and face towel for the forest hike. Enjoy your trip!
Price from 127,83 EUR