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Bonwire Namimg Ceremony and Kente Tourist Center
Bonwire village has been a famous place for people to visit because that's where the world-known Kente was invented. They give the story of how it came about and the meaning of the kente.The naming ceremony is very unique because is done by the chiefs and Queen-mother of a village inside their Palace. Also, we give you a certificate with your new African name on it.We give two names, Your soul name, and a family.
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Traditional naming ceremony For African Diaspora in Kumasi
THIS ACTIVITY IS PURPOSELY FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS AND THE CARRIBBEANS Visiting the Adanwomase and you will be given out your date of birth , and you will be given a Ghanaian names and certificate in a recorgnition , these will include an adornment of Ghanaian cloth that has tailored for you as the traditional given of names to as a child of these earth . It is situated tour to engross you deeply in the popular Ghanaian culture of naming . After then we visit the Adanwomase kente weaving for a practicals kente weave , weaving kente as local will give you a memorable tours ever .And also visit the Ntonso Adinkra village for crafts on clothing , we lastly visit the cocoa farm for the of the begining of rich cocoa and how is nursed and harvest.
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Kumasi Lake Bosomtwe Boat Cruisely & Green Range Horse Riding
Travellers will visit the Lake Bosomtwe with a boat roaming on the lake to make a sightseeing , see around the villages around the lake and to know the history of the caused by a meteor impact a million year ago , the side rise deeply covered with trees and bushes , there are various settlement around , mainly fishing and farming village , and also visit the Green Range Horse riding , You will be guided to ride a horse around the lake banks to feel the nature of The natural lake , YOU RIDE A HORSE LIKE A LOCAL.
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Tour Kumasi City Like a Local
We adept a delivering excellent customer service talking to large groups and turning each tour into an experience. Specializes in historic properties and sites. In expect of MUSEUMS and having Great LOCAL EXPERIENCE , Visiting the MANHYIA PALACE MUSEUM , OKOMFO ANOKYE SOWD SITE , PREMPEH II MUSEUM , KUMASI KEJETIA CENTRAL MARKET ,NTONSO ADINKRA STAMPING VILLAGE , BONWIRE KENTE WEAVING , ADANWOMASE AFRICAN AMERICANS TRADITIONAL NAMING CEREMONY , LAKE BOSOMTWE , KUMASI GREEN RANGE HORSE RIDING , KUMASI CULTURE CENTER, and KUMASI KNIGHT LIFE , COOK LIKE A LOCAL , See things that you will yearn and become speechless , the Local will also take you to the kumasi Fante kenkey factory to make a sightseeing and to experience how The kenkey is made . Tours , more , knows more about the Rich Ashanti Kingdom. KUMASI LOCAL EXPERIENCE .
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Kumasi City Tour
Am accredited Tour Guide providing Kumasi City Tours to visitors visiting the city of Kumasi and Ghana as a whole for Attractions,Sightseeing,Heritage, Culture, Tradition and Holidays. Listen/Hear the stories of the market women/men(Locals). Make the most of this Tour/Excursion when you ask questions and interact with the market women/men(Locals). Take a Drive/Walking sightseeing Tour around and inside the Beautiful City of Kumasi, the heart of Ashanti. Visit every interesting places,people and seeing things that will get you fascinated, shocked and you will yearn for more. Tour includes visit to the:- #PACKAGE-1-1>> ••OKOMFO ANOKYE SWORD SITE. ••KING PREMPEH II JUBILEE MUSEUM. ••MANHYIA PALACE MUSEUM. ••KUMASI CENTRAL MARKET, KEJETIA. #PACKAGE-2 >> ••BONWIRE KENTE WEAVING VILLAGE. ••NTONSO ADINKRA CLOTH STAMPING VILLAGE. #PACKAGE-3 >> ••LAKE BOSOMTWE. ••BOAT CRUISE. #PACKAGE-4 >> ••KUMASI CENTRAL MARKET, KEJETIA.•DAKODWOM ••LOCAL FOOD COOKING CLASS. #PACKAGE-5 >> ••NAMING CEREMONY.
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10 Days Historical ,Cultural & Heritage Tour Of Ghana.
With our 10 day historical, cultural and heritage tour of Ghana , you will have the best ever travel experience in your life. Indulge yourself in the circumstances surrounding the evil trade in slaves as you visit Cape Coast Castle where our ancestors were been kept in dungeons. Learn more about the trans - Atlantic slave trade through slave routes and the site they had their last bath, held as captives in dungeons and finally ‘shipped’ to unknown world. See the tombs of the two slaves who’s body remains was returned from USA and Jamaica In 1998 who’s return tagged ‘‘door of no return’’ as ‘‘door of return’’.
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Kumasi Private Traditional Cooking Class with Kejetia Market
With the help of our professional cooking demonstrator, our clients will be guided in the busy market of Kejetia Market which is the biggest open market in west Africa to buy your cooking ingredients for your cooking class Kumasi. After shopping, head your way to a class to learn how to prepare a traditional Ghanaian meal. For those who love good food, this is really something to experience.
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Traditional Naming Ceremony For African Americans In Kumasi
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One day tour at Kumasi
Tour like a local and experience the culture and the tradition of the Asante Kingdom, the heartbeat of Ghana.
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Kumasi Culture & Heritage Tours
Delievering excellent customer service talking to a large group and turning each tour into an experience via the role it played in Ghana’s history and Culture all over the world tourist Destinations that attracts a high demand for kente and Adinkra Clothing , Experience our local type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth, kente Clothes has its own origin from the Akan , The Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana .Overtime the used of kente and Adinkra clothing has become more widespread . How ever it’s importance has remained and its held in high esteem . Globally it is is design of Academic stole in graduation Ceremony experiencing local as a kente Weaver . Travelers will visit the kumasi Central Market and Hear out the local vendors , buying and Selling like a local. People hustling and bustling , Walk around the Market to see things that you will yearn and become speechless and creates your Memories Now Not Another Vacation .
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Traditional Naming Rite for African Diaspora in Kumasi
The Akans believe that whenever a baby is born, naturally the baby brings his or her name according to the day he or she is born before they add the family name to the baby's name.This experience is ideal for African-Americans visiting Ghana.After taking this experience the my clients gets full connection with their Ancestors and the experience make you a true member of the Akans tribe. The Naming Rite will be done by the queen when you are a woman and a king when you are a man,you will be given a typical Asante name and the name will be written on a piece of Kente and certificate will be given to you to show that you have indeed taking the Naming Rite.
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Signature Ghana Tour
Start and end in Accra! With the Seasonal tour Ghana Panafest Celebration - 10 Days, you have a 10 days tour package taking you through Accra, Ghana and 3 other destinations in Ghana. Ghana Panafest Celebration - 10 Days includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.With a successful Year of Return campaign 2019, 2020 has been earmarked as the Beyond the Return and as such an Emancipation Tour would be a great idea to visit Ghana. Explore the rich cultures of Ghana, the buzzling city life, and the various historical sites noted for the transatlantic slave trade.
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Kumasi kejetia central market tour & Local cook food classs
We adept a delivering excellent customer service talking to large groups and turning each tour into an experience , inspect of helping travellers to tour along with the local guide at the biggest market in the western Africa , kumasi kejetia central market , BUY and PURCHASE INGREDIENTS LIKE A LOCAL , After travellers will go home to cook local dishes with a private cooking class with a local family at home . recreate the experience at home ! , Rememeber there is one thing you should know when touring as a local is to Experience what Locals eat ,SIT LIKE LOCAL ,COOK LIKE A LOCAL , EAT LIKE A LOCAL , For a memorable tours ever .
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Kumasi City Tour
The uniqueness of this tour is that we show you the historical places in the history of the Asantes in Kumasi. We show you the planted sword the legendary priest of the Asantes planted on the ground to ensure unity among the Asantes which nobody has been able to pull it from the ground.
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Bonwire kente tour & Ntonso Adinkra stamping village in kumasi
Travellers will demonstrate and teach the trade of Adinkra clothing , joining and stamping Adinkra strips , looms with reeds and heedlers wind out the Fabric needed for decorating , You Learn the process of how to make a clothing in our local textiles , get the experience how the kente is weave practically , YOU WILL WEAVE LIKE A LOCAL , STAMP LIKE A LOCAL . COCOA FARM experience for memorable tours ever
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Discover kumasi Tours
We made your stay in kumasi feels like second home , exceptional tour experience and your safety is our main priority
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Ashanti History Tours
I'm Samuel kumah the CEO of Goldstar Premier Tour Company in Ghana . We provide the best experience across GHANA to our guest to feel how rich our culture and history are.
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Ghanian adventure safari 8 Days 7 nights ( basic)
This trip to Ghana includes a visit to craft village in the Ancient Ashanti Kingdom, slave castles on the Cape Coast, and significant sites in Accra such as independence square, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park among other. It is an awesome journey and much rewarding.
Price from 1863,58 EUR
Kejetia Market Tour and Traditional Food Cooking Class.
With the help of our native hosts you will be guided into the Kejetia Market which is the biggest open market in the West Africa to buy all the necessary ingredients for your cooking class and the professional cooking demonstrator who will guide you through your cooking class. They will taste their own food after they are done with the cooking.
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The best of Kumasi city walking tour
Kumasi is Ghana's second largest city after the capital Accra. Is it true that the king of the Ashanti empire lives in the city? Did you know that his power was symbolized by the Golden Stool? What makes her so special? Together with your local guide you will visit the most important points of interest in the city. In the Manhyia Palace Museum you will hear the story of the mighty and majestic Ashanti Empire. Visit the Kumasi Fort and Military Museum which is one of the few military museums in Africa. You will find interesting facts about the Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa of Ejisu. What links her to this fort? What is her fate? You will visit Okomfo Anokye Sword. What makes this place so exceptional? Why the traditional priest Okomfo Anokye entered the country's history. You will learn many interesting historical and even mystical facts. A local charismatic guide will reveal the secrets and interesting facts about Kumasi.
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Romantic walking tour in Kumasi
An exclusive tour for all the romantics of the world! Together with the professional local guide, you will visit the most romantic places in the city. Why do locals call this place Comassie? You will feel spellbound in a charming atmosphere. What is considered as one of the best places to have a date in the city? Where can you make lovely photos? You will be surprised how many historical love stories are hidden in the streets, buildings, parks of the city. From heartbreaking and tragic, to the hilarious or spicy ones. Did you know Kumasi is also known as the Garden City? It is among the largest metropolitan areas in Ghana.This tour is especially recommended in the Saint Valentine period!
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Private Cultural Tour of Kente and Adinkra Traditional Cloths
This tour takes you to the root of the rich history, and culture of the Asante kingdom, exploring the way the Asantes cover themselves, and how they started to make their popular cloths in the world call Kente and Adinkra cloths.
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Authentic Beach, Culture & History Tour
Discover the extraordinary indigenous culture, traditional lifestyles and the warmth of Ghanaians on this introductory exploration of Ghana’s stunning eco-beaches and thriving unspoiled hotspots. Get introduced to the sights and soothing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean as you frolic along the pleasantly uncrowded palm-fringed white sandy beaches.As an eco-touristic site, Ada Foah has an estuary Island which is a wildlife paradise with marine turtles, birds, and primates. There is an opportunity to explore Ghana’s Historical Slave Trade with visits to World Heritage sites in the ancient towns of Elmina & Cape Coast.
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Private Half-Day City Tour of Kumasi with Lunch
We show you whatever you want to see in Kumasi and the owner of this company is a policeman to keep you safe and he is security conscious to protect you as well. We show you what to do and the popular tourist sites in Kumasi and Ghana as a whole.
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2days kumasi City Tours
We here to help you to discover kumasi and its surrounds in a very beautiful way with a trusted tour guide.
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