Tours & activities in Crete

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Its a unique excursion to two Monasteries of the area, Monastery of Kremasta & Monastery of Areti. We will visit as well a lovely zoo , Amazones Park. We will travel trough the little villages on the mountains and we will visit the Village of Plaka and we will see just opposite the amazing island of Spinaonga. Our trip will be completed at the most amazing restaurant by the sea, Moon Spinners in Elounda.
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Knossos Palace & Archaelogical Site
Our Mini Bus offers the luxury of a private excursion in small groups om maximum 8 people.So the guests will not face any delays on a coach and they will have a comfortable and attentive tour.
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Superior Private Tour in Knossos Palace and Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
Explore the oldest and most intriguing civilization in Europe at Knossos Palace in this Tour to remember. Trace the footsteps of this trailblazing culture and glimpse into their daily lives with one of our knowledgeable professional guides. Venture in premises with conveniences like central ventilation, toilets, bathtubs, and even a highly sophisticated sewer system!Be captivated by the artistic talent and sheer beauty that still shines from the intricate murals scattered around the palace grounds. Listen to the captivating stories and inspiring legends of myths including the well-known Minotaur and connect deeper into this once flourishing society.Next visit the archaeological museum of Heraklion and browse through its impressive collection of Minoan artifacts, which is noted to be the most distinguished and complete collection in the world! Once here, you will feel transplanted to another time while viewing their pottery, sculptures, wall paintings and impressive masterpieces.
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