Tours & activities in Crete

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Motor Yacht Charter - 16 meter 52 feet - 10 Guests possible - Full day trip
Day cruise with your private motor-yacht to the hotspots in the region:Your private luxury yacht including professional crew. Enjoy a wonderful day trip to the coves around Elounda and Agios Nikolaos.Have fun with your friends or your family. (Maximal 10 Guests)Including fruits and drinks.
Price from 2100,00 EUR
Traveling by electric bike - LA CRETE
STRONG POINTSA confidential itinerary to discover wild Crete (70% on the piste).Exceptional landscapes.Unmissable archaeological sites!Villages and beaches where it is good to relax!You ride free and light, we take care of everything!
Price from 1502,57 EUR
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Exploring Crete in 8 Days
Whether your visit is for relaxation or to explore and discover the many well-known and countless hidden treasures of Crete, you will not be disappointed by the diversity of the landscape –the rugged mountains, the endless beaches and the turquoise seas, the many cities, towns and villages, and the stunning countryside.
Price from 1114,00 EUR
2-Day Luxury Tour: East Crete Must-See Highlights with Local Food & Wine Tasting
Day 1Experience all “must-see” Cretan landmarks - Knossos Palace, Cave of Zeus and a journey to the mountainous East Crete. Enjoy a persona pick up and drop off with a premium vehicle at full-day disposal and privacy like a true VIP. You will be provided with skip-the-line accesses in archaeological areas, key pieces of information, extra-personalized attention and engagement with the Cretan local lifestyle. You will also visit local eateries to try authentic delicacies and get the best recommendations for a traditional Cretan lunch!Day 2Go beyond the usual and you will be left amazed by the idyllic ambiances at gorgeous East Crete off-the-beaten-track. Soak up the beauty and the local lifestyle which is basked in chic luxury amid beautiful nature sights without the hype and mass of tourists. You will be engaged with traditional villages, exquisite archaeological spots, easily accessible wild gorges with unspoiled natural beauty, breezy waterfalls, and ancient monasteries.
Price from 1107,70 EUR
2-Day South-Western Crete Escape with Local Insider Guide & Vehicle on Disposal
Day 1Explore the hidden gems of the South-Western region by following bespoke itineraries off the beaten track. Your private local insider guide will unveil for you wild Cretan nature, beautiful gorges with breezy fresh-water springs, authentic Cretan villages, breath-taking spots with panoramic views of the Libyan Sea, and ancient Byzantine monasteries. You will enjoy an authentic lunch (tasty grilled lamb on the spit) in a cozy place that is surrounded by mountainous waterfalls & friendly locals! At the end of the day, you will follow a scenic city trail through Venetian Rethymno's streets by visiting the best places for wine tasting!Day 2Experience the idyllic escape to Elafonisi beach, with white & pink sand joined together that everyone dreams about like a true VIP. Your day-trip will be enriched with bespoke itineraries off-the-beaten-track to explore & engage with the West Crete & its hidden gems. You will also get the best recommendations for an authentic Cretan lunch!
Price from 1107,70 EUR
From Chania: Private Balos Bay & Gramvousa Island Boat Trip
Take a private rigid inflatable boat vessel to the famous beach of Balos and then to historic Gramvousa for its medieval fortress. Enjoy fast and safe transfer with free time to swim, sunbathe, or hike.
Price from 1000,00 EUR
7 Days in Discover The Treasures of Crete
It’s hard to pick our favourite Greek island, but Crete– the largest and most diverse of all – is undoubtedly a top contender for the title. As well as the usual Greek staples like amazing sunshine, cuisine and beaches, Crete boasts a truly distinct culture, rich heritage and breath-taking landscapes. From Venetian towns to dazzling mountains, Crete’s diversity makes it really stand out from the crowd.Rethymno: Explore one of the best preserved medieval cities in Greece, and search for your fairy-tale romance in Rethymno. Venetian fortification works mingle harmonically with orthodox and catholic churches, mosques, majestic mansions of Venetian architecture, arches and cobbled paths which create a magical atmosphereSpinalonga: “The Island”, one of the best seller books in 2009. The story of the book takes place on the island of Spinalonga, during its years as a leper colony
Price from 973,00 EUR
Uncharted Escapes: Chania Private Tour to Knossos and Archaeological Museum
A Private Tour to Knossos and Archaeological Museum. Visit Knossos Palace and Archaeological museum with Private transfer and English speaking driver-escort. Enjoy private guiding by certified guide, Explore traditional Heraklion and Rethymnon city and Lunch with traditional Cretan food and wine.
Price from 912,00 EUR
Best of Crete (3-days Tour package)
Explore Crete, with all your senses!Best of Crete (3-Days Tour package). The tour is executed ONLY from Heraklion district, with the assistance of your private professional tourist guide. • Day 1:The Minoans - We visit Knossos palace, the Archaeological Museum and walking the historical city of Heraklion. • Day 2:Wild Crete - City of Rethymno, its landmarks, culture and character. You will continue the tour of the city of Rethymno through the narrow Venetian streets you also have the opportunity to taste smell virgin olive oil, spices and herbs…Cretan old-style wine is a thing unto itself. We continue to visit the beautiful traditional village of Margarites one of the ancient pottery centers of Crete! • Day 3:Coastal Crete - The Eastern side of Crete, enjoy the mountain ridges, beautiful countryside and sea on route. Seeing Elounda, Spinalonga island and Ag.Nikolaos.
Price from 814,11 EUR
5-Day Independent Island Hopping from Crete Including Santorini and Mykonos
This 5-day island-traversing tour takes away the stress of booking high speed catamaran tickets and hotels and figuring out how to get to the ferry docks from your hotel. Your only decisions will be the good ones: where to eat, which amazing beach to watch the sunset on. Over 5 days, visit Santorini and Mykonos from Crete, staying in 3- or 4-star hotels (depending on option selected). There’s ample time on each island to explore, and to tailor your experience as you like.
Price from 806,13 EUR
Kissamos: Balos and Gramvousa Private Sailing Trip with Meal
Visit the most beautiful locations in Crete on a private sailing trip from Kissamos Port. Travel in style and avoid the ferry lines and crowds. Swim, hike, or snorkel and enjoy a delicious lunch with local delicacies and drinks.
Price from 800,00 EUR
Cave of Zeus with Truffle Hunting & Gourmet Experience - VIP Private Tour
An idyllic escape to the mountainous East Crete by exploring the hidden gems of this authentic region. Enjoy a personal hotel, villa or cruise pick up and drop off by your private local insider guide, with a premium vehicle at full-day disposal. Soak up the natural beauty of the Eastern Crete by collecting Cretan truffles with the assistance of a professional truffle hunter and his dogs in the heart of fertile Lassithi Plateau. Then have a delicious Cretan lunch and wine tasting in a traditional mountainous tavern. Last but not least, you will visit the mythical Cave of Zeus and a local ceramic workshop.
Price from 800,00 EUR
Three Palaces
The ideal Tour for a history lover combining the major Minoan palatial centers in the region of Heraklion combined with a most promising drive through wonderful natural landscapes of unparallel beauty.
Price from 753,85 EUR
5 Days in The Labyrinth of Crete
To Greeks, Crete is the Megalonissi (Great Island), a hub of spectacular ancient art and architecture. Fabled as the land of King Minos, it is a unique world where civilization is counted by the millennium. From every point of view travellers discover landscapes of amazing variety. Mountains split with deep gorges and honeycombed with caves, rise in sheer walls from the sea. Snow-capped peaks loom behind sandy shorelines, vineyards, and olive groves. Miles of beaches, some with a wealth of amenities and others isolated and unspoiled, fringe the coast. Join us on this memorable 5-day tour of the island.Palace of Knossos: Knossos is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and has been called Europe's oldest city.Lassithi Plateau: The tranquil Lasithi Plateau, 900m above sea level, is an arrestingly beautiful expanse of green fields interspersed with almond trees and orchards.Spinalonga: Boat trip to the magnificent island with fortresses dating from the Venetian period.
Price from 745,00 EUR
Chania: Full-Day Private Sailing Cruise with Lunch
User rating
Enjoy a private 8-hour cruise around Crete on a 40-foot boat, stopping at Chania for lunch. Explore stunning gulfs and secluded small islands.
Price from 700,00 EUR
Delicious Rethymno & Rural highlights
* Enjoy one of the most scenic coastal drives and fantastic landscape that is never a bore; * Highlights of Cretan countryside: visit Arkadi monastery – one of the most important and picturesque monasteries on island, have a glimpse at ancient Elefterna and explore lovely Margarites village, known for its pottery, developed since Minoan times and some wonderful Byzantine churches; * Rethymno walking & highlights tour and shopping, enjoy the seaside promenade, maybe a cup of Greek coffee, before heading back . * Did we mentioned a delicious food in a village tavern or one of the restaurants of Rethymnon for lunch?
Price from 700,00 EUR
VIP Cave of Zeus & Knossos Palace Chauffeur-Driven Private Tour from Chania
An exclusive chauffeur-driven private tour that combines all the “must-see” world-famous landmarks of Crete Island – the iconic Knossos Palace, the mysterious Cave of Zeus and an authentic journey to the mountainous East Crete (Lassithi Plateau). You will enjoy a personal pick-up and drop-off by your private local insider guide, with a premium vehicle at full-day disposal by experiencing maximum comfort, and maximum privacy like a true VIP. You will also receive skip-the-line accesses in all archaeological areas, key pieces of information, extra-personalized attention and engagement with the Cretan local lifestyle. Last but not least, you will visit off-the-beaten-path eateries to taste traditional local delicacies and get the best recommendations for an authentic Cretan lunch!
Price from 687,18 EUR
Balos Aquitic Desert Escape - Chauffeur-Driven Private Tour from Elounda
A plethora of majestic beaches in Greece can be found in difficult-to-access paradises. Balos lagoon (listed in the top 25 beaches of the world) - with its white soft sands, exotic azure waters, and the isolated rugged breathtaking landscape - is not an exception! Enjoy this full-day chauffeur-driven jeep tour, with a private local insider guide, ultimate comfort, and privacy. The exclusive conduction of this day-trip is that you will reach Balos from its hill-side, which means you do not have to stick with the schedule of ferries and tourist masses from Kissamos port.
Price from 666,67 EUR
VIP Knossos Palace & Museum with Wine Tasting - Private Tour from Chania
Experience the world-famous archaeological site of Knossos Palace and the iconic Museum of Heraklion like a true VIP. Enjoy a personal pick-up and drop-off by your private local professional guide, with a premium vehicle at full-day disposal. You will receive skip-the-line accesses in all archaeological areas, key pieces of information and extra-personalized attention with maximum comfort and peace. In addition, you will unwind with a winetasting in an award-winning Cretan winery. At the end of the day, you will follow the scenic city trail through Heraklion's streets by visiting off-the- beaten-path eateries and tasting traditional local delicacies.
Price from 666,67 EUR
Heraklion Wine Roads
• Visit 2 Estate family wineries and taste their awarded wines. • Stop at selected vineyards located on Archanes or Peza or Dafnes.• Learn about the unique viticulture & the indigenous grape varietals. • Wine tasting in the wineries of 12  different type & style of wines. • ‘Meze’ style meal at a tavern located in a beautiful traditional settlement.Exact wineries to be confirmed closer to the date as per availability.
Price from 660,00 EUR
Take the opportunity and explore one of the best-known features on Crete. Enjoy a day filled with scenery of unparallel beauty and swim in turquoise waters. Discover the place where time has stopped.
Price from 646,16 EUR
An unmissable Day Trip full of sea, pretty scenery, and snorkeling. If you close your eyes, you'll forget that you are not in the tropics. The ideal choice for a leisure unforgettable summer well-deserved break.
Price from 646,16 EUR
3-Day Independent Island Hopping from Crete Including Santorini and Mykonos
Island hopping is practically a national pastime for Greeks and the people who love their land and culture. And with this 3-day trip, you too can fashionably hop from island to island – from Crete to Santorini to Mykonos – getting the best of the best at each spot. The stress of buying high speed catamaran tickets and booking taxis from hotel to ferry is taken care of. You only need to think about the good time you're going to have. During the ample amounts of free time, explore each island, eat at local tavernas and sleep in comfortable three- or four-star hotels on each island, depending on option selected.
Price from 642,00 EUR
Extraordinary Gems of West Crete
The medieval neighborhoods of Castelli, Tophane, Splantzia, Firkas Fortress, Kum Kapi and the historic lighthouse, a trademark of the old Venetian port, will enchant you with their color and atmosphere. In the square of the Archaeological Museum the biggest temple built in the 11th century.The Public Market, inaugurated in 1913 by Venizelos, were you can buy genuine Cretan products and drink a shot of raki. Visit of Agia Triada monastery with an impressive temple attribute to the famous painter Merkourio. Also you can admire the remain elements from the holocaust of the Abbey 1821, icons, ecclesiastical utensils, crosses, vestments, manuscript documents, books( Gospels from 1568-1758).Optional swimming stop to a small bay with a natural shade and turquoise waters.Last the most significant archaeological site, the ruins of the ancient Kydonia, the ancient Aptera and Intzedin castle. A day full of precious moments, back in times travel, and memories for a lifetime!
Price from 640,00 EUR
Superior Private Tour in Knossos Palace and Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
Explore the oldest and most intriguing civilization in Europe at Knossos Palace in this Tour to remember. Trace the footsteps of this trailblazing culture and glimpse into their daily lives with one of our knowledgeable professional guides. Venture in premises with conveniences like central ventilation, toilets, bathtubs, and even a highly sophisticated sewer system!Be captivated by the artistic talent and sheer beauty that still shines from the intricate murals scattered around the palace grounds. Listen to the captivating stories and inspiring legends of myths including the well-known Minotaur and connect deeper into this once flourishing society.Next visit the archaeological museum of Heraklion and browse through its impressive collection of Minoan artifacts, which is noted to be the most distinguished and complete collection in the world! Once here, you will feel transplanted to another time while viewing their pottery, sculptures, wall paintings and impressive masterpieces.
Price from 615,39 EUR