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Komodo Tour 3D/2N Live on Board - Private & Join Group Category
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This trip package is special to discover more about Komodo National park and its surroundings. A perfect combination of visiting the natural habitat of Komodo dragon and visiting to several small islands within the Komodo National Park to discover their pure stunning nature with Live on Board (stay overnight on the boat) The tour will start from your hotel in Labuan Bajo and ends it up in Labuan Bajo too. The other choice also is you can start the trip on your arrival date (suggest only morning arrival flight) and we can also drop you off at the airport on the third day (last day of trip) without staying overnight at hotel in Labuan Bajo. During this trip process, beside of getting a moment to see Komodo dragon on their real habitat and some other Wild life in Komodo National Park, you will also get the experience to do the great snorkeling trip at several paradise snorkel sites around Komodo National Park since this area is also known for the best snorkeling sites of the world.
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Komodo Island 2 Day Tour
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See the famous Komodo Dragons up close with this two day tour of the Indonesian islands where these gigantic reptiles live.
Price from 610,70 EUR
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Private Day Tour Rangko Cave -Batu Cermin Cave
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Rangko Cave ,The cave's darkness is diminished by the stalactites and stalagmites that catch the sunlight from the entrance, bathing everything in light. The best time to witness the cave in its sunlit grandeur is 1.30 to 3 p.m. local time. Batu Cermin, or Mirror Rock, is actually a tunnel or cave in a dark stone hills of Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. the unique of this cave ,Sunshine comes in through a hole in the tunnel and then bounces on the stone walls that again reflect small lights to other areas inside the cave like a mirror. That’s why this site is called mirror rock.
Price from 279,91 EUR
Komodo National Park Tour
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Climb aboard a speedboat ready for a day of adventure exploring Komodo National Park. Swim, snorkel and immerse yourself in nature!
Price from 107,10 EUR
Full-Day Adventure Tour to komodo Island with join Speed Boat tur
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we provide reasonable Price with great service,safety and highly recommend fro tour attraction spot . 1.Affordable price 2.Professional team 3.hospitality 4.trustworthy
Price from 118,61 EUR
Batu Cermin & Rangko Cave Tour
Make the most of your time in Labuan Bajo to discover the underground treasures of Flores Island: Batu Cermin and Rangko Caves await you!
Price from 65,70 EUR
Private Full-Day Tour Exploring Labuan Bajo with Lunch for 2 persons
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Visit the best tourist locations in Labuan Bajo: Cunca Wulang, Rangko Cave, Mirror Cave, and Sylvia Hill. Swim, take photos, watch the sun set. Complete facilities: shuttle, guide, lunch, and many more. Private trip: Only you and your group. Suitable for: The Adventurer and Group Traveler.
Price from 279,91 EUR
Komodo Islands Private 3 Day Trip
With this 3-Day Private Trip to the National Park of Komodo, you'll discover the Komodo Dragons Islands – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Price from 1470,00 EUR
Day Trip Explore Komodo Park & Snorkeling
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Explore the Komodo Park in a private service with private speedboat. Enjoy the Beaches at Kanawa and Bidadari Island by swimming, relaxing or snorkeling with equipment provided. Explore the Rinca Island and visit the Komodo Dragons in their habitat. Do some light trekking to Padar Island and enjoy the beautiful view from the best view point at the Island.
Price from 423,95 EUR
3-Days Sailing Komodo Island,Padar & Manta Point departure every Friday
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See the world’s largest lizards in their spectacular natural habitatin either in Komodo island or Rinca Island on this adventurous 3-day excursion, accompanied by a Tour guide guide. Rinca Island is the second biggest island in the Komodo island and has the second biggest population of Komodo dragons. Komodo Island is one of the few places in the world where you can see komodo dragons in their natural habitat. This 3-day back-to-nature adventure offers plenty of wildlife-spotting opportunities; living on standard board 3 days 2 nights stay in Comfort sharing Cabin with AC, and enjoy trekking, Hunting Komodo Dragons, hunting sunset, swimming and snorkeling Fly from Bali to the beautiful Flores Island then sail the iridescent ocean on a boat before disembarking at the idyllic Komodo Island to embark on an exhilarating hike. See wild Komodo dragons up close and gain fascinating insight into their behavior and physiology from your accomplished naturalist guide.
Price from 295,09 EUR
Private Rinca Sunset Island-Hopping Tour on a Speedboat
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This island has a variety of beautiful scenic spots. The sand beach is white, with ripples of sea water which is also very clear. From the island, you can see the surrounding islands which are usually green because of the grass vegetation cover them. The island also has hills that can be climbed. When you go up to the top of the hill, you can see very beautiful blue sea water and also colorful coral on the coast. Rinca islan As one of the lands of the Komodo dragon, Rinca Island is a home for the larger Komodo dragon population with around 2,000 individuals living on the island. While wandering around looking for the ancient animal, you will also be guided by the ranger, those who are a professional in the surrounding area and the animals around. As the name cited, it is the home of “Kalong” or bats. That means you can witness thousands of bats in this island. These unique creatures hang on the mangroves at noon. They start flying around in the afternoon and night.
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3 Days Luxury Sailing Trip in Komodo Island
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Bale Laut Liveaboard will take you to faraway lands that seems to fall from heaven itself. Flores island & Komodo island are separated by the Flores Sea, and between them lies a string of islets, each is blessed with breathtaking landscapes. With over 18,000 islands, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world. Cruising on a traditional Indonesian Luxury Phinisi is a great way to discover the wonderful treasures Flores has to offer. Bale Laut features the best and safest boats. Taking a Komodo cruise is the only option to get around and relish every beauty lies in between Flores and Komodo. Get more authentic sailing experience by cruising in a modern take of Indonesian Luxury Phinisi, the greatest way to wander around the archipelago and embark on a Flores exploration. Flores calls for the true adventurers.
Price from 518,31 EUR
3Days Komodo Tour Private for 8 Persons
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Spend your time 3Days 2Nights (2Nights stay overnight on Phinisi Boat) to exploring the fantastic of Komodo National Park as the homeland of the Dragons and to exploring our beautiful Islands around Komodo National Park. Boat Type: Phinisi Boat (4 Cabin with AC plus Private bathroom/western toilet and shower in each cabin). Prepare money in cash for Entrance Fee to the National Park IDR 500K / Person
Price from 3510,76 EUR
Full Day Tour to Komodo Island By Speed Boat to explore 6 destinations
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In this one day Komodo Tour we will give you Best price, visit unique places and guarantee to see dragons
Price from 126,52 EUR
Daily Trip Highlight Komodo Archipelago by Speed Boat
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This trip package is special for the client who have desire to know more about Komodo dragon on the real Jurassic park and also the other places around it,but too hard to get it because of budget,vacation time and also the single traveler. So we decide to make it easy with Join/share Komodo Trip Package By Speed Boat,that’s mean you can share the budget with others client who want to do the same trip package. It is mean that you will get your dream even though you are Single Traveler you can take the tour. The other point also is The client's will explore Komodo Archipelago up to 6 spots/day because will use Speed Boat for their sailing facilities even you just take it Daily Trip,so will not waste your time.
Price from 147,07 EUR
One day Komodo trip with Bintang Komodo Tours
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One day Komodo tour is a group tour that starts early in the morning to and from Labuan Bajo arriving late in the afternoon. We will pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to the jetty. Then the boat will take you to Padar Island to see the Spectacular landscape, after that ​we will proceed to Komodo Island to see the largest lizard in the world that is called “Komodo”. After Komodo, we will sail to Pink beach either to see the underwater panorama or the island panorama from the hill. Next on our agenda is Taka Makassar for another snorkeling where you will see the fantastic coral underwater. Manta Point to see the huge manta rays underwater and continue your sailing to Kanawa Island; the island with a hu​g​e garden of coral reef. Sailing Back to Labuan Bajo. Additional fees payed on Komodo island and Padar are all together 450.000 IDR/person ( incl. government tax, snorkeling tax, guide on Komodo, entrance fee for Komodo island and Padar island, entrance to Komodo National Park)
Price from 129,99 EUR
Sunset at Komodo Island
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At midday, embark on a speedboat to explore the Komodo National Park. Start the journey to explore Rinca Island to see Komodo Lizard Dragon at their natural habitat followed by another hike to the top of Kelor Island and snorkelling to observe the beauty of marine life near Majerite Island and end with fabulous sunset at Kalong Island while seeing flying foxes fly away from their nest for food hunt at the night. Once night falling return to Labuan Bajo
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The Wonderful of Waerebo Village
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Waerebo is a unique traditional Manggarai ethnic village with traditional houses. It is located at an altitude of 1,125 m above sea level among the Nature Conservation forest. There are 7 traditional houses or Mbaru Tembong and each of them houses more than one family. The people live of agricultural products like coffee beans, taro and vegetables. The hike to the village is about 3 to 4 hours passing forests and nature pools.
Price from 459,25 EUR
1Day Komodo Trip by Fast Boat Private.
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Spend your time only 1 Day to exploring top 6 Destinations in Komodo National Park by using Fast Boat Private, Do hike to the summit of the highest point of Padar to look over the blend of amazing landscape and seascape, separated by secluded coastline. Do trekking on Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragons as the ancient and the only living lizard in the world. Do swim or snorkeling at Pink Beach a white and pink colored sands beach on the island of Komodo. Do swim or snorkeling at Manta Point to see the Manta rays including Taka Makassar and Kanawa Island, a secluded island with crystal sandy beach and blue seawater. The island is fully surrounded by an untouched coral reef where turtles and thousands of other sea creatures live. Note: Price for 5 Persons. Fast Boat: Clean and comfortable (Air Conditioner + Toilet)
Price from 924,52 EUR
Private tour 4 days 3 nights Komodo on boat, waterfall and Rangko cave
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Great boat tour around Komodo islands, where you will be able to see amazing nature, giant lizard so called Komodo Dragon, you will swim with big turtles, Mantas and enjoy the best snorkeling in the world. Minimum booking for two guests
Price from 720,00 EUR
3Days Komodo Tour Private for 4 Persons
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Spend your time 3Days and 2Nights on Luxury Phinisi boat private to exploring the fantastic of Komodo National Park, a Unesco Heritage Site. Encounter the world-famous Komodo dragons, hike on the top of Padar Island, enjoy snorkeling at Pink Beach, snorkeling to see Manta at Manta Point including Taka Makassar and Siaba to see turtle. Boat type: Luxury Boat. Two (2) Cabin AC with private bathroom/western toilet plus shower in each cabin.
Price from 2656,79 EUR
1 Day Komodo Trip By Luxury Fast Boat Join Group
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Spend your time only 1 day to exploring top 6 destinations in Komodo National Park by Luxury Fast Boat Join Group. Do hike to the summit of the highest point of Padar to look over the blend of amazing landscape and seascape, separated by secluded coastline. Do trekking on Komodo Island to see the Komodo dragons as the ancient and the only living lizard in the world. Do swim or snorkeling at Pink Beach a white and pink colored sands beach on the island of Komodo. Do swim or snorkeling at Manta Point to see the Manta rays including Taka Makassar and Kanawa Island, a secluded island with crystal sandy beach and blue seawater. The island is fully surrounded by an untouched coral reef where turtles and thousands of other sea creatures live. Prepare money in cash for pay the entrance fee only in Padar and Komodo Island total IDR 375.000 / Pax (Inc. government tax, snorkeling fee, ranger in Komodo Island).
Price from 132,84 EUR
Full Day Trip to Explore 6 Destinations in Labuan Bajo and Komodo
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Important Notes : Travelers could visit up to 6 Destinations in one day and experiencing the magnificent beauty of Labuan Bajo (Number of destinations visited is based on The Weather and Captain's decision on the day of the Trip for Safety Reason) This Package is Open Trip (S.I.C), Boat will be determined based on availability and the number of travelers on the sailing date. Ocean Queen is built in 2020 with the passion to give a fabulous experience where we put all travelers on the pleasant voyage of the exotic east Indonesia. Through Ocean Queen, we will take you to the unrivalled adventures you may ever have in this journey. Started with the Scenic Island to jaw dropping beach, Explore the underwater scenery also hunt a chance to Swim with Manta and discover the Iconic Komodo Dragon and wildlife in Labuan Bajo. Whenever WeTravel, Ocean Queen brings us the memorable journey in comfort.
Price from 111,96 EUR
Private boat trip Komodo 2 or more person for 3 days 2 nights, Kelor, Rinca...
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Great private tour on a boat sailing around Komodo national park to see the giant Komodo dragon, magnificent underwater world, flying foxes and beautiful small islands. Minimum 2 person
Price from 668,00 EUR
1- day Komodo island Tour hopping around by Speed Boat
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Komodo island is a world heritage site, home to the world’s largest lizards or ‘dragons’. Its scenic landscape of hilly savannahs are as beautiful as its beautiful reefs under its calm waves, making it one of eastern Indonesia’s diving Meccas. this tour will bring you to 6 best place in Komodo island in one day tour; Padar Island – Komodo Island - Pink Beach – Taka Makasar – Manta Point - Kanawa Island *) we are not Fully Gurantee if you can enter this Komodo national park in 2020 due to this place will be closed for temporary by Indonesia Goverment , the date of closing is not decided yet . other alternative if Komodo national Park is Visit Rinca island with the same activities as komodo national Park
Price from 119,71 EUR