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Walking tour in Merrion Square Park with a pint of Guinness Dublin Rogues Tour
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Dublin Rogues Tour is fun and exciting, it's not just a cultural tour but more a storytelling tour with quirky facts and a great insight into the characters who have lived on this beautiful Georgian square since 1762
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Dublin: City Highlights Self-guided Walking Tour
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Discover Dublin from Joyce to Wilde, from the street to the pub, from the market to the museum, from the shopping street to the backyard. Dublin in a day. Your smartphone is your guide.
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Medieval Dublin Walking Private Guided Tour
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Welcome to Medieval Dublin! We will trace along the line of the former Medieval Walls looking for ancient artefacts and fragments of old buildings hidden in the alleys. Let's decode old street names and learn how life looked like in Medieval time. I will show you the signs that remind modern citizens of the city’s past. Ancient towers and gates, a prison and a church, the story of Dublin fires and wars. You will feel the rhythm of Dublin of the 13th century, feel the size of the medieval city, surrounded by high walls, and hear the stories about the Vikings and the British who influenced the capital of Ireland.
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Dublin: History & Culture walking tour
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Explore Dublin at your own pace! Experience the rich history of Dublin, from it's Viking beginnings to a thriving centre of culture and technology. A tale of hunger, rebellion, war and freedom.
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3-Hour Drinks on Foot Dublin Walking Guided Tour
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Experience local brews that real Dubliners enjoy. Learn Irish history as you sip. Step inside four traditional Dublin pubs off the tourist trail. Please note: this activity is only suitable for those above the age of 18. This excellent tasting tour leads you away from the tourist trail to some places only the locals know. You’ll travel through time sampling traditional Irish drinks along the way, all while enjoying a range of quintessentially Dublin pubs. You will learn all there is to know behind Irish ale, cider, whiskey and stout in the heart of Dublin’s fair city, quenching your thirst in four authentic locations. Your guide will make recommendations but ultimately, what you sample is for you to decide. Not only that, but your brilliant and knowledgeable guide will also let you in on a little history to drink in with your beverages. Please note: on this tour, you pay for your individual drinks. Customers average a total spend of around €25.
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The Best Of Dublin Walking Tour
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Discover the best of Dublin and learn why the city was named (Dubh Linn) "black pool". Enjoy the intriguing architecture, history, and stories, dating right back to its Viking and Medieval origins.
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Dublin Guided Walking Small-Group Tour
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This tour provides a local person's welcome to Ireland. You will receive an insider's knowledge of one of the world's most loved capital cities. Your tour will include tips and tricks to make the most of your visit to Dublin. We will explore historical sights as well as many hidden treasures. You will learn interesting facts and make new friends on the journey.
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The Vikings in Dublin: Audio-Guided City Walk
Explore and uncover viking traces in Dublin. Through the bustling centre, this audio-guided city walk will guide you and teach you about the nordic notorious warriors: the Vikings.
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Walking Tour and Railway Ride of Scenic Coastal Dublin
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Hi! My name is Marina and I’m a 25 year old Dublin native ready to show you my beautiful hometown! I will take you on a tour of captivating coastal Dublin, beyond the city centre into seaside villages full of hidden gems. We’ll hear historical insights and modern day recommendations as we explore like locals. The tour starts in Dun Laoghaire and its surrounding areas of castles, harbours, museums, and more. We finish in the foothills of the Wicklow mountains where you can have a meal or complete a stunning cliff walk at your own pace. There is also time for an optional scenic railway ride and local ice cream! There are three booking options for your convenience: standard group tour, private tour, and self-led audio tour. Please scroll to see available options after choosing a date. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding availability or group rates (8+ people). Please note that this is a walking tour and we walk in Irish weather! So looking forward to meeting you! 🙂
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Dublin: Half-Day Private Walking Tour
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Walk the historic streets of Dublin on an award-winning private tour created by renowned author and historian Pat Liddy. Tours cater to small groups and families, and visit attractions such as the Guinness Storehouse, Docklands area, and Howth.
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Dublin Sights and Pints (Walking Tour)
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Your group has folks who want to explore the city but others who just want to have a beer and relax in a local pub, right? This tour will keep everyone happy as it combines elements of a sightseeing tour with elements of a pub tour. During our 4hours together, we'll stop in 2 pubs (or more if you're so inclined!) during our exploration of Dublin's attractions, history and culture. Once you've booked let us know how you'd like the tour customised as we will tailor the experience to suit you and your group.
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Dublin: Macabre History Walking Tour
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Walk the hidden streets and hear stories of the macabre history of Dublin!
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Ultimate Day in Dublin (Walking Tour)
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Do you enjoy Food, Pub, Museums, Culture tours and learning how the locals live? This tour comprises elements from all those tours to give you the most varied, comprehensive and enjoyable tour of Dublin possible! After 10yrs tour guiding private tours, and over 500 5-star reviews, Garvan has designed a tour to deliver an outstanding full day in Dublin. By the end of the tour, you’ll have visited all the essential attractions, experiencing only the best of the National Gallery and National Museum, eaten lunch where the locals go, shopped for Irish artisanal foods & cheeses, paired them with Irish beer/whiskey in a locals’ pub, visited a jeweller (or similar) and learned the methods & inspiration behind their art. As if that wasn’t enough, you will have also gained not only an understanding but a powerful feeling for Irish history & culture. Most importantly of all, you’ll have connected with an authentic Irish guide who wants to share a fantastically memorable & personal day with you.
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Dublin: 3-Hour Irish Revolution Walking Tour 1913-1923
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Discover how Irish freedom was born in the flames of rebellion 100 years ago. Dublin was center stage throughout, from Home Rule, to the 1913 Lockout, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence, and the Civil War.
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The Locals' Guide to Dublin Walking Tour
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This walking tour of Dublin is a mix of everything from history to hidden culture. Join historian Alan Byrne on a three-hour walk which is suitable for visitors and locals alike. The tour takes in everything from the remains of Medieval Dublin, through to its rebellious struggles against the British rule, as well as taking in life in the city, its street art, characters, and hidden mischievous pranks. Join a tour led by a qualified historian, guide, and native of the city for a unique and unforgettable experience.
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Dublin: Customizable Private Walking Tour with a Local Host
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Get an authentic experience of what makes Dublin so unique! See the sights you’ve been dreaming of, or let your host take you to places they think are unmissable!
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Dublin Pub Tour (Walking Tour)
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Avoid the tourist traps and fake 'Irish' pubs! Escape with the locals to learn how to savour a pint of Guinness, sample local Irish craft beer, rare world beers and traditional Irish music! Find out how to ensure you always get a great pint and why it's important! Follow in the footsteps of the Irish literary giants like Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O'Brien and Brendan Behan.
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Dublin: Dublin City Highlights Private Guided Walking Tour
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Embark on a guided walking tour of the Irish capital, Dublin. Visit city highlights, including Temple Bar, Ha'penny Bridge, and Trinity College. Learn the history behind each turn from your guide.
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Private walking tour in Kilmainham village Dublin
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For international visitors and locals alike, this tour takes you into the past world of Dublin's oldest suburb, Kilmainham. Take a 2.5 hour stroll through the streets and narrow lanes of Kilmainham and Inchicore with your fully accredited tour guide, Frank, who is also a published historian with PhD in Irish history. Absorb the incredible history of centuries of settlement, from an early Christian monastic site, to Viking burial grounds, not to mention an ancient order of crusader knights, to name but a few points of interest on this tour. Hear how particular individuals and groups contributed to Kilmainham's long-term growth by establishing important buildings and sites through the centuries. Learn about Kilmainham's status as an important Victorian railway village in the 1800s, and its present status as one of Dublin's coolest urban villages with lots of trendy boutiques, cafes and coffee shops.
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Dublin: First Discovery Walk and Reading Walking Tour
Discover the city by walking one of the most beautiful routes. Learn introductory information about each location and the city and choose where to focus on, after this tour.
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Walk with Viking Warriors through Dublin’s Medieval Quarter
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This exciting adventure is very unique and entertaining. Your guides who are in full Viking Warrior Battle Costume are all deeply invested in Viking culture and the Norse-Gael legacy of Ireland and Dublin in particular. Indeed, many of them have featured in the TV Series Vikings and Valhalla and numerous other Viking re-enactments. “While on this tour you may get the urge to go “Viking” and pursue a life of unending adventure, raiding and battles to fulfil your destiny to take your rightful place at Odin’s table in Valhalla.” You have been warned.
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Songs and Heritage of Dublin - Walking Tour
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Explore the historical and cultural gems of Dublin on a 2-hour easy-paced walking tour.
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Tour of Dublin Museums: Treasures of Ireland (Walking Tour)
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This unique tour uses Ireland’s artistic and literary wealth to explain the historical moments, traditions, wars, movements, and eras that have sculpted Ireland through the centuries. We’ll explore the highlights of the National Gallery, National Library and National Museum, with a break half-way through. Consider those great cultural and artistic treasures that represent your country’s history. For the USA, it is paintings like ‘Washington Crossing the Delaware’ and ‘American Gothic’ by Grant Wood, original manuscripts of Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman, and objects full of cultural symbolism like The Liberty Bell. This tour will show you their Irish equivalents: - Symbolic paintings representing the Norman Conquest of Ireland and the Irish Civil War; - Insight into the life and works of W.B. Yeats - Ireland’s Greatest Poet; - The Tara Brooch and the Ardagh Chalice – treasures that epitomise Ireland’s Golden Age (500-800AD).
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Dublin: Irish History in St Stephens Green Self-Guided Walk
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Learn about Ireland's famous personalities on a self-guided walking tour in Dublin's St Stephens Green. Famous writers, poets, strong women, freedom fighters, and brewers are waiting for you.
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Dublin Pub Crawl (Walking Tour)
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Dublin is where pubs are born. Some don't survive, many leave the Irish shore, several have mid-life crises, but few are ageing as gracefully as the stable pubs that bestow so much character on Dublin. Avoid the tourist traps and fake 'Irish' pubs! Escape with the locals to learn how to savour a pint of Guinness. Find out how to ensure you always get a great pint and why it's important! Follow in the footsteps of the Irish literary giants like Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O'Brien and Brendan Behan. If Dublin has hidden gems, they're the pubs that don't advertise to tourists. The locals. The authentic Irish pub where a conversation is flowing faster than the beer, where the character of the pub is as fascinating as the characters in it, where literature, society and history eternally lives. Best time to start is 7 pm assuming you'll have eaten dinner prior to the tour. Bring a pen - you never know what these aged walls will murmur to your thoughts.
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