Tours & Activities in Cagliari

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Half-day dinghy tour from Buggerru
Swim and snorkel in the amazing coves with crystal clear water of Bugerru, explore Porto Flavia and Pan di Zucchero, enjoy a funny and relaxing tour.
Price from 38,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian German
Cagliari: Underground Cagliari Walking Tour
User rating
Journey through Cagliari’s history as you explore its underground crypts and caves. Extend your tour with a guided walk through the Old Town or with a food and wine tasting depending on your choice.
Price from 25,00 EUR
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Homemade fresh pasta cooking
User rating
It's possible to know Sardinia through food? We think it's possible! Would you like to learn how to make fresh pasta? Let's make, together, culurgiones, malloreddus and ravioli!
Price from 100,95 EUR
Conti Vecchi Saltworks
User rating
See flamingos flying over giant white mountains of salt at a local heritage site
Price from 10,00 EUR
Tour available in: English French Czech Swedish Danish Korean Canadian Greek Portuguese Russian German Chinese Italian Dutch Polish Spanish Japanese
Cagliari Sella del Diavolo Hike
User rating
Enjoy the best views of Cagliari with this hike on the Sella del Diavolo where you'll discover the natural beauty of this spectacular Sardinian landscape! 
Price from 35,00 EUR
Beaches and mountains of Chia full-day 4x4 tour from Cagliari
Admire the panorama of Chia mountains, explore the South of Sardinia in a 4x4, observe pink flamingos in their natural habitat, spend 4 hours at the beach.
Price from 89,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian
Cagliari: Boat Tour with 4 Swim Stops at Devil's Saddle
User rating
Discover the most beautiful bays around Devil's Saddle on this guided boat tour from Cagliari. Enjoy a swim in crystal-clear waters and look for marine life with the included snorkeling gear.
Price from 65,00 EUR
Half-Day Private Trip from Cagliari to Barumini in Su Nuraxi
User rating
This will be a journey through Sardinian history and culture. A step back to the nuraghi time, to understand how these people lived. It's also a way to discover Sardinian lifestyle a little more , as we're passing in the rural areas and villages. Furthermore, a way to enjoy the capital Cagliari from a panoramic tour
Price from 130,00 EUR
Cagliari Guided Tour
User rating
Discover the treasures of Cagliari, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the ancient city walls, and the archaeological museum, on our fantastic tour.
Price from 28,00 EUR
Flamingos oasis self-balancing scooter tour
Discover Molentargius' Natural Park onboard a self-balancing scooter and admire beautiful pink flamingos in their natural habitat!
Price from 69,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian
Cagliari: 3-Hour Boat Tour of the Gulf of Cagliari
User rating
Enjoy some fun and relaxation in the Gulf of Cagliari, between the Devil’s Saddle and the Poetto in the morning or afternoon. Make stops near the beach of Poetto, swim, snorkel, and admire the coast.
Price from 65,50 EUR
Transfer / taxi Cagliari Airport - Cagliari city
User rating
All our vehicles are Mercedes, of the latest generation and equipped with all comforts, and our drivers speak a good level of English, 24/24 assistance support, multilingual managers, we underline these aspects, as they are essential to provide a perfect service.
Price from 45,00 EUR
Barumini & Giara di Gesturi Day Trip
User rating
Visit the inland wilderness of Sardinia with this trip from Cagliari. Meet the wild horses of Giara di Gesturi and discover the island's ancient past.
Price from 80,00 EUR
Sunset guided trek and aperitif at the Mangiabarche Lighthouse
Book this short guided trek and aperitif at the Mangiabarche Lighthouse! Experience the beauty and flavors of the Sulcis coastline!
Price from 37,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian
Cagliari: Walking Tour of the Old City
User rating
Enjoy a walking tour to discover the old city of Cagliari. Choose from 2 or 3-hour tour options or the 4-hour Underground Tour option, and choose from either a group or private tour. Discover amazing views and journey through time on this incredible tour.
Price from 20,00 EUR
Full Day-Small group: Barbagia Experience: Mamoiada and Orgosolo from Cagliari
User rating
A cultural day through two of the most popular villages in the middle of Sardinia. Guided tour inside the carnival masks museum, taste the local 'Cannonau' red wine in the wine cellar and visit the murals attractions (called murales) in the historical neighbourhood.
Price from 200,00 EUR
Nora Archeological Site Trip
User rating
Discover the Phoenician and Roman legacy of Sardinia when you take this trip to the fascinating archeological site of Nora.
Price from 70,00 EUR
Cagliari self-balancing scooter tour with aperitivo
Take part in a guided self-balancing scooter tour to admire all Cagliari's sights effortlessly and in an alternative and fun way!
Price from 69,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian French Spanish German
Cagliari: Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Tour & Snorkeling
User rating
Join a Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) tour and learn the basics of SUP from an instructor. Explore Cagliari's secret beaches, caves and natural pools and have the opportunity to snorkel in blue waters.
Price from 65,00 EUR
Wine tour aroud vineyards of Cagliari
User rating
This tour will allow you to live a first-hand experience immersed in the vineyards and the wineries of the area, where you will learn the peculiarities of the Sardinian wine grapes. The tour includes a visit to a traditional winery: surrounded by sweet hills and rural landscapes, you will discover the different production stages, the kinds of the grapes, the land and the people who dedicate their time to the grape growing with great passion. Then we will taste the wine with some local food.
Price from 90,55 EUR
Nuraghe Arrubiu Trip
Travel thousands of years back in time to the Bronze Age with this fantastic trip to the ruins of Nuraghe Arrubiu.
Price from 85,00 EUR
E-bike tour of the saltworks of Sant'Antioco
Book this 2-hour e-bike tour and discover the saltworks of Sant'Antioco at sunset! Learn more about the past and present of the salt collection and observe many species of birds including pink flamingos!
Price from 45,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian
Cagliari: Guided Segway Tour
User rating
Glide through the enchanting streets of Sardina’s capital city on a Segway tour of Cagliari. Discover a history dating back to Roman times at the Amphitheater, through the Middle Ages at Elephant Tower, and on to modern times at City Hall.
Price from 65,00 EUR
Masua and Porto Flavia - Tour in the Iglesias
User rating
The territory of the Iglesiente is one of the oldest historical areas in Sardinia. A wild landscape whose landscape is strongly man-made by the mining of the territory. Within a mining context, the Porto Flavia tunnel was built in 1924: an incredible work of engineering that we will discover together armed with torch and helmet! At the end of the path we will decide together what to do: stop for a meal, a tour in the town of Iglesias or return to the city again.
Price from 97,00 EUR
Wine & Cheese Tour
User rating
Indulge in the fine wines and cheese of Sardinia on this tour from Cagliari. Visit Dolianova and Soleminis and discover a traditional local winery!
Price from 100,00 EUR