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From Palau: La Maddalena Full-Day Archipelago Catamaran Tour
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Immerse yourself in a tour around the stunning islands of Maddalena National Park from Palau. Sail along the crystal clear waters, visit a selection of secluded beaches and swim in the refreshing waters.
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La Maddalena Archipelago Boat Tour from Palau
Immerse yourself in the clear waters of Sardinia during a boat tour to the La Maddalena archipelago. Spend a unique day in one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia, swimming and shopping for your best boat experience.
Price from 45,00 EUR
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From Palau: La Maddalena Islands Full-Day Trip by Boat
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Explore La Maddalena archipelago on a full-day cruise on the Sea Star. Enjoy time on island beaches and swim off the boat. Add a memorable day at sea to your Sardinia holiday.
Price from 45,00 EUR
La Maddalena Archipelago Excursions
Sardinia is all beautiful, but there is a place where this beauty is concentrated exponentially this is the Archipelago of La Maddalena: towel and slippers for a day can remain under the umbrella ... But this does not mean giving up the diving into one of the most beautiful seas in the world.
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Sardinia: La Maddalena Archipelago Full-Day Trip by Boat
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Dive into the emerald waters off Sardinia on a boat excursion through La Maddalena Archipelago! Spend an unforgettable day in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean. Swim or shop on one of the many stops.
Price from 45,00 EUR
Boat Tour La Maddalena Archipelago from Palau
La Maddalena Arcipelago in Sardinia is one of the world's best kept secrets. Daily boat tours with Navetta Sea Star, will take you around the fantastic islands of La Maddalena, a national park. We visit the entire archipelago, stopping at white sandy beaches and having swimming stops in crystal clear waters along the way. The archipelago is surrounded by stunning nature and history, not to mention breath-taking beaches and emerald waters, which all makes for an unforgettable experience for families, couples and groups. Choose itinerary 1 to include a stop at the charming mother island of La Maddalena, and visit the town centre with its quaint boutiques and try some superb Italian ice creams, or choose Itinerary 2 instead, for the final stop at the world famous Cala Coticcio at Caprera for a swim in the natural aquarium of Tahiti. Whichever itinerary you choose, you are guaranteed the best day out that Sardinia has to offer.
Price from 45,00 EUR
La Maddalena Archipelago: Full-day Boat Tour
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Explore the islands of Santa Maria, Spargi, and La Maddalena on this 7-hour shared boat tour. See the La Maddalena Natural Park, swim in crystal clear waters, and check out some local souvenir shops.
Price from 120,00 EUR
Boat trips La Maddalena Archipelago - Departure from La Maddalena
The archipelago of La Maddalena is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with our tour you can experience these corners of paradise in a day, sunbathe on white sandy beaches and swim in crystal clear water.The boat tour includes a day dedicated to the discovery of the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago, during a tour a multilingual speaker on board will illustrate everything you see.Two stops will be made on the beaches of Budelli and Spargi, a panoramic stop for the famous Rosa beach and the beautiful Cala Corsara, a swim from the boat to the island of Santa Maria.
Price from 45,00 EUR
GRANITE & WINE OF GALLURA (North East Sardinia)
This is a must-see tour around the spectacular granite rocks of Gallura: Arzachena, Palau, Porto Rafael and Forte Cappellini. Sardinia and the neighbouring island of Corsica are the most ancient lands of Europe, with granite rocks that took shape in the Paleozoic era, more than half billion years ago. It is in the middle of these rocks that, one of the best wines of Sardinia originates: the Vermentino. At the end of the tour we stop at the SURRAU cellar where you will taste one of the best Vermentino wines, together with Sardinian homemade bread, olives, a selection of Sardinian cheeses and cold cuts.
Price from 317,34 EUR
Tour Of Olbia + Typical Sardinian Dinner
This is a complete introduction to the history of Olbia and of its territory, through its monuments, landscapes but, especially in this case through its food, its wines, its gastronomy. An essential excursion to get a complete overview of the culinary traditions of the region.
Price from 341,34 EUR
Bonifacio - Excursion From Sardinia
BONIFACIO is a star attraction in CORSICA, drawing visitors from all over the island and overseas to marvel at its medieval houses precariously teetering on the edge of the imposing limestone cliffs. BONIFACIO’s Old Town, with a labyrinth of narrow streets and historic buildings, was built by the Genoese and is a fascinating place to wander around. Founded in 828 AD by Count Bonifacio of Tuscany, its natural harbour bears a striking resemblance to the home of the Laestrygonians referred to in Homer’s Odyssey of the 7th century BC. BONIFACIO also boasts a busy marina filled with impressive yachts and lined with chic bars, restaurants and hotels, enhancing the vibrancy of this fashionable coastal resort. Add to this the fact that BONIFACIO is close to several idyllic, unspoiled Corsican beaches as well as staggeringly beautiful mountains, and you have a near perfect, varied holiday destination.
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Dinner on board of vintage shuttle at La Maddalena
Taking part in the dinner experience in a vintage shuttle means entering the heart of the island's culinary and maritime traditions for an evening.The chef, generous with explanations and anecdotes, will enrich your dinner with cooking tips and stories of local curiosities. The background music will create the right atmosphere. The dishes served, the excellent wine, the myrtle and the sea will do the rest.The boat has 1 single table on the main deck under the veranda in direct contact with the kitchen where our chef / Captain will work
Price from 80,00 EUR
La Maddalena & Caprera
La Maddalena is the big archipelago of Gallura and Sardinia, protected by the national park established in 1994, an unspoilt marvel of the Mediterranean. The island is the ideal destination for holidays characterized by natural beauty: three kilometers from the inhabited paths through the Mediterranean scrubs will let you discover the fjord of Cala French, famous for a precious granite quarry.
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Dinner on board on a sailing boat at La Maddalena
Participating in the dinner experience on a sailing boat means entering the heart of the island's culinary and maritime traditions for an evening.The chef, generous with explanations and anecdotes, will enrich your dinner with cooking tips and stories of local curiosities. The background music will create the right atmosphere. The dishes served, the excellent wine, the myrtle and the sea will do the rest.The boat has 2 tables, one inside and one outside, for 4 people seated comfortably. In the case of groups of more than 4 units, dinner can be served outside, standing, using the supports and seats of the boat
Price from 80,00 EUR
Nicolsport is a rental company that has been operating in the sector for over 45 years, offering its services to tourists and travelers interested in enjoying the best of the extraordinary landscape, artistic and cultural beauties of Sardinia and in particular of La Maddalena Island and all the Palau and Santa Teresa di Gallura area.A real paradise on earth that every year attracts tourists from all over the world to experience the beauty of a magical land and fully enjoy an extraordinary relaxation made of sun, crystal clear sea and much more.Our agency through the rental opportunities that it offers you, will allow you to live a wonderful adventure both by sea and by land in one of the most beautiful landscape areas in the world.
Price from 20,00 EUR
Castelsardo & Tempio Pausania From Olbia - Costa Smeralda
Castelsardo is a medieval fortress surrounded by nature and steeped in history, religious traditions and ancient crafts. It sits perched on promontory in Anglona, in the center of the Asinara Gulf in north-western Sardinia. It was already an impenetrable centuries-old fortress protected by thick walls and 17 towers, until the advent of modern weaponry. The original nucleus of Castelsardo grew up around the castle of the Dorias, which tradition dates to 1102,
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Costa Smeralda & Gallura
it is a good introduction to Gallura (the north east province of Sardinia) to its history, tradition and ... beauty.
Price from 317,34 EUR
Bosa & Nuraghe Santu Antine From Olbia - Costa Smeralda
Bosa is a fabulous village where history and modernity as a set generating curiosity and fascination. The Old Village, also known as Sa Costa, lies around the Serravalle Castle, built by the Malaspinas between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It will reward you by showing you the charm of the town from a scenic location that will remain forever in your memory.
Price from 490,67 EUR
Lunch With The Shepherds Of Orgosolo From Costa Smeralda
We start the tour with the Ispingoli cave near the town of Dorgali. We start the tour with the Ispingoli cave near the town of Dorgali. The cave is dominated by an enormous 38-metre high limestone column, one of the tallest stalactite-stalagmite examples in Europe.
Price from 405,34 EUR
Tour & Dinner In A Farm Of North Sardinia
The purpose of this excursion is to introduce visitors to some little-known monuments, located in areas rarely visited by ordinary tourists, such as the church of San Giorgio, but very important for the local people. Furthermore, we want to introduce the true Sardinian cuisine of the north-east, served inside a real “stazzo”, ( name of the typical Gallurese farm ). In the stazzo Lu branu all the products are grown there and made according to our ancient traditions and cultivation methods, fully respecting the pace of Nature. Therefore the guests may enjoy a pure, natural environment, good, healthy, substantial food and some true recreation. It would be also possible, on request, to visit a Sardinian old farm museum, to assist and partecipate to the making of most of the local products ( pasta, mirto, cheese, etc.) and also to buy them.
Price from 328,21 EUR
private tour la maddalena archipelago inflatable boat rental with skipper included
the tour is customizable, timetables, boarding ports, stops for swimming, accessories and on-board comforts, the complete and perfect solution to enjoy our beautiful archipelago in total freedom. Together we will find the best solution, it will be a beautiful memory. discovering the best corners as exclusive as possible, far from the chaotic masses, wonderful emerald and turquoise coves are just waiting for you to bathe or lie in the sun, or in the shade, perhaps with a book and a good cool drink, or listening to relaxing music. you will have no thoughts. you will be pampered from start to finish. Come and spend the most beautiful day of your holiday here in the archipelago of La Maddalena in Sardinia. at each rental our boat is disinfected and cleaned to guarantee the highest standard of hygiene and safety for us and our guests.our cancellation policy is flexible. ask for more info.
Price from 800,00 EUR
Alghero From Olbia - Costa Smeralda
With its 44,000 inhabitants, it is the 5th largest city of Sardinia. Alghero is the island's main harbor, home to Fertilia airport and one of its best-loved cities walkway along the port's bastions, the red roofs that touch into the emerald sea. The shoreline is some 90 km long and known as the Coral Riviera. The most famous beach here is Le Bombarde, it is a favorite destination for families, young people and surfing enthusiasts.
Price from 405,34 EUR