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Micaela's exclusive private sunset cruise on lake Maggiore
Feel like a Vip and enjoy a private cruise on lake Maggiore before sunset! This is a beautiful and relaxing way to discover lake Maggiore's beauties accompanied by an experienced tour guide. Admire lake Maggiore's coastline dotted with old towns, lovely gardens and historical villas; the Italian Alps that surround the lake, the islands in the Borromean gulf. You will be accompanied a knowledgeable local guide - fluent in English - who will be happy to answer your questions, tell you interesting stories, point out the most picturesque sites abd by an expert captain in a comfortable private boat. The cruise takes place in the late afternoon, before sunset, when the colours of lake Maggiore are at their best. So whether you are a couple, a family with children, a small group of friends or a larger party, this can really be a very special moment during your stay or trip to lake Maggiore.
Price from 331,09 EUR
The three Borromean Islands with a private tour guide
Discovering the three Borromean Islands: isola Bella, Fishermen's Island and isola Madre with a tour guide.Admiring the scenery of the lake and the beautiful gardens.Wandering around the narrow streets of the Fisherman's Island.
Price from 260,00 EUR
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Sunset private cruise with a tour guide
You will admire the the Borromean islands and the Stresa Gulf by the boat, with the romantic landscape of the mountains that frame the lake.It 's a unique view from the boat!
Price from 150,00 EUR
The magic of a private sunset boat tour around the Borromean islands
An experienced local tour guide will show you lake Maggiore's highlights from the water. What a an excellent way to see lake Maggiore and learn more about the old towns, the islands, the historic villas and palaces, the aristocrats and the Belle Epoque time! All while sitting in a comfortable and safe private boat with no effort and no walking at all! This is an amazing tour that offers the chance to be in touch with a native guide to the area who can tell you about the history and the curiosities, the old fishing activities and the life around the lake today.
Price from 331,09 EUR
Local market visit + private cooking class at a Cesarina's home at Lake Maggiore
Visit the vibrant local market and the traditional food shops with the Cesarina and immerse yourself in a private cooking class at the Cesarina's home, learn the secrets of the most famous dishes of cuisine from Lake Maggiore area and taste the fruit of your labour accompanied by a glass of local wine. During the lesson the Cesarina will reveal the tricks of the trade of 3 authentic regional recipes. Have fun putting your cooking skills to the test. Participants will have a workstation equipped with utensils and all the ingredients to make the dishes. Then, taste everything you have prepared accompanied by a selection of red and white local wines.Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of 1000+ home cooks all over the country in more than 500 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
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A private romantic sunset cruise on Lake Orta, sipping wine on board
Lake Orta is a small, quite unknown pearl, lying a few kilometers westwards of Lake Maggiore. Its chief town, Orta San Giulio and the close by isle of San Giulio create a unique, charming "lounge" on the lake coastline. Starting from this beautiful, small harbor, you will have the chance to experience a romantic cruise around the lake, while the sun will slowly go down on the majestic mountains around. Cradled by the quiet waters of the lake and surrounded by the red light of sunset reflecting on it, you will enjoy an exclusive onboard aperitif, served with rich appetizers.
Price from 269,24 EUR
Walking tour with a private tour guide in the botanical gardens of Villa Taranto
The gardens of Villa Taranto in Verbania, between Intra and Pallanza, are known the world over for their great beauty and the huge number of plant species they contain.The result of a labour of love on the part of the Scottish Captain McEacharn in 1931, the myriad of colours and scents the marvellously landscaped garden offers continues to enchant visitors from March to October.From spring to autumn there are always flowers in bloom, with “special events” for certain species which are particularly spectacular in their season: the tulip week is in April, dahlias are at their best between July and October.We will discover together this beautiful garden and we will focus on particular botanical species.From Stresa, the gardens are reachable by boat: the shipping company “Navigazione Lago Maggiore” has a landing stage called “Villa Taranto” right in front of the Gardens entrance.
Price from 160,00 EUR
The best of Lake Maggiore on a private guided boat tour
Whether you are a small party, a family or a couple, a private boat tour cruising lake Maggiore can be a unique way to discover this lovely lake and its enchanting scenery: green hills, snow-capped mountains, beautiful islands, elegant villas with stunning gardens, villages and pretty towns, gorgeous views....all this while sitting in a safe and comfortable private motorboat accompanied by a licensed local guide and captain. This stress-free tour will enable you to discover lake Maggiore's beauties wihout any effort, away from the crowds, in a relaxed atmosphere. Just you and your party cruising for the length of time you will choose ( 1 hour or 90 minutes). You can decide to have a stop or more stops during the cruise at one of the picturesque towns on lake Maggiore to enjoy a gelato ( ice cream) or a coffee! IMPORTANT NOTES: private boat skipper is certified, fully insured and has a regular license issued by the local authority that entitles him to transport tourists on board.
Price from 364,87 EUR
Lake Maggiore's highlights: private guided boat tour of isola Bella & Madre
A half-day tour by private boat to the two jewels of lake Maggiore accompanied by an expert private guide to enjoy more the visit to these incredible islands. Your licensed local guide will show you an opulent palace dating back to the 17th century with its baroque garden on Isola Bella. You will then discover another villa in country style on Isola Madre built in the 16th century and a charming garden full of exotic plants, flowers, trees and peacocks.
Price from 451,36 EUR
A private panoramic and original tour around Lake Maggiore
The two sides of Lake Maggiore are amazingly different: westwards, the sweet sines of the gulf on which Stresa and Baveno lay, in front of the charming Borromean Islands with their botanical gardens and villas. Eastwards, the deep waters in which high and wooded cliffs tumble down. This private tour will allow you to enjoy this beautiful diversity, taking you to the discovery of two jewels, built sheer up on the water: the Borromean fortress of Angera, now a museum with, amazing Medieval decorations, the massive tower, from which your gaze can abrace a beautiful panorama and its Medieval garden. Then, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, a religiuos complex perched on the cliff , overlooking Lake Maggiore. You'll realize how beauty has really occupied any possible space in these surroundings.
Price from 447,19 EUR
The gems of lake Maggiore - the Borromeo islands on a private guided tour
Discovering a treasure in lake Maggiore: the beautiful Borromean islands with their stunning palaces and gardens. Your tour guide will take you on a special tour that will enable you to step back in time. Paintings, tapestries, Murano glass chandeliers, portraits, period furniture, gorgeous views and beatifully maintained gardens will surprise you on these fabulous islands: isola Bella and isola Madre.
Price from 270,28 EUR
A private cruise to Villa Taranto, on lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore was a mandatory stage of the Grand Tour of Norther Italy, during the 19th century. A Scottish official and traveller, Neil McEacharn, was once bewitched by the beauty of theses surroundings and bought in 1930 a villa in Verbania. In a few years, he acquired a vast land around there and turned it into a gorgeous botanical garden. This private tour will allow you to discover the wonderful, rare plants kept in the 18 hectares-wide garden of Villa Taranto, in an amazing panoramic position. The most cheerful and colored way to enjoy the mild weather and the superb views of the lake.
Price from 425,68 EUR
A private wintertime tour on lake Maggiore
This is a special wintertime tour, available also during the Christmas season, that will allow you to see two of the highlights of lake Maggiore also in the winter: the hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso and isola Bella. Using a comfortable private boat ( covered!) we will enjoy a cruise on lake Maggiore as far as the lombard shore where we will visit the fascinating hermitage of Santa Caterina with its 16th-century frescoed church. The church and the two convents were built on very steep rocks on the lake and the view iof this incredible site from the water is really impressive. We will then enjoy another boat ride to isola Bella. The interiors of Isola Bella's palace and the gardens will not be accessible this time of the year, but you will be able to admire the beauty of isola Bella through its picturesque village on a guided stroll with your private local guide. You will also enjoy a private boat tour around isola Bella to see the whole island with its terraced gardens.
Price from 464,87 EUR
Discovering Lake Maggiore: the best panoramic private cruise
Lake Maggiore is a land of enchantment, whose coastlines are dotted by small, charming villages, art treasures, majestic castles and gorgeous gardens. In the middle of it lay the Borromean Islands, who has been chosen through the centuries by wealthy families, especially the Borromeo, for their leisure residences. This private cruise will take you to Isola Bella, seat of a fairy palace and a terraced botanical garden, then to Isola dei Pescatori, the only permanently inhabited one, where you may enjoy a good seafood lunch. Then, reaching the cliffs and woods of the lake eastern coast, you will find as a hidden jewel the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, a monastery built sheer on the waters, overlooking the lake with an astonishing view.
Price from 474,22 EUR
A private cooking class at the Fishermen's Island, on lake Maggiore
The traditional recipes of lake Maggiore are a well balanced encounter of seafood and each cuisine: rice," polenta", and vegetables meet perch, bleak, eel and trout. This exclusive experience, taking place on the only permanently inhabited one among Isole Borromee, in the central part of the lake, will allow you to learn the secrets of making fresh pasta and dumplings, besides learning how to match your dishes with the local, prestigious wines. At last, you will be delighted by your self-prepared food, during an unforgettable lunch.
Price from 233,07 EUR
A private tour around Lake Orta and its mounts from Lake Maggiore
Lake Orta is a small, quite unknown pearl, lying a few kilometers westwards of lake Maggiore. Its chief town, Orta San Giulio and the close by isle of San Giulio create a unique, charming "lounge" on the lake coastline. This private tour will lead you to discover the atmospheres, the fascinating alleys and the view points of these sites, connected by a short and pleasant boat cruise. Later, you will have the chance to enjoy an astonishing view of the lake from the heights of the Holy Mount of Orta, a magnificent sanctuary reachable through an ascending path dotted of gorgeous baroque chapels. The site is a UNESCO heritage and you will surely understand why.
Price from 364,38 EUR