Tours & Activities in Montepulciano

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Tuscan ExtraVirgin Olive Oil Tour
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Educational Tour Extra Virgin Olive Oil and wine: tasting class dedicated to extra virgin olive oil with a visit to a farm
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Private Guided Quad Tour of Val d'Orcia and Montepulciano
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This unique experience allows you to visit the most interesting places in Val d'Orcia and Montepulciano crossing country roads to admire nature and works. The departure begins and ends in my Fattoria Madonna della Querce, next to the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Querce in Montepulciano. Here I breed Cinta Senese pigs, a type of black pig with a white belt, of Tuscan origins and very ancient. We will take a short walk among the olive trees and the vineyard to get to the pigs, which are free, separated by an electric fence. We can walk with them, touch them and take pictures. Lunch is included in the experience and includes a menu with: Bruschetta, ribollita in winter and panzanella in summer, platter with our cured meats, pecorino di Pienza cheeses with jams, cantucci and vinsanto, water, house wine, espresso coffee.
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Montepulciano: Pasta-Making Class with Tasting and Wine
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Learn how to prepare the Tuscan dish pici in a pasta-making class in Montepulciano. After learning the ins and outs of pasta making with an instructor, savor what you have made with a glass of wine.
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Enjoy a meal with wine tasting in the vineyard of Podere Casanova
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Upon your arrival we will welcome you to visit the winery and discover all the winemaking processes together. After the visit we will reach the table among the rows where you will eat wrapped in the colors and scents of nature. An experience that is a must for Tuscan wine enthusiasts, interested in learning more about the territory and places of this magnificent region. To have meals in the vineyard, in the spring, summer and autumn, conveys Tuscan history and warmth.
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San Gimignano: Romantic Vineyard Lunch
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Sit among the vine rows and taste the typical products of the Chianti region in a dreamy setting. Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience at Tenuta Torciano winery in San Gimignano.
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Luck and Patience: truffle hunting in Tuscany
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You will experience in first person a unique experience in search of the precious truffle with a tour on the wood trails.
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Evo & Bread tour .e
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WINERY TOURS AND TUTORED WINE TASTING: instructive, cultural and educational winery visits to get in touch with the wine production techniques. You will turn yourself into a superb wine expert You will visit the production area, the aging cellar with its big Slavonia oak casks and the oak barrels, the bottles will ripen, and then, after this winery you will taste, tutored by an expert sommelier, 4 of our wines and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Rosso di Montepulciano DOC, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG CRU, IGT Santo Pellegrino • Extra Virgin Olive Oil served on slices of fresh Tuscan bread
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Cinta Senese Farmhouse Tour with light lunch in Montepulciano
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Visit a typical Cinta Senese farmhouse in Montepulciano and live an authentic rural experience. Enter in Roberto’s farmhouse, during the path, you will meet Ciro, the domestic pig, and its Cinta-Senese-piglets company. Delight your palate with a typical light lunch paired with fine wine.
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Twilight Saga: the New Moon tour in Montepulciano
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"Here is Volterra!", says Alice Cullen on board of the yellow Porsche, as soon as she sees the Tuscan village, seat of the Volturi. Actually, that village with narrow streets that go uphill is Montepulciano. You will discover the Italian film set of "New Moon - Twilight Saga", accompanying you on a visit to the more or less known sites of the town, which have been the setting of some overwhelming scenes of the film.
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Discover Montepulciano!
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That's a walking tour in the center of Montepulciano. We are going to visit the main attractive, the narrow streets, the panoramic views of the town, then we can go up in the Tower Hall (is not include in the price), the highest point of Montepulciano to have a breathtaking view of the Valleys around the city. Then we will finish the tour with a Wine tasting.
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Montepulciano: Cinta Senese Tour With Food Tasting
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Enjoy a unique experience in Montepulciano. Visit a typical Cinta Senese farmhouse, learn about their approach to organic agriculture, interact with the animals, and have a delicious local meal.
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Cesarine: Dining & Cooking Demo at Local's Home in Montepulciano
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Immerse yourself in a shared dining experience at a local's home, enjoy an exclusive show cooking and taste authentic recipes from Montepulciano treasured in family cookbooks passed down by real Italian Mammas. Feel the warmth of Italian hospitality as you connect with local people. Enjoy a 3-course menu with drinks included (water, selection of red and white wines from regional cellars and coffee). This experience is held by Cesarine: Italy’s oldest network of 1000+ home cooks all over the country in more than 500 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
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Cesarine: Private Pasta & Tiramisu in Montepulciano Local's Home
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Immerse yourself in a private pasta and tiramisu-making class in a welcoming home, learn the secrets of the region's most famous pasta dishes and tiramisu and taste the fruit of your labour for lunch or dinner accompanied by local wines. During this private lesson, you will learn how to prepare 2 pasta recipes and the tiramisu dessert from scratch. Your Cesarina will reveal the tricks of the trade of these iconic recipes. Have fun putting your cooking skills to the test and amaze your friends and family once home with an Italian meal! This experience is suitable for families with children of all ages. Le Cesarine is Italy’s oldest network of home cooks all over the country in more than 120 cities. They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.
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From Rome: Tuscany Guided Day Trip with Lunch & Wine Tasting
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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Rome with a trip to picturesque Tuscany. With travel and sightseeing all arranged, you can enjoy the region’s famed wine, food, and scenery all in one day.
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Private Guided Tour of Montepulciano with wine tasting
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The Montepulciano tour will allow you to discover one of the most fascinating towns of the area, the so-called “Renaissance pearl” sheltered inside Medieval city walls. During our tour, we will climb through the town, following the winding main street, thereby admiring Montepulciano's wonderful palaces and churches along the way. We will learn about its traditions … for example:– did you know that once a year they have a barrel-pushing competition? When we reach the summit of the town, we will find ourselves in the magical Piazza Grande, where we will be able to visit the never-finished Cathedral, the Fortress, and enjoy a wonderful view over the Val di Chiana and part of the Val d'Orcia. Last but not least, our tour will take us underground to visit one of the ancient wineries of the town, and taste a glass of Nobile wine. IMPORTANT: the tour schedule in the system is 10am and 15pm, but the tour times can be arranged directly with the guide upon request. (Anti-Covid Vaccinated Tour Guide)
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Montepulciano Wine Tasting and Cellar Tour
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Taste the noble wines of Montepulciano and other produce from Tuscany and learn more about the history and traditions of winemaking on a tour of a wine cellar.
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Pienza and Montepulciano food and wine tour from Siena
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Buy your Pienza and Montepulciano tour from Siena. Live a fancy day among the art, culture, wine and food of Tuscany.
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Twilight New Moon Movie Tour
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Enter the vampire universe and travelling through film sets with this Twilight New Moon Movie Tour. Follow in the footsteps of Bella Swan around Montepulciano.
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Temple of San Biagio
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Discover a beautiful Greek-Renaissance church in stunning Tuscan surroundings
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Visit to the Cinta Senese farm in Montepulciano
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Roberto knows his pigs one by one; they are raised in a semi-wild state, with carefully selected feed and cereals grown in the Tuscan countryside. The experience is as rural as it is unforgettable; after a walk through the vineyards and the olive grove, you will have the opportunity to interact with "Ciro", the domestic pig, and to meet all his company of Cinta Senese pigs having fun in the mud. after meeting these cute animals (and maybe even taking some selfies with them), it will be time to delight your palate with a tasting platter of Cinta Senese cured meats or a quick lunch based on agricultural products, perhaps collected directly in the garden from you.
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Private Tour in Vintage Fiat 500 - Val d'Orcia
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Magnificent experience in the beautiful Tuscan hills. You will spend a few hours immersed in the Tuscan countryside transported on a vintage Fiat 500 from 1970. You will be able to photograph the streets and the beautiful landscapes that will accompany us on the tour that I offer you. We will start from the Temple of San Biagio and then head to Monticchiello, a typical Tuscan village surrounded by hills. From Monticchiello we will go to Pienza, a village perched on a hill where you can admire the landscapes of the Val d'Orcia. We will make stops along the tour where you can take photos that will best remember your vacation. From Pienza we will return to the Temple of San Biagio. We will stop to admire and photograph the 16th century Temple of San Biagio, the medieval village of Monticchiello, famous for its curves and cypresses, the Elysian Fields Pienza Famous for the final scene of the film Gladiator.
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San Gimignano: Romantic Vineyard Dinner
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Sit among the vine rows and taste the typical products of the Chianti region in a dreamy setting. Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience at Tenuta Torciano winery in San Gimignano.
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Cesarine: Fresh Pasta Class at Local's Home in Montepulciano
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Immerse yourself in a shared pasta-making class at the Cesarina's home, learn the secrets of the region's most famous pasta dishes and taste the fruit of your labour accompanied by a glass of local wine. You'll have a fully equipped workstation with utensils and ingredients and your local host will reveal the tricks of the trade of 3 authentic regional pasta recipe, handed down by generations of mammas and nonnas. After the class, sit down at the table with your Italian family and taste everything you have prepared accompanied by a selection of local wines. This experience is held by Cesarine, Italy’s oldest network of home cooks and wine experts. Cesarine are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences. Every host is reviewed for authentic culinary traditions.
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Tuscan Cooking Class -Traditional Pasta Menu
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Kitchen has always been the fulcrum of this home, where my family is living since more than 7 generations. I have always been fascinated by my grandmother's ability to prepare awesome dishes from Tuscan tradition, always with few, simple but precious ingredients. That cultural heritage was in danger of disappearing: I spent a lot of time cooking with her, trying to learn her recipes and secrets. In the end, I realized that she had given me a bigger gift: I had assimilated her cooking philosophy! Then, I realized that tradition is not a dusty book but a living thing able also to adapt to new conditions, and even improve. I studied ingredient's seasonality, their sustainable production systems, new cooking techniques, techniques of tasting: almost without realizing it, in the meantime, I became Chef and finally, also Sommelier. Since a lot of years, I decided to share this path: a long path that is not yet finished... Giacomo
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Paciano: Organic Cooking Class at a Farm with Lunch and Wine
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Discover how to make pastas and tiramisu like an Italian mamma with this cooking class at a farmhouse in Paciano. Savor the delicious food that you make accompanied with some wines.
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