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Underground Turin walking tour
If you want to be captured by a secret Turin you can take part in a guided tour of underground Turin. Beneath the hectic and bustling city of Turin lies another mysterious and unknown world where time seems to stand still. Fifteen meters below the city, the tunnels of the citadel and the sub-cellars of the Baroque palaces are waiting to let you discover their mysteries, on sites of ancient murders which have never been solved.Please note this is a walking tour.
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Turin Walking Tour, Bicerin & Fast Access to Mole Antonelliana Panoramic Lift
In two and a half hours you will get to see the main attractions of Turin thanks to the help of a local guide! Meet your guide in Piazza Castello and start your journey in the historical centre of this stupendous city. You will marvel at the facades of the important buildings in Piazza Castello: Palazzo Madama, the Royal Palace and the building of the Royal Armoury. Next you will pass by the main squares of the city, such as Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Solferino and stop at the world famous Bar Bicerin. Here you will sip the authentic café bicerin, a soft drink with chocolate, coffee and milk. A true delicacy you cannot miss in the capital of chocolate! Finally end the tour in a special way, by going up the Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of Turin, and marvelling the city from a high point of view! Thanks to this tour you will fall in love of the city and will want to know more about it. Don't hesitate to ask your guide to suggest you other beauties to visit during your stay!
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Turin Private Walking Tour with Professional Guide
During this walking tour, you will get to see some of the most popular tourist attractions of Turin along with a local- professional guide who will be exclusively with you.The walking tour would last for about two hours and can be customized accordingly to your taste and preferences.The tour timings are flexible and can be amended depending upon availability.In case of any special request, please do let us know and we would try our best to accommodate accordingly.
Price from 275,00 EUR
Small Group Guided Walking Tour of the Center of Turin
Stroll through the wonders of Turin, from the squares and buildings of the historic center to the cinema museum in the most exclusive location in the world and end with a breathtaking view of the city.
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Shopping Walking Tour of Turin with Local Guide and Aperitif
The best shop windows in the historic center of Turin await you in quality shopping with a local expert. Embark on an alternative walking tour that combines the visit of some traditional shops and luxury boutiques, with an aperitif to end the day.
Price from 48,00 EUR
Private walking tour and tasting dinner in Turin
Are you ready to learn more about the culinary tradition of Turin? Rest assured that during this private walking tour you will literally be immersed in the ordinary life of Turin. You will feel like a Turinese for one day and explore four different elegant locations where you will enjoy a full meal. The tasting stops are locally treasured venues, where you will have the chance to see the locals.In between one typical course and the other, you can walk on the streets of the historical center following the steps and the explanations of your private local guide.Be ready to discover unique locations and learn more about the history and the secrets of the dishes that you will taste. All the venues involved are very characteristic and have a particular story to be told.
Price from 175,00 EUR
Turin Walking Tour by Night
Over the centuries Turin has been the protagonist of many novels and poems emphasising its breath-taking beauty and elegance. It is a multi-faceted city, where luxury and modesty live together in perfect balance creating fascinating and interesting contrasts. In the evening, the golden lights illuminating the city create the perfect atmosphere to admire the most beautiful places in the old town from a completely new but less captivating perspective. Your local guide will lead you through this daydream as they reveal to you the interesting and adventurous history of Turin. Join this 1.5-hour night tour and explore the heart of the old town with a local. At the end of the tour you will know the city better and you will for sure start falling in love with it.
Price from 80,00 EUR
Turin Highlights Walking Tour
Meet the guide, your local insider for one day and discover during a 2-hour walking tour the best that the city has to offer. Your first stop will be Piazza San Carlo: discover the history and the “drawing room” of the city and look at the equestrian monument of Emanuele Filiberto of Savoia.Continue your visit reaching the terrific Piazza Carignano and admire some of the most beautiful historical buildings, declared UNESCO World heritage since 1997. Discover the story of the city during the monarchy, Savoia family, the Italian royals and the city’s glorious past. Later you will arrive in Piazza Castello, the real heart of Turin, to learn more about the main monuments of the city, such as the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama and San Lorenzo Church. End your tour on a high note and see the magnificent Mole Antonelliana, the true symbol of the city.
Price from 35,00 EUR
Turin Private Walking Tour With A Professional Guide
Welcome to Turin, the car capital of the Italian peninsula. Sports cars and chocolates are a matter of pride in Turin, with names like Fiat, Lancia, Iveco, Pininfarina and Abarth under the hood. This city is well known for its Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, and Art Nouveau architecture. Admire Piazza San Carlo, one of the vibrant and lively squares of the city. Discover Mole Antonelliana, the most iconic landmarks of the city. Explore its elegant palaces and squares, booming contemporary art, live-music scene and innovative food and wine culture.
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2-hour Turin guided small group walking tour
There are many places in Turin, symbols of history, ready to be discovered. Walk around Turin for 2-hour walking experience and find out not only the most important places but also unknown spots full of intrigues and secrets.
Price from 44,00 EUR
2-Hour Private Turin Walking Tour
Take part in this tour and be astonished by the unexpected beauty of Turin. Walking among its historical palaces, you'll see the streets, buildings, and attractions that made Turin the first capital of Italy. Discover the signs of Italy's first capit
Price from 100,00 EUR
Turin Food and Wine Walking Tour
What better way of discovering Turin than exploring the local food and wine culture that makes the city so unique! Join this 3-hour private tour and learn about the culinary tradition of Turin and its surroundings. You will start to appreciate the two souls of the city: the aristocratic (not to say royal), with its elegant and historical coffee and chocolate shops, and the most popular, developed in the first decades of the 20th century with the foundation of the FIAT Automobile factory. Explore Porta Palazzo Market, the biggest market in Europe, walking around its narrow lanes and many booths where you can find a huge variety of locally-sourced vegetables, meat, fish and cheese. End your tour on a high note at the new and modern Central Market and have a toast all together with some fine local wines.
Price from 130,00 EUR
Baroque Turin: Explore Piazza Castello on an audio walking tour
This self-guided audio tour lets you discover the beautiful Baroque palaces and churches on Turin’s Piazza Castello at your own pace using the VoiceMap mobile app. Turin is full of extraordinary stories and larger-than-life characters, but you have to know where to find them. I’m a local and a tour guide, and I want to share my passion for local history, culture and food with you. We’ll start near the castle-like fortifications of Palazzo Madama and take a lively stroll around the majestic Piazza Castello. Along the way, you’ll find out:• The origins of the name Turin• Why Turin is known as a centre for white and black magic• How the Royal Church of Saint Lawrence came to have two churches inside it• Who is the wealthy family behind many of Turin’s most impressive landmarks are• Where to find Turin’s most famous restaurantWhether it’s your first time in Turin or you’re a curious local, this tour is the perfect way to have a Turin adventure.
Price from 5,61 EUR
Surprise Walk of Turin with a Local
This Experience is provided by a private local.The group size is up to 8 people.Are you ready to join me for a surprise walk around Turin?From my many experiences and personal interactions in Turin, I have gathered a personal checklist of must-sees with my most memorable places. Don’t miss out on the chance to see Turin from a unique perspective and understand why I call this place my home! Create a deeper connection with the city, just like I have, and enjoy exclusive anecdotes, tips and tricks, and secret revelations of Turin. We will meet at Piazza San Carlo and from there, your authentic discovery of Turin will start!
Price from 42,31 EUR
Late Afternoon Guided Walking Tour of Turin
Have you just arrived in the city or are you in Turin for a short time? This tour is ideal for those who want to know the essentials about the history and cultural heritage of the city.In the company of Giulia, licensed tour guide of the city, in a couple of hours (5.30 pm 7.30 pm) you will go to visit the main highlights surrounded by the romantic atmosphere of the evening.- Licensed tour guide- 5.30 pm to 7.30/8 pm- Turin highlights - Small group.
Price from 20,00 EUR
Walking Tour in small groups in English
Turin is undoubtedly a beautiful city with a lot of attractions: the world-famous museums, the UNESCO-listed Savoy residences, elegant squares and streets that often hide mysterious stories.How do you get around if you don't know the city?Through this itinerary I will show you the most fascinating places in the city, allowing you to see them with the eyes and the passion of a Turin's tourism professional.
Price from 25,00 EUR
Private chocolate walking tour and tasting in Turin
Set off on an off-the-beaten path culinary journey among the locally chocolateries of Turin. Be ready to discover the secret behind the Turinese chocolate obsession, thanks to some world-famous master chocolatiers.You will taste three different kind of chocolate products in three different locations in Turin. The tasting stops are local little chocolateries, where Turinese families usually enjoy their sweet treats.You will start with the hot chocolate, then it will be the turn of the famous Gianduiotto and, finally you will taste the delicious Bicerin, one of the sweet excellencies of Piedmont. Your private guide will help you to enjoy the atmosphere of the town and turn your tasting in a special experience that will make you feel like a Turinese for one day.
Price from 160,00 EUR
Turin, Art Nouveau walking tour and coffee break
Turin, is the capital of Art Nouveau in Italy also known as Liberty, let yourself be captured by this romantic guided walking tour.Be amazed by the beautiful architecture as:Casa Fenoglio, La fleur: the beautiful house immediately strikes the eye for the delightful floral friezes that cover the facade.The House of Dragons, the palace is certainly one of the most valuable examples in the city of the skilful mix between the neo-Gothic French style and the Art Nouveau style that was so fashionable in Turin at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.Villino Raby is one of Pietro Fenoglio's masterpieces. The wrought iron railings lead to the rooms with the large bow-window and the precious decorations of the master Domenico Smeriglio.Chiesa di Gesù Nazareno it was built in the decade 1904/1913 on a project by the architect Giuseppe Gallo, in neo-Gothic style with "Art Nouveau" or "Liberty" influences.You will also have a break in cafeteria with Art Nouveau deco, Enjoy!
Price from 49,00 EUR
Discovering Turin Walking Audio Tour
The mobile app helps you explore Turin with a private audio tour (included). The audio tour has understandable navigation, filled with exciting stories from professional guides.A tour with an in-app audio guide is for the one who wants to discover the secrets and the stories of this city that you'll never find in any other guide and, of course, you'll also find some food adviceEntrance tickets are not included with this guide, but you will find inside some tips to save money!The audio guide on the mobile app is the best way to enjoy the tour at your own pace and be independent of a group tour. The mobile app is available on App Store and Google Play and works offline.Enjoy your party only!
Price from 11,00 EUR
Turin Highlights Walking Guided Tour including La Consolata & Piazza San Carlo
if you have just arrived in town and would like to understand how to orient yourself and have a smattering of what the city has to offer, this  small group tour is an excellent opportunity to have a first approach to the city! Following the lead of a local guide in groups, no larger than 15 people, you will discover the most beautiful spots of the city, learn about its history and receive advice on what to do, where to eat and what to visit during your stay.A pleasant walk through  historic buildings, main streets and hidden alleys, elegant squares and beautiful churches, the suggestive Po' riverfront and the Porta Palazzo food market. At the end of this funny and informative tour, you can see the city with completely different eyes and you will better understand the spirit of the city and you will be able to decide what are the things you're interested in deepening!
Price from 79,00 EUR
Turin,Explore the city in a Walking guided tour.
Enjoy max 12 people guided walking tour of this wonderful city. More than two thousand years of history have contributed to build up this incredible heritage: from the Roman Empire, through the Middle Ages and the Savoy court.You will start in Piazza San Carlo, the aptly named "lounge" of Turin, is a miracle of elegance. Be impressed by Porta Palatina , is considered one of the best preserved in the Roman world. Discover The metropolitan cathedral of San Giovanni Battista is the main place of Catholic worship in Turin, it is the only religious building in Renaissance style in the city.Reach Piazza Castello, this large rectangular esplanade is the true centre of Turin. At first, you may only have eyes for the dazzling Palazzo Madama, then your gaze will turn to the façade of the majestic Palazzo Reale.Admire Piazza Carignano, one of the most important and historic squares of the Piedmontese capital. You will end the tour at the Mole Antonelliana, major landmark of the city.
Price from 49,00 EUR
Private 2-hour Walking Tour of Turin with private official tour guide
Turin is a city and an important business and cultural centre in northern Italy. It is surrounded on the western and northern front by the Alps. It's a lovely city full of art and natural spaces to enjoy.You will discover the main emblematic sights of Turin with your private official tour guide. - SAVE COVID-19 SAFE - As this is a private tour we take care of maintaining social distance
Price from 155,00 EUR
Best of Turin Walking Tour with Royal Palace and Egyptian Museum
Meet the guide, your local insider for one day, and discover the best that this city has to offer. Your first stop will be Piazza San Carlo: discover the history and the so-called “drawing room” of the city. Continue your visit reaching Piazza Carignano and admire some of the most beautiful historical buildings, declared UNESCO World heritage since 1997. Later you will arrive in Piazza Castello, the real heart of Turin, to learn more about the main monuments of the city, such as the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama and San Lorenzo Church. End your tour on a high note and see the magnificent Mole Antonelliana, the true symbol of the city. After a brief break for some free time, enter the Royal palace, a beautiful and elegant building, a real celebration of luxury, gold and jewels that embellish the baroque halls. Continue the visit reaching Egyptian Museum and delve into the Egyptian culture admiring real mummies, sarcophagus and different and interesting findings.
Price from 89,00 EUR
Turin,Guided Walking tour & National Cinema museum and Mole
Be amazed by the National Cinema Museum, located in the beautiful Mole Antonelliana, where you can climb to admire Turin from above and its magical Alps.Once the guided tour of the museum is over, you will have the opportunity to visit Turin with the same guide, which will take you to discover the wonders of the city.Among the most important in the world for the richness of the heritage and the multiplicity of its scientific and popular activities, the National Cinema Museum owes its uniqueness to the peculiarity of the exhibition layout. Housed at the Mole Antonelliana, Turin's symbolic monument, the Museum develops in a spiral upwards, on several exhibition levels, giving life to a spectacular presentation of its extraordinary collections and retracing the history of cinema from its origins to the present day, in a suggestive interactive itinerary.
Price from 85,00 EUR
3-hour Turin Chocolate Tasting Walking Tour
Taste delicious chocolate in a Turin historic shop selling specialties and enjoy an atmosphere of times gone by. Learn about how the sweet tradition of chocolate originated in Turin with your passionate and expert guide. Explore Turin's elegant tree-lined boulevards and Art Nouveau cafes on this chocolate tasting tour. Famous for its confectionery, patisserie and chocolate shops, enjoy the charm of Turin's old and traditional establishments, many of which haven't changed since the 18th century.Learn about how the sweet tradition of chocolate originated in Turin with your passionate and expert guide. Stop by several pastry shops to taste their specialties and to hear stories and secrets from the owners. Savor a delicious taste of history as you learn about the importance of chocolate in this Italian city.
Price from 59,00 EUR