Tours & activities in Ravenna

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Hello Kitty Summer Friends: Skip The Line
Soak up the sun on Hello Kitty-branded goodies at two special themed beach areas
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Classic Ravenna walking tour
Enjoy a walking tour of the historic center of Ravenna, the city of Byzantine mosaics, and visit 5 out of 8 Unesco World Heritage Sites with a guide.
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Ravenna: Private Full-Day History and Mosaics Tour
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Discover the miraculous mosaics of Ravenna on a private tour of its well-preserved late Roman and Byzantine architecture. Learn the fascinating history of the city and follow in the footsteps of the exiled poet, Dante Alighieri.
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Ravenna: private full-day tour with mosaics admission
On this private tour of Ravenna your guide will show you the most important treasures of the city that features 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You'll explore some of its most important sites and admire the stunning mosaics all around you. The tour will take place for about 2.5-hour in the morning, then you can enjoy a lunch (independently), after which you'll meet your guide again and continue the tour for another 2 to 2.5 hours.  You will see the five main mosaics site in town, such as: the Basilica of San Vitale, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, the Battistero Neoniano, the Arcivescovile Museum and the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo. Your guide will then take you to the picturesque Piazza del Popolo. You'll also explore the Dante area, or Area of Silence and get to see Dante's tomb. In fact, the famous exiled Florentine poet died in Ravenna on 13 September 1321. You'll see also Piazza San Francesco and the beautiful Basilica of San Francesco.
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Italia in Miniatura + Lunch
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Discover the most famous miniature park in Italy and stop for a snack
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Learn to cook fresh pasta in Romagna
Discover the art of fresh pasta! Learn to prepare ravioli, cappelletti and much more in Romagna.
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Bologna & Tuscany: 7-Day Lost Flavors Cooking Tour
Learn to cook traditional Italian recipes at a cooking school in Bologna and the splendid mountainous region of the Apennines Romagna. Discover incredible art, wine, recipes, and stunning scenery as you explore the Tuscan countryside with a local chef.
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Ravenna Mosaics & Highlights Small Group Tour with a Local Guide
Ravenna, known as the city of mosaics has to be one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Join us for an enchanting journey into Ravenna’s past! Discover with us its well-preserved architecture dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods.This is a 3 hours small group ( up to 14 people) tour led by a professional and fully authorized tour guide that will provide an insight into the past of this small, charming town!
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Dive into the fun at Conselice's premier water park
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Tasting tour between Oriolo and the native vines of Romagna
Discover the native grape varieties of Romagna in the Oriolo area and taste the best local products.
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Ravenna: Cooking Class at a Local's Home
Enjoy a cooking class in a local home with a certified home cook. Learn local recipes and taste everything you make with some delicious wine.
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Ravenna Tour of Must-See Sites and Attractions with Native Top-Rated Guide
Many prominent artists loved Ravenna, just to mention a few: Lord Byron and Mary Shelly, Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud, Herman Hesse, Gustav Klimt and many, many others… our knowledgeable English speaking tour guide will help you to see what they saw and feel what they felt in our 3 hours private walking tour.Enjoy the beauty of the finest Byzantine mosaics of the: Baptistry of Neon, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Arian Baptistry, Archiepiscopal Chapel, Basilica of Sant'Apollinare, Mausoleum of Theodoric, Basilica of San Vitale.Art and history are not the only attractions if Ravenna, the town is also a foodie paradise, we couldn’t arrange the ideal tour without including the tasting of a local specialty such as the piadina, a flatbread filled with cured meet and/or soft and fresh cheese.Now the experience is truly perfect and you will also say, quoting the Great Poet, “the beauty I saw”!
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Traditional tasting tour at Randi Vini
Randi Vini will leave you speechless! Take part in a wine tasting tour at Randi Vini and taste the delicacies of Romagna.
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Ravenna: Market Tour, Private Home Cooking Class, and Dinner
Tour a vibrant local market and immerse yourself in a private cooking class in a local home with a certified home cook. Learn local recipes, and taste everything you've made at the end accompanied by wine.
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Private Walking Tour: Discover Ravenna's Stunning Mosaics
Ravenna is known worldwide as the Capital of Mosaics. During this half-day tour you will discover why this medium-sized town has earned its nickname and popularity visiting some of its beautifully-preserved World Heritage sites. You will get a general idea of the most important historical periods that marked the history and architecture of the town, making Ravenna three times capital and, most importantly, you will discover the beauty of the unique mosaics, becoming familiar with the main iconography features of early Christian mosaics.
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Tasting of Romagna delicacies at Randi Vini
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Discover Romagna at the table! Enjoy lunch in Romagna and discover the wines of the area.
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Ravenna: Market Tour and 4-Course Meal
Tour a vibrant local market and immerse yourself in a private lunch or dinner experience in a local home with a certified home cook. You will then enjoy an exclusive cooking demonstration, tasting local recipes with wines included.
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Ravenna Private Guided Tour of Top Sites Ancient Mosaics & Piadina Tasting
This is a 3 hours private walking tour led by a professional and fully authorized tour guide.You will jump into the past of this small, charming town!A knowledgeable tour guide will lead you to discover all the main monuments and attractions, such as: Baptistry of Neon; Mausoleum of Galla Placidia; Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo; Mausoleum of Theodoric, Basilica of San Vitale.After almost 3 hours of art and history you need time to relax and absorb all the beauty and the feelings that have affected your eyes and heart, now it' is time to sit and enjoy a bite of piadina, the traditional flatbread common in this area of Italy.We can say our goodbyes certain that this experience will remain with you.
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Small-group tour of the historic center of Ravenna
Visit Ravenna with an expert guide and discover its most beautiful corners. Every Sunday, learn more about a specific topic related to the city.
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Ravenna: Dining Experience at a Local's Home
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Immerse yourself in a four-course private dining experience, enjoy an exclusive cooking demo and taste authentic recipes
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Ravenna Mosaics and Art - Half day private guided tour
Even just a half day visit is enough to enjoy the best of what the astonishing city of Ravenna has to offer. Discover the Early-Christian and Byzantine mosaics of the 5th and 6th centuries and you will be fascinated!
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Small-group tour of five UNESCO sites in Ravenna
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Discover the mosaics of 5 out of 8 UNESCO monuments in Ravenna with an expert guide, including the Basilica of San Vitale, Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo and Chapel of St. Andrew.
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Ravenna: Small-Group Tour of the Best Mosaics and Highlights
Take a journey in this culturally rich, deeply historic and well-preserved ancient town of Revenna. Enjoy an exclusive walking tour for a unique and unforgettable experience of the mosaics and the highlights of Ravenna with a local guide.
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Walking tour of Ravenna with ticket to 5 Unesco sites
This walking tour includes the combined ticket to 5 Unesco monuments of Ravenna and its breathtaking Byzantine mosaics: Basilica San Vitale, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Neonian Baptistry, Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo and St. Andrew's Chapel (also called Archiepiscopal Museum). The guide will take you to 3 Unesco sites and explain their ancient history. You can then visit the remaining monuments at your ease.You'll also have the opportunity to take a look at the main landmarks of the city, including the poet Dante Alighieri's tomb.
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Private tour of Ravenna's mosaic masterpieces
Visit up to 5 UNESCO sites in Ravenna with a private guide. Choose the monuments you'd like to visit and discover a unique heritage of artworks and mosaics!
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Tour available in: English Italian French Spanish German