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The Spritz Experience in Verona
Share this special moment of the Veronese daily life with a local who can make you feel the atmosphere of the place, enjoy a traditional custom in a fabulous square, assure yourselves unique memories of this part of Italy and its friendly people.
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The Best of Verona Walking Tour
Perfect for the first time visitors! You will see impressive monuments, courtyards, beautiful buildings, hidden spots and romantic streets of Verona. Wander through Gavi arch, the Renaissance buildings, Roman Borsari Gate, ancient Roman Road, Erbe Square, the church of Santa Anastasia, river Adige, Roman theatre and the Stone Bridge. What Verona is famous for? Where is Juliet’s house? Your local professional guide will tell you fascinating stories and show the most important places in the city.
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The Palladio and Bassano del Grappa Private Tour
Explore the Veneto region's Palladian architecture and the beautiful city of Bassano del Grappa on this full-day trip from Verona. See the genius of Italian architect, Andrea Palladio, with visits to some of his structures - including the Olympic Theater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Immerse yourself in the history of Bassano del Grappa and its breathtaking vistas.
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Solferino Ticket Valid for Visit to the Museum and the Rocca
The opportunity to visit the historical places of greatest interest in Solferino at an affordable price: a single ticket that gives access to the Museum, the Rocca di Solferino, the Ossuary and the Red Cross Memorial. Guided tour is not included
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Lake Garda Cooking Experience
Let us accompany you to the discovery of gastronomic emotions We will lead you in paths carefully studied to meet your tastes and your needs in an enchanting location and astonishing lake view .
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Mysterious Verona - The town and its myths
Discover an explore Verona downtown and the most ancient and historic parts of the city by a more enigmatic, unsual and mysterious perspective. A particular tour to visit the beautiful Verona and get to know stories that only a few people know!
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The best private tour of Verona between the Arena and Amarone wine
Verona is the city of romance. Here, William Shakespeare set his most famous play, "Romeo and Juliet", a tragic story of love and loss that, still today, attracts people from all over the world to visit its scene.This private tour will take you around the extraordinary city centre, first visiting its most outstanding landmark, the Arena, then reaching a palace which belonged to the Cappelletti, Juliet's family: it will be easy to imagine the timeless beauty of the lady, hanging out at the balcony. At the end, the romantic atmosphere of the surroundings will find its perfect match in couple of glasses of local red wine, Amarone and Ripasso, for a perfect aperitif.
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Verona Airport (VRN) - Sirmione / Private Transfer (up to 3 pax)
Book your private transfer Verona Airport (VRN) - Sirmione / one way or roundtrip.Your driver will be waiting for you at the specified time and you will travel comfortably to your destination.• Meeting with a Nameplate• We track your Flight• Door-to-door Service• No Hidden Charges• Clean cars & Professional drivers
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Day Trip from Verona to Pisa
Pisa, located in the Tuscan region of Italy, has more than 20 historic churches and several medieval palaces. This university town is renowned for its art and architectural treasures. Pisa has a lively street life and a vibrant cafe/bar scene. The famous Piazza dei Miracoli, or Miracles Square, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains the city’s most notorious sights. Its most famous, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, is a tilted bell tower that came to be as a result of poor construction. Today, tourists flock to the Leaning Tower for a glance at the unique structure. Feel free to climb the 300 steps to the top for a spectacular view of town. Another acclaimed monument is the Duomo Pisa, or the Pisa Cathedral. The medieval Roman Catholic cathedral, founded in 1064, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Pisa’s architectural gems. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, featured in Pisa Romanesque art, is also a notable sight worth exploring.
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Visit and wine tasting at Tenuta La Cà
Each guest of our estate is special, so we want to convey you how we make our wines starting from the land, from the vineyard!Together we will walk in our vineyards enjoying the wonderful view that we also have from our rows, which are all around our estate.An hour and a half chatting together, to better understand the work we are doing, the direction that Tenuta La Cà has taken, focusing our efforts more on quality than quantity.Then we will enter our cellar, designed and built always with the aim of quality, for example using gravity!Then we will go to our cellar, where our wines are each refined with their own "role" to be part of the final product.And then we will taste them together and guide you through the different aromas and flavors that make the difference between one wine and another! And in the tastings, in addition to artisan salami and cheese, there will also be our oil!
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Verona Private Walking Tour With A Professional Guide
“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”: This medieval old town, nestled alongside the river Adige, will forever be marked for its association with Shakespeare's most famous love tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet”. Every year, many visitors roam to its Piazzas and streets, trying to retrace the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet. Here you will admire the symbol of the Venetian Republic, the Lion of Saint Mark in Piazza delle Erbe, and the tombs of the ancient lords of Verona at the Arche Scaligere. You will be fascinated by its rich history, the myriad of stunning buildings, and architecture “in fair Verona”.
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A private tasting tour of Verona, between food and wine
The centre of Verona is a continuous sequence of art treasures, architectural masterpieces, romance, breathtaking views on river Adige; but there may be more. The taste of local gastronomic specialties may be with the visit by itself. This private tour will lead you for a pleasant walk through the enchanting alleys and squares of Verona, discovering the "botteghe", historical shops, where the culinary traditions of the city are kept. The first stop will be in a gourmet cafeteria, for a good cuor espresso and some delicious pastries; later, a stop in a local delicatessen, for a complete tasting of cheese and cold cuts from the region. After that, you can't miss a glass of Amarone, the iconic red wine of Verona hillside, and a final, sweet delight: a homemade ice cream, to enjoy on the go, surrounded by the timeless beauty of this town.
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