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Enjoy the whole Omishima cycling
This tour is a cycling tour to enjoy "Omishima" all around the island.It is a recommended course for cycling on e-bikes because there are hill climbs everywhere.With E-bikes, beginners, women and seniors can enjoy it easily and comfortably.* If you are uneasy, please choose a rental E-bike plan.[Highlight]1. The largest island on the Shimanami Kaido Omishima has many scenic points! Let's fully enjoy the scenery rich in nature!2. There are plenty of recommended drop-in points and shops, including a cafe where you can dine while watching the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge! A guide will guide you!3. For the tour climax, visit Oyama Gion Shrine, which has been worshiped for a long time. Drop in at the Okunoin's 3,000-year-old Kusunoki "Ikikinogomon"![Support contents]・ You can select options such as “Rental E-bike plan” and “Drone shooting plan (specific cut)” as you wish.・ With experienced guide. Introducing many recommended spots!It is safe for first-time people by responding to troubles such as punctures![Itinerary] (Time required: 6 hours, distance: 30㎞) 9:30 Tatara Shimanami Park (or Shenggang)・ Start cycling↓11:00 Bubukaラ ン チ ・ LunchRelax while watching the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge※ If the holiday, the shop will be changed.↓12:30 Omishima hometown rest house, Omishima winery brewery (tour)宿 泊 ・ A renovated former elementary school by architect Toyo Ito・ Omishima completely original wine brewery↓14:00 Oyama Gion Shrine参 ・ Oyama Gion Shrine visit・ Green tree tour・ Walk around the approach↓15:30 Tatara Shimanami Park (or Shenggang)・ Cycling end・ DissolutionIn addition, if you have any requests, custom tours are also possible, so please consult with WAKKA.
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Setoda Cycling & Tatara Cruising
This tour is a cycling tour to enjoy mainly "Tatara Ohashi" and "Ikuchijima / Setoda".On the way, you can also enjoy "cruising" on a chartered boat.[Highlight]1. Cycling through Tatara Ohashi, the longest cable-stayed bridge in Japan! At the middle point of the bridge, you can experience the “Tatara Snarling Dragon” from the line of the prefectural border and the sidewalk of the main tower.2. Cycling on Ikuchi Island while looking at the beautiful coastline. There are plenty of recommended spots around the Setoda Shiomachi shopping street, including Kosanji, Hirayama Ikuo Museum, and Dolce!3. Cruise from Setoda Port to Iguchi Port by chartered boat! Tatara Ohashi viewed from the nearby gourd island and the sea is a privilege only for boats![Support contents]・ You can choose the options such as "rental cycle plan" and "drone shooting plan" as you wish.・ With experienced guide. Introducing many recommended spots!It is safe for first-time people by responding to troubles such as punctures![Itinerary] (Time required: 3 hours 45 minutes, mileage: 14 km)9:00 Tatara Shimanami Park・ Cycling start↓9:20 Tatara Bridge・ Prefectural border photography, crying dragon experience↓10:00 Setoda Sunset Beach・ Small break↓10:30 Walk around Setoda Shiomachi shopping street自由 ・ Free walking time・ Guide introduces recommended spots according to your wishes12:00 Setoda Port・ WAKKA sea taxi to Iguchi Port↓12:30 Iguchi Port・ Restart cycling↓12:45 Tatara Shimanami Park記念 Commemorative photo at the cyclist's sacred monument・ DissolutionIn addition, please contact us, as custom-made according to your request is also possible.
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An adventure that rocks the whole body in Ehime, Japan
Acclaimed to be the most fearsome pirate clan in Japan during the mid-14th century, the Murakami Clan were a naval force that once ruled the Seto Inland Sea. In this program, your guided cruise will take you across the Seto Inland Sea imbued with tides that travel as fast as 18km/h in speed. Here you may indulge in cruise ambience, taking in the dormant strength of ocean waves crashing against the side of the ship. The museum exhibits a range of items associated with the Murakami Clan, including an excellent introduction to the history of the pirates, complete with the opportunity to wear costumes and armor from this era.
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Mount Kameo & Kurushima Strait Cycling Tour
This tour is to enjoy mainly "Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge" and "Kamerosan".[Highlight]1. Take a commemorative photo with the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge visible at the Itoyama Park Observation Deck and start cycling!2. Take a stroll down to the famous island "Mashima" by an elevator that can be used to ride a bicycle. The relaxed atmosphere is healed very much.3. Climb to the scenic spot "Kamerosan Observation Park". The Kurushima Strait Bridge and the beautiful islands of Shimanami Kaido seen from the top are spectacular![Support contents]・ You can select options such as "rental E-bike plan", "support taxi plan", "drone shooting plan" etc. according to your wishes.・ With experienced guide. Many recommended spots in the Kurushima Strait area!It is safe for first-time people by responding to troubles such as punctures![Itinerary] (Time required 3 hours, mileage 25㎞)9:00 Meeting at "Sunrise Itoyama" or "Imabari Station"※ We will check in advance. Please tell us your other requests.・ Cycling start↓ 9:10 Itoyama Observation Park ・ Commemorative photo with the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge in the background↓ 9:20 Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge↓ 9:30 Majima・ Elevator to Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge↓10:15 Road Station Yoshiumi Ikiikikan・ Small break↓10:30 Start Kameiro Hill Climb※ If you wish to climb by car, please select a support taxi plan.↓11:00 Arrive at Mt.Kamero ObservatoryPanoramic view overlooking the Kurushima Strait and Shimanami's archipelago.↓12:00 End of cycling at Roadside Station Yoshiumi Ikiikikan, dissolution※ If you wish to pick up and drop off by taxi after dissolution, please select a transfer plan.The fee will be paid locally on the day.In addition, please contact us, as custom-made according to your request is also possible.
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Shimanami Kaido and Yumeshima Kaido Charter Tour
It is a cycling tour to Shimanami Kaido and Yumeshima Kaido while enjoying the island tour by charter boat.Departing from Imabari Port, we will tour the Yumeshima Kaido (Yumeshima, Sashima, Ikina Island, Kamijima Town) and the Shimanami Kaido by some boats. A cycling guide is participating.Enjoy island cycling and cruises in the Seto Inland Sea at once. Charter cruises allow you to travel for only one day, which is difficult with regular boats.●If you would like to apply for more than 15 people, please let us know. (Up to 20 people)*CancelIf for unavoidable reasons you wish to cancel before your trip, please contact us as soon as possible.
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Uninhabited island adventure tour by kayak
Adventure to uninhabited islands by sea kayaking and experience extraordinary!Koshirojima, an uninhabited island, is made up of three islands and is the site of Amasaki Castle.The beach of Kojojima, which is located near Omishima Island, is highly transparent and the fun of activities is endless.
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Camping and Cycling Equipment Rental in Shimanami
Rental and support for outdoor enthusiasts.The combination of cycling and camping is the ideal outdoor activity.Fully enjoy nature at one of the scattered camping sites in the Shimanami area.The rental of bicycle and camping gear is available on site.With the prior advice from experts in traveling in the Shimanami area, you can easily make your own itinerary.As necessary, emergency support is available during your trip. (Charged)Enjoy easy, safe and free-style touring!
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Shimanami 360 ° Panorama View Kasumigayama Tour
We will guide you to Mount Washigazu, which cannot be climbed by public transportation!360 ° panoramic view from 436m!Shimanami's premier scenic spot where you can even see the Setouchi from Hiroshima to Ehime!Drone shooting is also available as an option.Why do not you leave memories of your trip on the Shimanami Kaido with various cuts?[Process]Meet at the meeting place (①Oyama Ginja Shrine②Tatara Shimanami Park 盛 Shenggang)Or join at accommodations in Omishima↓Take a taxi to Mt. Washigatou↓Arrive at the summit of Washigatouyama. Panoramic view photo time.* Drone shooting is also available as an option.↓Take a taxi to descend↓Pick up and drop off to the meeting point.
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Private Imabari Sightseeing Cycling Tour
Imabari City is a port town located in the northern part of Ehime Prefecture, in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea. In the Middle Ages, the city was ruled by a group of pirates with excellent navigation skills, which allowed Imabari to develop industries related to the sea such as shipbuilding and sea shipping. Imabari is also the starting point of the Shikoku side of the Shimanami Kaido, which has become famous as a cycling route in recent years. On this tour, you will be able to enjoy cycling and sightseeing around the city in a single day, with electric bicycles, making it a perfect tour for people of all skill levels.At the Mt. Kirou Observatory, you can enjoy a spectacular 360° panoramic view from the top of the mountain. At Imabari Castle, one of the three largest "castles on the sea" in Japan, you will be able to trace the history of the city. There are also many other places to visit such as high-quality Imabari towel stores and the world-famous shipyard port.
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Crown bridge hopping by Bike
One-day course which starts and ends at 'i.i.imabari! cycle station', the cycling terminal opened in 2020 in front of JR Imabari station. Visits Imabari Castle, Hashihama area symbolizing the ship-building town Imabari. Takes a ship to Umashima island. Crosses the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge to Oshima island. Enjoys lunch at a restaurant with a great view of the Seto Inland Sea. ●Meet at 8:30 (Start 8:45) - Imabari Castle - Hashihama 10:10 -- Umashima 10:30 -- Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge -- 12:00 Itoyama Park (Lunch) 13:10 - (Photo spots) - Imabari station 14:30The total distance is about 15 km. A cycling course for beginners and intermediate cyclists. Visits Imabari famous for shipbuilding and towel production, Umashima and Oshima islands. Enjoys traveling in Seto Inland Sea by boat.
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Private 2-hour Indian Yoga Experience at Hakata Island
Experience yoga on the beautiful beach of Hakata Island. We propose the best yoga spot according to the weather and time zone. Enjoy sightseeing in Hakata Island while visiting yoga spots with a lovely smiling teacher and experience various variations of yoga such as active yoga and singing yoga (Kieltan).
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Maritime taxi (Shimanami Kaido cycle taxi)
While guiding the islands by boat, we will carry Shimanami and move around Shimanami.-Ideal for cycling plans that include boat movement as well as suspension (retirement) of cycling・ It is a sea taxi that can carry bicycles.・ There is a captain who can speak English・ Simple bicycle repair is also available
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Shimanami Kaido Sightseeing Tour by E-bike
Our stage is Shimanami.Shimanami is a magnificent stage where everyone can spend a wonderful time.Enjoy a healthy and wonderful view on your E-bike!
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Shimanami Kaido One-Day E-bike Cycling Tour
【OUTLINE】 Enjoy a guided tour of places to see as you cycle along cycling mecca Shimanami Kaido. In addition to the easy-to-use electric bicycles, there will be support car a following along (From the starting point to Kirosan), so even if there are steep slopes or bike breakdowns, please be assured that we have you covered. 【HIGHLIGHTS】・One-way guided tour from Imabari to Omishima・Go through Imabari, Oshima, Hakatajima and reach Imabari (Omishima)・Visit photo spots tour by a guide who is well-acquainted with the area・Cycle comfortably knowing that a support car is there to help you with the more intense areas of the island
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Explore Undiscovered Shimanami Kaido on a 1-Day E-Bike Guided Tour
【OUTLINE】This is a one-day guided tour of Shimanami Kaido (about 35km) on an E-bike. You will travel from Imabari to Omishima.【HIGHLIGHTS】・Take a one-way guided tour from Imabari to Omishima (about 35km).・Pass through Imabari / Oshima / Hakatajima and finish in the middle of the Shimanami Kaido, Omishima.・Tour of beautiful photo spots with local guides.
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