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Half Day Izu Kogen Highlands Downhill Cycling Tour
During this tour, you can enjoy the whole Izu Kogen Highlands by downhill cycling from the mountain to the sea. The tour includes Bike Rental, Entrance Fees for the Mt. Omuro Chairlift, an English-Speaking Guide, Insurance and Bike Collection Fee.
Price from 40,09 EUR
Scuba diving & snorkeling
The east coast of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park is dotted with popular diving spots. Among them, the Jogasaki Coast area is popular. It is a place where divers visit throughout the year, including transparency and ecosystem. It is a unique place that has joined the UNESCO Global Geopark since 2019. We will guide you through the most popular Fumido.
Price from 107,30 EUR
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Half-day Snorkeling Course Relieved at the beginning Even in the sea of Izu, veteran instructors will teach kindly
Even if you are not good at water, you are not good at swimming and snorkelers can join with confidence.Veteran instructors will teach kindly and carefully from the basics of snorkeling.You can enjoy snorkeling in the Izu underwater world.If you notice it, you will be in the sea. !You will also want to try Scuba Diving! !
Price from 60,86 EUR
Let's enjoy Scuba diving in Izu Oceanic park Izu Peninsula for certificate Diver
It takes only two hours by train from Tokyo.Izu oceanic park (I.O.P) is the most famous dive site in Izu peninsula, also IOP is one of the most historical diving spots in Japan.You can see a lot of marine creatures all over the year and we'll show you the beautiful ocean and take you to a wonderful dive trip and experience.
Price from 107,68 EUR
Experience diving! ! Scuba diving in the sea of Japan! ! If you are not confident in swimming, it is safe for the first time. From beginners to veteran instructors will teach kindly and kindly.
I'm not confident in swimming, I'm not good at swimming, I'm not good at water, I have no experience with diving, and even if I'm not a beginner at all, veteran instructors are kind and polite.We will guide you from the basics of diving.Even beginners can enjoy the sea of Izu by scuba diving.
Price from 111,59 EUR
Fun dive! ! Scuba diving in the sea of Japan Enjoy scuba diving in the sea of Izu! !
A veteran guide who knows the sea of Izu Marine Park, the birthplace of Japanese leisure diving, guides you to the world of the sea of Izu Marine Park.We will introduce interestingly the scenery of the world of the sea that changes through the four seasons and the creatures that live in the sea and their ecological behavior.You can enjoy leisurely from beginners to veterans.
Price from 110,37 EUR
Izu Shaboten Park Admission Ticket
An admission ticket to Izu Shaboten Park. Enjoy the various attractions this park has to offer. You will enjoy meeting the animals, too.
Price from 19,21 EUR
[Shizuoka] Izu Cactus Animal Park
"Izu Cactus Animal Park" is a zoo where you can interact with 120 kinds of animals including 1,500 kinds of cactus and capybara.This facility is a tourist spot where you can meet animals such as squirrel monkeys and peacocks as well as the popular Capybara."Animal Boat Tours" allows you to take a boat tour of 9 large and small islands and the coast in a pond located in the center of the park to observe animals. It's a very unusual display method that you can't experience at other zoos.In addition to squirrel monkeys, monkeys such as ring-tailed lemur, brown lemur, and Jeff Lemur monkey live on each island.It is popular to see the capybara relaxing in warm water at the "Original Capybara Open-air Bath" held only in winter.
Price from 19,54 EUR