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Half-day Kawagoe Walking Tour
The best tour for the people who cannot be satisfied with only Tokyo! Kawagoe is an old town which flourished as a castle town in the Edo Still to this day you can see elaborately designed buildings, ringing bells, elegant side streets and back streets and rickshaws passing. The design of the stores and houses on the street mix the features of three different eras - Edo, Meiji, and Taisho. Kawagoe has a Japanese culture and history which we cannot see in the other cities. In addition, the access from the center of Tokyo is good (30 minutes). It was selected to host the golf competitions in the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.
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Kawagoe Highlight Group tour
A local guide who knows Kawagoe well will guide you with strong love for the region. This tour takes you to the highlights of Kawagoe's sightseeing such as Time bell tower, Old storehouse street and Candy Lane. Furthermore, we could let you know the charms of Kawagoe by local views.At first, let’s toast with a cup of Japanese sake at Koedo Kurari which is a sake experience spot. There are variety of Sake from the prefecture. And you can choose your favorite one at the modern vending machine. Then, the tour visits a local shrine and experience Shinto style customs a little. Let’s walk around Kawagoe's backstreets like locals.When we arrive at the famous old storehouse street, we will be surprised by its well-balanced street that it is unified by old style buildings with a black plastered wall.During the tour you can understand the present days and the old days of Japan's ordinally life. Because this is a historical merchant town, "Kawagoe"..
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Do you want to go 400 years back in time?
Hi, everyone. This is all of a sudden, do you know the Japanese culture? Are you interested? Why did I start "Kawagoe guide"? I was born in Kawagoe and spent 26 years here. Many travelers are intrigued by the architecture of the city but do not understand the history behind it. I will be pleased to guide you through the path of the past and we will have fun doing it.In fact, I played truant from English study. Instead of going to English classes, I would remain home and sleep.Haha However, I wanted to be a backpacker and travel to over 20 countries. So, I started to study English desperately. I had trouble speaking and understanding the local language however, I was taken care of abroad by the local people. It is now my turn to repay the kindness that was shown to me. Let's talk about Japan together.
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Private Tour - Explore Japanese Ancient History in Yoshimi
Ancient graves, ancient craft and local cuisine. Yoshimi is a town located right in the center of Saitama Prefecture. On this tour you will be visiting a unique National Historic Site; the Yoshimi Hundred Caves. The caves are known to be ancient tomb graves from the Kofun Period (250-538 AD), and are just as exciting as visiting Egyptian pyramids! You can even walk through the caves to explore them. Another part of this tour is having a go at making an ancient craft. The lucky charm that you make here can be taken home as a souvenir of your trip. At the end of the tour, your otomo tour guide will introduce you to a delicious dish, using the local speciality; strawberries. You will not find a unique tour like this elsewhere!
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Kawagoe, Saitama 1 Day Private Tour
You can explore Kawagoe, Saitama Pref. as you want with a local professional & friendly guide. Since this is a customized private tour, you can choose the tour time and the sights you visit. You will have great time and great food. Hotel meet up is included to ensure you receive a stress-free experience. If you are not sure where you wanna go, follow the sample itinerary.
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Private Tour - A Photography Based tour in Kawagoe for Architecture Lovers
International architectural styles in Kawagoe's historical Coedo Town. Kawagoe, with its streets filled with traditional houses and old warehouses, is a popular place for those who wish to experience the history of Japan. This impressive town not only has Japanese style architecture, but it is also a place where you can enjoy beautiful, retro-looking Western style architecture as well. We recommend you bring your camera to capture this interesting townscape, with its mix of architectural styles. We also recommend you visit in the evening/late afternoon when other tourists have started to leave and the town is calmer and more peaceful. If you are at all interested in architecture or photography, this tour is not one to miss!
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Piclife of business trip photography
Pikulife isThe “moment that can only be taken now” is shaped.This is a business trip shooting service that allows professional photographers to accompany a couple, family, and friends in a day with the concept of leaving the moments that can only be taken.The moments of laughter, staring at each other, the moment of thinking of loved ones, the moment of playing with pets, and the moments of each one continue to be their own story. We meet the moment when the story is born many times and release the shutter so that we don't miss every single frame.れ ば I hope that every single photo will exceed the record and become a treasure for the family, and a chain of happiness will spread all over the world.
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[Koedo Kawagoe / Blown glass experience] Glass art that can be selected such as cups and containers [Time required about 30 minutes]-Recommended for families and couples!
A glass art that creates a special work with your favorite color ♪ Choose a shape from glass, vase, container, one side etc., and choose your favorite color from a variety of 15 color variations such as pink, yellow, purple etc. You can choose any color, mix and produce.特 徴 Features of this plan!○ 6 types to choose from3 3 kinds of cups, vase, container, one side You can choose according to your style○ Three patterns to choose from!Dot pattern The polka dot looks so cute.Marble The way of mixing complex colors is beautiful.Bubble Fine air bubbles spiral!○ 15 kinds of colorsま で From beautiful colors to cool colors, such as pink, cobalt blue, and purple!Because you can mix and match any colors, it's okay to greedy![Included in price]Experience fee, material cost, consumption tax[Minimum number of participants]1 person[Number of people who can apply]1 to 40 people【meeting time】11: 00 ~[Departure period]Whole year[About handing over the work]The completed work will be handed over after one week.※ If you are in a hurry, please consultYou can choose to come directly to the studio or ship.* Shipping costs extra shipping.
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