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Nago Pineapple Park Attraction Tickets
August 7, 2021 , 8th, 9th, 14th and 15th (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) will be temporarily closed.■ Shorter business hours other than temporary holidays10: 00-17: 00 (Last admission reception 16:30)Facility contact: 0980-53-3659The restaurant "Palm Tree" will continue to be temporarily closed.The entrance area, attractions, and shops are open in a short time while thoroughly implementing measures against infectious diseases.Regarding the timing of the temporary cancellation of the business system, we will inform you again in the information section of this website, giving first consideration to the safety and security of our customers and the health of our staff.There are many things to enjoy in the Pineapple Park! From riding on the the cute automated Pineapple Carts, to shopping in the Souvenir Shop full of fresh pineapples,original goods made from pineapples and Okinawan products!!*Flight sets are no longer available for sale during the state of emergency.
Price from 8,20 EUR
SUP & camp to enjoy Okinawa Yanbaru! Off-season January and February play and bonfire plan
Off-season Okinawa and summer have different pleasures again. Enjoy a relaxing island time in the pristine nature. The location is the most beautiful beach on the main island of Okinawa and the sea of coral reefs with outstanding transparency. Take a stroll on an uninhabited island off the coast or visit Secret Beach. Wet suits are also rented for free, but Okinawa with an average annual temperature of 23 ° C makes you want to jump in on a weather day. After enjoying a cruise by the sea, enjoy a relaxing island time around the bonfire. You can customize bonfire cooking and hammock time.
Price from 83,14 EUR
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SUP Experience at Secret Beach
"FRiP" is a private tour shop for one set of rental!You can play without paying attention to other groups because it is loaned!SUP experience on the hidden beach of Okinawa main island.If you take a photo, there is no doubt that Insta shines!I am taking a photo shoot free & present.Other free services are also fulfilling!Because there is a pick-up service, you can join with confidence.
Price from 42,06 EUR
Yanbaru 1 DAY TRIP /Nago OKINAWA/ SUP,Snorkel,Waterfall
We go to uninhabited island which can only reach by SUP or Kayak. The point of the coral sea is the east coast of Nago. It is an unspoilt crescent-shaped bay in a small village along the sea of ​​Okinawa, not a tourist destination. It is very quiet and beautiful. The forest point is on the west coast, opposite the island. It is a 30-minute drive from the sea point. The river, which has long been loved by locals, is in its natural state. Walk through the subtropical forest to the waterfall basin while enjoying river trekking. Ideal for those who want to enjoy Okinawa nature deeply and slowly with a local guide.
Price from 114,81 EUR
Nago City Animal Theme Neo Park Admission Ticket
Neo Park Okinawa reproduces the environment of tropical regions around the world such as Amazon, Africa, and Oceania in a vast site of about 5 Tokyo Domes.In Neo Park Okinawa, 100 kinds of animals live freely and lively without any barriers.Neo Park that you won't get tired of even if you spend a day.
Price from 6,25 EUR
Sugarcane cutting experience with Okinawa's grandfather
An at-home experience program in which the sugarcane production farmer Gakiya family welcomes guests.You will actually step into the sugarcane fields you will see everywhere during your trip to Okinawa, and enjoy the sugarcane-harvesting experience with the Gakiyas.
Price from 67,93 EUR
Starry Sky Bath to Sora Sanpo
The star sommelier explains the story of the stars and the universe in an easy-to-understand manner and the starry sky photographer shoots all the participants, so there is no doubt that it will be instantly ☆ ☆In addition, you can enjoy your own time while watching the stars because you can drink all you can ★There are also occasional, but occasional, three-line live performances
Price from 37,05 EUR
Yagaji Island Night Mangrove Walk
This is a tour where you can walk around the night oak forest (mangrove forest).The exploration begins with a penlight in one hand.It is easy to observe a lot of creatures that are moving around more vigorously than daytime and guarding.Recommended for creature lovers and explorers!Hidden spots in the starry skyThere are few street lamps on Yagaji Island.Instead, if the weather is fine, you can see the starry sky very beautifully.The starry sky looking up from the sea is fantastic.* Depending on the weather, the starry sky may not be visible.
Price from 60,48 EUR