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[Okinawa Onna] Become a longing mermaid on a private beach ♪ Photo shooting plan
The location is Onna Village's private beach!There are a wide variety of costumes available at other stores, and you can rent corollas and bangles, so you can become your favorite Ariel! Change to a mermaid swimsuit and take photos on land, shallow water, underwater or land. One of the attractions is that it makes you feel like a mermaid while floating on the sea. Because it is a single lens reflex shooting by a female photographer, you can feel free to experience even a group of girls ♪Charter photography is attractive!We will shoot on a charter, so let's shoot in the model feeling while relaxing on your private beach! A female photographer gives lectures on gestures and poses that look more charming.The photographed data is presented as an SD card!You can post a photo of your brilliant mermaid suit in the crystal clear sea and post it on social media such as Instagram or Facebook, and it will be one of the best! Feel like a mermaid and deliver a special piece of Okinawa trip to your customers! In addition, since you can participate from a child, you can feel free to enjoy even your family and leave the best memories that you want to show to the child that is born as a best smile and maternity photo of good friends!
Price from 75,09 EUR