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[Okinawa Onna Village Night Plan Healing Meditation] Luxurious healing time with night meditation and crystal ball
・ Healing plan with high sleep adjustment effect・ Brain is completely relaxed by high frequency of crystal ball・ Nature sounds at night, beautiful stars in the sky, calm space・ Perfect for resetting marine sports and sightseeing fatigue・ With herbal tea from Okinawa with purification and relaxation effect
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Experience Japanese culture "Sando" tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and calligraphy in one day in Onna Village, Okinawa
You can experience traditional Japanese culture "Sando" = tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and calligraphy in one day."Sasagiri-an/SAS AGIRIAN" where you can learn Japanese culture and manners. At "Tea ceremony", you can enjoy Japanese Ryukyu confectionery together, at "Hanado" you can experience tropical flowers from Okinawa, and at "Calligraphy" you can experience the feeling of Ryukyu. You will have a special time that you can only experience at "Sasairian / SASAGIRIAN"... Each experience is available in Japanese and English for foreign tourists. You can spend your precious time quietly in the [Authentic Tea Room/Japanese Style Room] standing quietly in Onna Village.Spend a blissful time in a Japanese and mental space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We hope that it will be a place where many people can exchange culturally, both overseas and in Japan.All the staff will do their best to serve you with sincerity.On that day, at that time, the encounter with everyone,We hope that you will be able to connect to a "one-on-one meeting" across the sea from Okinawa.We look forward to your visit.
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[Okinawa Onna Village] More and more adventure tours by kayaking
Play in Malibu caves and secret beaches!If the sea is calm, even a huge cave. If there is a wave, enjoy it by the wave.There are endless ways to enjoy sea kayaking, such as a secret beach, landing and entering a cave or looking for beautiful shells! If you look closely, you can see small fish and various creatures in the tide pool.Dive between rocks and kayak a powerful panorama just below the cliff! It is an adventure filled with the fun of the sea that Al Guide boasts.Enjoy the sea of Okinawa with sea kayaking!
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[Okinawa Uruma City] Parasailing
Exhilaration!The sea of Okinawa is no use just diving!Please enjoy the beauty of the sky and the sea from 200 meters above the ground.safetyParasailing is the safest of all marine sports.Anyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy.
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[Okinawa Onna] Become a longing mermaid on a private beach ♪ Photo shooting plan
The location is Onna Village's private beach!There are a wide variety of costumes available at other stores, and you can rent corollas and bangles, so you can become your favorite Ariel! Change to a mermaid swimsuit and take photos on land, shallow water, underwater or land. One of the attractions is that it makes you feel like a mermaid while floating on the sea. Because it is a single lens reflex shooting by a female photographer, you can feel free to experience even a group of girls ♪Charter photography is attractive!We will shoot on a charter, so let's shoot in the model feeling while relaxing on your private beach! A female photographer gives lectures on gestures and poses that look more charming.The photographed data is presented as an SD card!You can post a photo of your brilliant mermaid suit in the crystal clear sea and post it on social media such as Instagram or Facebook, and it will be one of the best! Feel like a mermaid and deliver a special piece of Okinawa trip to your customers! In addition, since you can participate from a child, you can feel free to enjoy even your family and leave the best memories that you want to show to the child that is born as a best smile and maternity photo of good friends!
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Enjoy the elegant maritime walk with "Clear Kayak" ♪
The feature of Onna Village Clear Sea Kayak is that even small children can participate and the first kayak can be easily enjoyed.We will guide you at popular points of Onna village with high transparency.An instructor will guide you nearby, so you can enjoy watching tropical fish and corals!Please participate in the whole family ♪A great adventure with a skeleton kayak in the sea!We will guide you to popular spots in Okinawa where there are many white sands and fish.Feeding is also a free service so that you can see a lot of fish ♪Confident in full facilities and equipment!・ We have more than 1000 wetsuits, and correspond to children's size (110-150cm), adult size 8 size for men and 7 size for women.・ Equipment materials are all the latest ones, and masks are also available with six degrees!・ Own the latest digital cameras (Olympus TG-5 20 units, Gopro 5 Gopro5 units)!・ Equipped with changing rooms, toilets, and hot showers for men and women・ There is a large free parking lot that can park up to 100 cars!Go pro7 paid rental available!You can take memorable photos with Go Pro!Clothes, belongings, flip-flops, towels, photo memory SD card (only for those who wish).Please gather in light clothes.* Please wear light swimwear and wear swimwear as much as possible.
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