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Experience Visiting a Local Farmer and Mochi Rice Cake Making
Visit and experience a local village’s lifestyle and food culture where terraced rice fields, continuously cultivated for 1300 years, cascade down the mountains as far as the eye can see. First, take a stroll to visit the local shrine while surrounded by the beautiful views with Lake Biwa glimmering far below. The friendly and good-natured farming couple that hosts the mochi rice cake-making experience will welcome you wholeheartedly. They will demonstrate mochi rice cake making following the traditional method using homegrown rice. Freshly pounded with your own hands, they will taste exceptionally delicious. Also, try our farm-to-table special Sukiyaki made with fresh chicken and lots of homegrown vegetables. The farmer will show you how to make it, so participate and learn. Chicken Sukiyaki is a holiday dish in Western Shiga, especially for local festivals. Many of our guests become big fans of this salty-sweet hotpot.
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Enryaku-ji Temple
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Explore one of Japan's most important Buddhist monasteries
Price from 7,77 EUR
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Japanese Home Cooking Lesson with Local Hosts in Peaceful Kyoto Suburb Otsu
Your host Hisako learned to cook from her mother and sister and is passionate about sharing Japanese home cooking with travelers using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Her other passion is music - Hisako studied classical music at the Guild Hall School of Music in London for two years. Her husband Atsuo has a tech consulting office in Kyoto and is a match maker between high tech companies in USA and Japan. Your cooking class will begin with a short introduction to miso, a fundamental element of Japanese cooking. There are many kinds of miso and Hisako's introduction will help to demystify the varieties and their usage. You will learn to make 2-3 authentic Japanese dishes with Hisako in her kitchen that you will later share at the dining table in their modern Japanese home. Your experience will end on a musical note, with Hisako playing and singing one of her favorite songs.
Price from 44,81 EUR
Lake Biwa Sailing: Shared Boat
A relaxing shared sailing cruise on Lake Biwa, with a guide and optional BBQ
Price from 23,31 EUR
Tour available in: English Russian Korean Canadian Dutch Italian Spanish German Portuguese Polish Japanese Chinese French
Electric Bike Tour of Lake Biwa from Kyoto
Enjoy a day off in the ultimate tranquility of the countryside as you take a leisurely cycle along the serene shores of Lake Biwa, the largest in Japan. Using electric bikes that provide an effortless, refreshing ride, this course follows beautiful lakeside roads up to stunning scenes of stepped rice terraces. This is a slow-paced, off-the-beaten-path tour in the countryside, showing a different side of Japan. Visit local shrines and wander along village streets free of the tourist crowds. Have a delightful lunch in the traditional home of a local farming couple. Instructed by the lady of the house, indulge yourself in preparing a delicious lunch (a vegetarian menu is also available) using the freshest local ingredients. We hope you will join us on this tour and its feast of discoveries!
Price from 138,60 EUR
South Lake Biwa Cruise
See snow-capped mountains and tranquil nature from a cruise on Lake Biwa
Price from 15,54 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian French Korean German Russian Portuguese Chinese Polish Dutch Spanish Canadian Japanese
Japanese Roof Architecture and Workshop Tour
Discover and learn in detail about the beautiful Japanese roof architecture of temples and shrines. This is a unique opportunity to visit workshops and experience this form of craftsmanship.On this tour, you will visit some of the last craftsmen who dedicate their lifework to the preservation of renowned temples and shrines in Japan. Since ancient times, Japanese people have believed that the beauty of Japanese architecture starts from the roof. This tour is an amazing chance to learn and understand Japanese roof tiles, which are recognized internationally for their beauty and artistic details. In the intimate venue of their workshops and homes, the roof craftsmen will explain to you how roof materials such as tiles, cypress bark and rice straw are used for roofs and share in detail the differences between temple and shrine roofs. 
Price from 147,26 EUR
Lake Biwa Cruise on the Michigan
Relax on Lake Biwa aboard an old-fashioned paddle steamer
Price from 15,54 EUR
Tour available in: English Canadian French Dutch German Spanish Italian Russian Polish Korean Japanese Chinese Portuguese
Private Holiday Professional Photo Shoot in New York City
Our biggest passion is to be behind the camera 24/7 and to capture the best moments of your trip while showing you the wonders of NYC. With more than 400 reviews on different platforms and several nominations for the best hosting photography experiences, we are super happy to offer our photography in New York City to travelers and locals! We will also help you find your way in the city and give you tons of tips to complete your perfect trip, as we know all the secrets of New York City . and we love to connect! If it's your first time we will give you tips on how to pose and you can bring more than one outfit.Whether for a vacation, professional, or even wedding photography in New York City . we are photography professionals and will provide you with unforgettable memories. Whatever photography needs in NY you might have, let's start!
Price from 139,00 EUR
Lake Biwa Sailing: Chartered Boat
A relaxing chartered sailing cruise on Lake Biwa, with a guide and optional BBQ
Price from 46,62 EUR
Tour available in: English Polish Spanish German French Canadian Italian Dutch Russian Chinese Japanese Portuguese Korean
Knowbyheart, Sake, Sweet, Lake-Biwa from a 1,100m high mountain
The 150 years-old Kawashima is located at Takashima in Shiga prefecture, which is about one hour from Kyoto. The owner, Mr Kawashima, hosts the brewery tour, in which you will have a chance to taste the local sake, “Matsuno Hana” and experience Takashima’s traditional culture and nature. Takashima is well-known for its unique water culture called “Kabata” which is an ancient method to use the natural spring water for daily life. This tour is exclusively designed for our guests.In the Kawashima brewery, you will enjoy Japanese traditional cultures in their special room, the inner room or the room apart from the main building, which is only opened for exclusive guests. NoticeWe use public transportation. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes from the bus and train window and relish the tranquil countryside on foot. However, please note that it is subject to availability and change. A taxi may be an alternative for transfer. Have a wonderful time in Japan!
Price from 485,10 EUR
Healing Meditation, Yoga Session, and Japanese Cooking Class in Kyoto
A Meditation and Yoga/Pilates session is led by a friendly instructor at an authentic Japanese house to help you absorb its healing energy. This relaxing Meditation and Yoga/Pilates session is followed by cooking a delicious, farm-to-table style Japanese lunch. We would like to recommend this tour especially to those who live a city life and for those who would like to take a break while traveling to listen to your body. You will also visit Lake Biwa, the biggest in Japan and wander along pretty village streets.
Price from 138,60 EUR
Sailing Experience in the biggest lake in Japan with BBQ Option
Lake Biwa, or Biwako, is Japan’s biggest lake closely located at just about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Kyoto. It is recognized as one of the most ancient lakes in the world, and the only lake of its kind in Japan. Biwako has been designated as a UNESCO Ramsar Wetland since 1993 boasting a rich ecosystem with approximately 1,000 different species of plant and animal life. Our sailing experience takes place in the splendor of such a magnificent atmosphere. This activity is conducted with our company-owned 30ft private sailboat. All amidst a pleasant breeze experienced most of the year by cruising over the mirror-like calm water as you hear the gentle sound of wind and birdsong. The sailing adventure is a refreshingly promising choice for breaking away from the hustle and bustle of the city center in Kyoto. The activity starts at 2PM with two options such as 3 hour cruising with or without BBQ after sailing (the options with BBQ consists of 3-hour sailing and 2-hour BBQ, TTL 5 hours).
Price from 63,59 EUR