Tours & activities in Tsuruoka

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Candle Painting in Tsuruoka City
It is a venerable item as a gift to the shogunate.Hand-drawn delicate and gorgeous color patterns are popular.You will be gently taught how to draw the traditional paint.You can make your own painting candle in about 1 hour.Accept applications for 1 people
Price from 17,82 EUR
Food x Spiritual Culture: Buddhist cuisine taught by Yamabushi
It is a trip to learn the spiritual culture of Japan based on nature worship through the devoted cuisine of Dewa Sanzan. Dewa Miyama is a sacred place of Shugendo. One of Dewa Sanzan, Ashigran Green Guide Jippon of Mt. We will have vegetarian cuisine at Haguro Sansaikan. Dewa Sanzan's vegetarian cuisine is a vegetarian cuisine created by Yamabushi's wisdom to survive in the mountains. While actually watching the rich wild plants and mushrooms collected at Dewa Sanzan, learn how to preserve and cook from the chef, and enjoy the rich blessings of the mountains. Pray to the mountains and slowly experience the spiritual culture of Japan that appreciates grace.
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Tokoroten noodle cooking experience
Use locally-grown weeds.You can make handmade TOKOROTEN that you don't usually make.Learn about seaweed food culture on the beach.Accept applications for 2 people.
Price from 40,09 EUR
Gotenmari Making Experience
Gotenmari is a typical local toy made in the Edo period.One needle is embroidered with colored thread and beautiful.A beautiful ball is completed in about 3 hours.How about making an original palace using favorite color?Accept applications for 1 people
Price from 26,73 EUR
Small-Group Dewa Sanzan Pilgrimage Trek with Yamabushi
Join a pilgrimage following the traditional route starting at a Shukubo Pilgrim Lodge and finishing at Dewa Sanzan Shrine.Experience a metaphoric journey from death to rebirth connecting you to nature and the Kami Gods and Buddha guided by a Yamabushi.Witness the spiritual sanctuary of Dewa Sanzan Shrine with the Michelin-starred row of cedar trees and thickest thatch roof in Japan on Dewa Sanzan Shrine at the top of Mt. Haguro at Dewa Sanzan.
Price from 385,98 EUR
Small-Group Zenpoji Temple Zen Experience in Yamagata
You can experience Zen and authentic Buddhist lunch ceremony.By learning the basics of Zen Buddhism from a real monk and experiencing Zen, you can have a calming practices can be applied to everyday life.
Price from 247,03 EUR
Yamairagawa Kabuki Experience
Classical performing developed independently in the district.It is structured so that even beginners can become familiar.Directed by a Noh performer from the Traditional Performing.Accept applications for 4 people.
Price from 44,54 EUR
Yamabushi Experience on Mt. Haguro
Participants will be provided with an Ofuda.A gyohi pilgrimage gown, for your pilgrimage.Precious mementoes of your spiritual experience.With a guide, you will follow in the footsteps of pilgrims.Accept applications for 2 people.
Price from 685,86 EUR