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Kyoto Matcha Green Tea Tour
Join our Matcha Kyoto Green Tea Tour and discover more about Uji Town, the heart and soul of Japanese Green Tea Culture. Matcha tea is definitely an integral part of Japanese tea culture. If you love Green tea and would like to learn more about Matcha, be sure to join our 3-hour tour to the town of Uji in Kyoto, the home of Matcha. A trip to Uji will give you many chances to experience and taste Matcha and other types of green tea in a variety of beverages and foods. The green tea and matcha (powdered green tea) produced here in Uji are famous for their quality not only in Japan but all over the world. Also, while visiting Uji you can see the gorgeous and famous Byodoin temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site. During our Uji tour we will sit down for a fantastic set lunch, and we will have a chance to experience making and drinking tea. If you find teas that you like, you will have time to choose, purchase and take home some delicious memories of your tour.
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Uplifting Kyoto: Private Tour of Uji's Tea, Shrines, and Natural Spirituality
Ever wondered what makes Japanese green tea so special? Explore the nuances of Kyoto's most famous tea producing area on a private tour of Uji and learn not only about the intricacies of tea, but also the engaging local history. Just a little off the beaten path (around 30 minutes by local train from central Kyoto points such as the Gion or Kyoto Station areas), Uji packs in breathtaking views of the river and mountains, and houses not one, but two UNESCO world heritage sites within a 10-minute walk of each other. All of this, and with far less people than you'd typically find canvassing the well worn paths of central Kyoto.In addition to tea and nature, this tour also features a visit to Byodo-in, a magnificent temple with a superlative, modern museum as well (admission included), around which you'll be guided by a native or equivalent English speaker who is sure to be friendly, accessible, and also very knowledgeable about the finer points of tea and Buddhism.
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Specialty Tea Tour in Kyoto - farm to table experience behind the bowl (Private)
Matcha and tea ceremony are getting popular in Kyoto, but this tour is for the people more interested in the ingredients, where and how it grows. You can visit some historical tea stores of Uji and a tea farm in Wazuka town, and enjoy home meal together with the tea farmer, listening to the stories behind matcha bowls and tea whisks. (Tea picking is available in May as a option).
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Byodoin Temple E-ticket (Admission + Audio guide)
・Byodoin Temple's ” Phoenix Hall” is the national heritage which is depicted on a 10-yen coin, and widely known around the world. ・Byodoin is registered as a World Heritage Site, and the Temple is a 1000 years old .・The temple displayed many Buddha statue made by Japane represented buddha engraver,and you can have glance of history parts through the exhibit items.Official audio guide, expound by the chief priest of the temple.
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Matcha Town Walking Tour in Uji, Kyoto
Are you a green tea lover or food lover? Then join us on this Matcha Town Walking Tour! On this tour, you will be exploring Uji, a beautiful historic district that is often affectionately known as a tea haven for tea lovers and connoisseurs. As we stroll around Uji, you will be introduced to many interesting and fun facts about the origins of tea, the art of tea ceremony, and the wonders of Uji.Here you will get a chance to taste their delicious matcha rice cake skewers, made using pure, rich matcha powder that is sure to tantalize your taste buds! We will also visit tea houses, and tea fields, and will even pay a visit to some of Japan's oldest shrines, which Uji is home to. Here I'll introduce the wonders of the shrines.For lunch, we will be stopping by a famous tea house, to enjoy “chasoba,” green tea soba noodles.After lunch, we will get to experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony at a traditional tea house.
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[Up to 200 yen discount] Genji no Yu coupon (bath + towel set)
Uji natural hot spring Genji no Yu 200 yen discount coupon“Uji Natural Hot Spring Genji no Yu” is the only natural hot spring facility in Uji City. If you apply from this page, you can use "Bathing + Towel Set (Bath Towel, Face Towel)" at a discount. The natural hot spring that springs from 1,111m below the ground is known as “Hot no Yu”, and has excellent thermal and moisturizing effects. Relax in a bath with a taste, such as an open-air bath inspired by the “Yamaaino Yujiba”, “Shigaraki Yaki no Tsuboyu” and “High-concentration carbonated spring”. * Rental towel sets are only for adults. Please purchase your child's towel set separately. * Mixed bathing for men and women over the age of 7 is not allowed due to Kyoto regulations. Guests under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian.Re-bathing and long stay are welcome! Relax in a cozy Japanese spaceFrom the exterior to the interior, the “Uji Natural Hot Spring Genji no Yu” is designed with a good old Japanese design. Re-bathing is set freely so that you can relax in one visit. There are also facilities other than the hot springs, such as “Korean style Akasuri” handled by skilled local staff and “Kenya” restaurant where you can taste “Genji pork”. Feel free to enjoy a hot spring trip in the comfortable atmosphere of Nagai. Access is an 8-minute walk from "Okubo Station" on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line. There are 124 free parking lots, so people coming by car are safe.
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Private Tour - World Heritage of Tasty Sweets! An Uji-Matcha Tour!
Kyoto, Japan? Make think of Matcha. This otomo tour is for Matcha lovers. Also visit Byodoinhoodo, a world heritage site in Uji.Uji is a major production area of tea, many high quality green teas are produced here. There is an overwhelming number of food with matcha on the road to Byodoin. Ice-cream, jelly, bread, noodles and even beer! Those of you not keen to matcha, this will surely change your image! Moreover, you can even try matcha powder making as well as a tea ceremony!Uji is the only place you can experience tea ceremony with a great view of world heritage!
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Kyoto Uji Matcha & Byodo-in Temple Walking Tour
-Start your walking journey in the historically rich town, Uji!-Byodo-in Temple and Ujigami Shrine. We will head to Uji Bridge passing by local small shops showing the ancient atmosphere. At Uji Bridge we will witness the epic landscape over the river and step our feet to the first world heritage site in Uji, Ujigami Shrine.-Learn Japanese history in the two different World Heritage Sites-You will not only just visit these places but also deepen your knowledge on the Japanese religion and learn the relations between these two iconic places across Uji river.-Try authentic Kyoto Uji Matcha Tea Ceremony!-Enjoy Uji Matcha Tea Ceremony with a Japanese sweet. Don't miss this extravagant opportunity to experience the authenticity of the tea ceremony.Magical Trip is a local tour operator with the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence that offers various types of small-group tours throughout Japan! Check out our Trip Advisor Page for more tours and our reviews!
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[Weekday 500 yen discount] Genji no Yu Coupon (Bath + Towel Set + Seasonal Kettle Miso)
Uji Natural Hot Springs Genji no Yu Weekday 500 yen discount coupon“Uji Natural Hot Spring Genji no Yu” is the only natural hot spring facility in Uji City. If you apply from this page, you can use "Bathing + Towel Set + Seasonal Kamameshi Gyoen" for a great deal. Please take advantage of this opportunity. (* Meals: Enjoy "Seasonal Kamameshi Gyoen" at the restaurant "Kenya".)Relax in a cozy Japanese space. Long stays such as re-bathing are OKThe hot spring used in Genji's hot spring is a natural hot spring that springs from 1,111 meters below the ground. The quality of the spring that resembles the seawater component is also called “Hot no Yu”, which is particularly effective for keeping warm and moisturizing. In the bathhouse, there are a variety of hot baths such as an open-air bath inspired by the “Mountain Ainoyu”, “Shigaraki Yaki no Tsuboyu” and “High-concentration carbonated spring”. There is also a topical lowry sauna and salt steam sauna, so it is perfect for relaxing. Re-bathing and Nagai are also welcome hot springs, so please feel free to visit them.
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