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Try real weapons - Winchester, Glock17, Kalashnikov, Beretta 92FS
You will have a unique opportunity to fire weapons, forbidden for public use at the shooting ranges in many countries (Kalashnikov, Winchester, Glock17, Beretta 92FS). For an additional cost you can try Magnum revolver, Franchi SPAS-15, B&T APC 223, Vepr Pioneer, pistols - TT33, PM, H&K USP, Luger M80, Walther P99 and many more). In total, we have more than 40 different weapons in our arsenal. You will get the instructions and learn how to shoot correct and precise. If you come with a group, you can compete with your friends. After you shoot each weapon, you go to targets with an instructor who will count the point and tell where was the mistake (if there will be one) and what caused it. After the shooting, you can have a great photo session with the guns you had fired.
Price from 55,00 EUR
Discover Riga’s art and culture with a Local
Enjoy this experience with a private local, discover everyday local life and learn where the city gets its characteristic ambience from.
Price from 41,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Riga: 1.5-Hour Latvian Wine Tasting Experience
Step into a magical medieval cellar in the heart of Riga. Learn the secrets of Latvian winemaking from local monks and taste some of the best wines in Latvia.
Price from 419,91 EUR
Vilnius Day Trip
This tour is to give You a general understanding of Vilnius history and culture. Tick the must-see boxes for Old Town as well as the artistic Uzupis district.Let us take You through the main sights of the Old town that we enjoy passing ourselves every time we show them. You will be guided through impressive Gothic and Baroque churches, our Cathedral, Presidential Palace, Vilnius University, Jewish Quarter. You will pass through the old City Gate remaining from medieval fortifications. You will walk the narrow streets that turn into an open air gallery, and finally you might get a chance to spot some locals drying their laundry in the the narrowest street of Vilnius.Get your cameras ready to capture some panoramic views of Vilnius as well as architecture and bizarre art pieces.The tour is private therefore if You have any particular interests just let us know in advance or at least at the beginning of the tour – we will try to tailor our topics to Your interests.
Price from 429,75 EUR
Architectural walk of Riga with a Local
Enjoy this experience with a private local, discover everyday local life and learn where the city gets its characteristic ambience from.
Price from 60,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
From Riga: Rundale Palace & Bauska Castle Tour to Vilnius
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Start from Riga and end in Vilnius visiting sights like Rundale Palace, Bauska Castle, and The Hill of Crosses along the way on a group or private tour.
Price from 330,00 EUR
Bogs and Resorts in Jūrmala
A day trip loaded with everything Jurmala has to offer. On this tour you'll enjoy a lot of the nature, like a hike on the boardwalk of Kemeri bog, a visit to Ragakāpa dune nature park, some of the most beatiful beaches of the Baltic sea and a climb on Dzintari Forest park's 36 meter tall watchtower to see it all from above.But it's not only nature that Jurmala has to offer - you'll get a guided tour through the most important sights of the town, including a visit to the Jurmala Open Air museum to see the story of a little fishing village becoming a resort known all around Europe.On all of the sights you'll be accompanied by your guide who'll give you background information and some fun facts on everything you see. If you wish to have more alone time with the nature - that is not a problem as well. This tour is highly customisable, just let us know and we'll do our best to cater to your needs.
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Historical walk through Riga with a Local
Enjoy this experience with a private local, discover everyday local life and learn where the city gets its characteristic ambience from.
Price from 72,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Riga: Behind the Iron Curtain 3.5-Hour Communism Tour
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Find out what was hiding behind the iron curtain in Latvia for 46 years on a 3.5-hour communism walking tour of Riga. Familiarize yourself with the Soviet Union legacy in Latvia and see real life the way it has been here for more than 60 years.
Price from 70,00 EUR
Riga Private Walking Tour
The Hanseatic city of Riga invites you to explore its major landmarks together with your private guide during 3 hours! Catch the medieval spirit of this Baltic pearl walking down along its lovely lanes full of mysteries and legends and take pictures of such city sights, as the Dome Church, Town Hall, House of the Blackheads, The Three Brothers, Statue of Roland and many others.The tour is available for cruise ship passengers, as well as for hotel and ferry guests!
Price from 71,58 EUR
Discover Riga in 60 minutes with a Local
Enjoy this experience with a private local, discover everyday local life and learn where the city gets its characteristic ambience from.
Price from 36,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Riga: Mini Baltic Tour Bauska - Rundale - Hill of Crosses
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Mini Baltic Tour includes stops at the main sights in Bauska, Rundale, Hill of Crosses with return to Riga. If you don't have a lot of time to spend, then this will be the best option to see these sights.
Price from 345,25 EUR
Best of Riga Walking Tour - Highlights and Hidden Gems
Experience the best that Riga can offer on this cultural and food tasting tour! Explore and discover Old Riga, Art Nouveau and Central Market - three "must see" districts in Riga during one tour. Together with a lovely local guide you will be able to immerse in the local culture, try real Latvian food, learn more about history and rich cultural heritage of Latvia, explore the best sights and enjoy stories about what makes Riga so unique and special. It will be a small-group tour where each tourist would be treated like a dear guest. You will be very warmly welcomed!
Price from 21,25 EUR
Entrance ticket to the House of the Black Heads in Riga
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Book an entrance ticket to the House of the Black Heads in Riga! See the place that testimonies the legacy of the Black Heads brotherhood.
Price from 8,00 EUR
Riga: 2-Hour Walking Tour in the Old Town
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Enjoy a 2-hour guided tour along the narrow streets of Riga's Old Town and discover the history of the city. Visit the famous sights in the city, including Riga Cathedral, the House of the Blackheads, St. Peter's Church, the Swedish Gate, and Riga Castle.
Price from 65,00 EUR
Try real weapons - Winchester, Glock17, Kalashnikov, Beretta 92FS
You will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the shooting range. After reading the safety regulation you choose the target and get shooting instructions. PLEASE NOTE - The package you book does not include all the weapons we have. You will get a chance to shoot from Glock17 (5 shots), Kalashnikov (3 shots), Winchester (3 shots) and Beretta 92FS (5 shots). More weapons and more shots you can add on the day at the range for an extra cost. We have the widest range of weapons in Latvia (40 in total), including Glock17/19/34, Sig Sauer P226/P228/Pro2009, Heckler & Koch USP, CZ 75/83, Beretta 92FS, Makarov, Strike One, Tokarev TT-33, Taurus revolvers (.38 Special and .357 Magnum), AK`s (5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x39mm Russian), Winchester, SPAS-15, B&T APC 9, B&T APC223, B&T GHM9, Vepr Pioneer, Sig Sauer 516 Patrol, double-barrel hunting rifle IZh27. You will be able to keep your targets and take photos with weapons before you will be dropped off at your hotel/apartment.
Price from 55,00 EUR
Scavenger hunt through Riga's old town with your phone
Book your cavenger hunt through Riga's old town with your phone. Solve riddles and missions and become part of the city!
Price from 33,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian German Russian
Riga: Self-Guided Old Town Tour
Visit hand-picked locations, the most remarkable places, and Riga's hidden gems. This quest is specially designed for visitors to Riga wishing to discover the city on their own time, without pressure.
Price from 29,90 EUR
From Riga: Best of Kemeri National Park In One Day
Enjoy the benefits of a day beginning with physical activity and experience a picturesque hike on the famous Great Ķemeri Bog boardwalk upon arrival at the National Park.After the inspiring morning improv-hike in Kemeri boglands, you will visit the amazing Kanieris Lake and one of its bird watching towers. This big shallow lake is an amazing former lagoon of the prehistoric Littorina Sea. It is very close to the Gulf Of Riga. Kanieris Lake is an important stop-over place for migratory birds. Nature trails along the banks of this lake go through various unique protected ecosystems (habitats) and can be a great place for you to spot wildlife.Now it is time to have a glimpse of the unique wet forests of Ķemeri National Park and their natural values including the famous Sulphur springs.Before heading back to Riga you will enjoy the fresh air of the stunning sandy beach and coastal pine forests of the Gulf of Riga.
Price from 150,00 EUR
Half-day guided tour to Rundale Palace from Riga
Visit the Baroque pearl-Rundale Palace on a private guided tour from Riga. Explore the magnificent Palace and have a stroll in the gardens.
Price from 86,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian Spanish German Russian
Riga Classical Old Town 2-Hour Walking Tour
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Enjoy a 2-hour guided walking tour of Riga and its Old Town as you explore Riga's historic center. Learn about the history of the city and the Latvian people as you visit the House of Blackheads, Riga Castle, the Old City Wall and Swedish Gate, and more.
Price from 44,50 EUR
Riga Ice Go Karting
Sometimes regular go-karts just aren’t as fun. We get it. I mean, if go karting is fun, why wouldn’t it be even more fun out on the ice? You can hammer your foot to the ground and get some serious speed and sliding as your kart whips around the frozen track. The speed, the cold, the slipping around the track making you feel like you just might spin out of control- these are the things we aim to deliver. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe- we’ve taken every precaution to ensure a safe and fun activity. We’ve even made sure we install snow tires and some hefty ice screws to the karts to make sure you keep some traction on the icy road. This is an ultimate activity for those that love speed and the adrenaline rush that comes from racing your friends around.
Price from 76,93 EUR
Half-day private guided tour to Jurmala
Visit Jurmala, the biggest spa resort in Latvia, located on the shore of the Baltic sea. Admire wooden summer cottages and have a stroll on the beach.
Price from 57,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian Spanish German Russian
Riga Beer and Tasting Tour
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Explore the beer culture of Latvia on a beer tasting tour of Riga. Try different brews in a selection of authentic beer bars. Travel back in time on a tour of the Old Town.
Price from 299,88 EUR
Honest tour of Riga with the best private guide in town
Honest tour of must-sees with the best* private guide of RigaEvery city has it's good, bad and the ugly, and there's always the option of highlighting just one side of the coin. On this tour we try our hardest to stay as honest and objective as possible, not loosing the perspective of a local at the same time. 4-5 hours, including a coffee break, might seem long, but a half day tour like that is the shortest possible time to cover all the most important sights that Riga's heart has to offer without a rush. Still - depending on your desire or availability, it can be longer or shorter as well - you can decide during the tour. It's customisable as well, so if you'd like to drop a thing from the itinerary or add something different (eg, central market), the guide will be happy to adjust.We don't take tours more than 5 times a week, so the tour would stay fresh and the guide wouldn't become a machine of spouting facts and figures.* as described by his mother and some of his friends.
Price from 82,06 EUR