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Cajamarca: Cumbemayo, the stone forest - Private tour
Visit Cumbemayo complex, discovered in 1937, it is surrounded by an interesting stone forest that seems to mimic the silhouettes of pious friars (for which it is popularly called "frailones" or giant friars). In addition, you find the Aqueduct (1000 B.C.), a unique work of hydraulic engineering, the Sanctuary, a cliff that looks like a giant human head and the Caves, which include cave paintings and carvings.
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Cajamarca city tour - Private tour
Tour of the main attractions in the city of Cajamarca. Visit the Hill of Santa Apolonia, natural vantage point in the center of the city from where you can appreciate the whole city and the valley of Cajamarca. Here you also find the so called Silla del Inca, which was a pre-Inca ceremonial altar. Then proceed to the Monumental Complex of Belen, with the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Piedad. Then continue to the "Cuarto del Rescate", where the Inca Atahualpa, last king of the Incas, was held prisoner. Then visit the exteriors of the temple of San Francisco, built in 1562 and inhabited by the first Franciscans. Also visit the Plaza de Armas, and the exterior of the Cathedral, built in the seventeenth century, with a facade that is a refined sample of Baroque art, standing out its main altar made completely of gold leafs. After the visit, transfer back to the hotel.
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Cajamarca: Ventanillas de Otuzco - private tour
Visit the "Ventanillas de Otuzco", located just 7 km. from the city, standing out amidst the countryside. The site is a pre-Inca cemetery which pre-dates the Cajamarca culture, probably influenced by the Wari empire. Hundreds of galleries and individual niches resembling windows were hewn into the volcanic stone. The niches probably were originally sealed with gravestones carved with figures in haut-relief, judging by fragments found nearby. The niches lead into a network of dark and mysterious galleries which appear to have no end, giving rise to myths of secret tunnels that linked Cajamarca to Cusco. At the end of the visit, transfer back to the hotel.
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Cajamarca: Inca's Bath - Private tour
Visit of the Inca Baths, located 6 km from the city of Cajamarca. Originally called Pultamarca, it is here, supposedly, that Atahualpa was resting just before the confrontation with Pizarro. Here you find hot springs of mineral water with a maximum temperature of 72ºC (158ºF). It is believed that they possess therapeutic properties for the treatment of bone and nervous system disorders. Discover the natural healing power of these hot springs through sessions of hydrotherapy and massage to help reduce muscle fatigue caused by physical exertion. After this visit, transfer back to the hotel.
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Cajamarca: Porcón farm - Private tour
The Porcon Farm is located 30 km from the city of Cajamarca. On the way stop at the village of Huambocancha Alta, where, on both sides of the road, inhabitants-artisans give life to the stone. Entire families are dedicated to the art of sculpting forms under the sky. Admire their handicrafts in stone, beforeheading to the Porcon Farm, a rural and religious community that counts with pine forests, livestock, fish, mini-zoo and beekeeping. Also, this farm offers a program of agrotourism in the mountains including crops and livestock. This farm offers visitors the planting and harvesting of potatoes and other root crops and vegetables, seed selection and soil preparation, hand milking of cows and sire selection, program management and rehabilitation of pine trees, which is being done by a successful project. You will have the opportunity to stroll in the countryside or just relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beautiful landscapes. After the visit, transfer back to Cajamarca.
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3-Day Guided Cultural Tour of Cajamarca with Transportation
Enjoy the benefits of Cajamarca with this traditional tour, know the beauty of this beautiful region.Visit the Porcón Farm, the largest artificial pine forest in Peru.Learn about the amazing Las Ventanillas de Otuzco archaeological complex.Walk the Cumbemayo rock forest, you will be able to observe the friars and the sacrificial stone.
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Cajamarca Classical 3 days and 2 nights
What are you waiting to visit Cajamarca?Come and live a different experience!Discover the majestic Cumbemayo Stone Forest.Experience a City Tour that will allow you to know the attractions of the city.
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