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Huaraz: 3-hour Trek to Laguna 69 with Optional Lunch
Enjoy a 3-hour trek to one of the most beautiful lakes in Peru, the Laguna 69. Admire the blue water and the stunning mountain scenery of the Cordillera Blanca.
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69 Lake - Cordillera Blanca
Is one of the best treks in Cordillera Blanca, where we will visit a beautiful lake its name is Llangancuco then we walk for 3 hours aproximately  enjoying the nature and finally visit the principal atractive, the 69 lake and finally we will return to Cebollapampa to take the bus back to Huaraz.
Price from 31,46 EUR
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Llanganuco Lakes Trip
Discover a spectacular landscape at over 12,000 feet above sea level when you take this fantastic trip to the Lakes of Llanganuco.
Price from 17,10 EUR
Huaraz: Full-day Tour to Lake Parón with Optional Lunch
Visit Huascarán National Park on this day trip with an optional lunch. Have a scenic view of Lake Parón and its surrounding towering mountains from a lookout point.
Price from 30,94 EUR
Parón Lake - Cordillera Blanca
Lake Parón is one of the most beautiful lake where you can enjoy the nature sorrounded by mountains like  huaydoy, chacraraju, piramide, paron, caraz and aguja. in the route we will pass for many towns of the Callejon de Huaylas like Tarica, Anta, Carhuaz, Yungay, Caraz, etc. and finally we will visit the principal atractive that is lake Paron.
Price from 31,46 EUR
Lake 69 Trip
User rating
Discover Peru's beautiful glacial landscapes of the Cordillera Blanca when you take this fantastic trip to Lake 69 from Huaraz.
Price from 17,10 EUR
From Huaraz: Huascaran National Park Private Full-Day Tour
Discover the Cordillera Blanca mountain range in Huascaran National Park. Pass through small towns and hike around the scenic Paron Lake on a full-day tour.
Price from 180,00 EUR
Chavin de Huantar
Chavin de huantar is one of the most important tour in Huaraz because in this tours we will visit a very important building of the chavin culture, a very old building also we will visit Querococha lake and finally the museum where we can find many importants pieces.
Price from 31,46 EUR
Private Lake Churup Hike
Discover the natural beauty that is hidden around the Cordillera Blanca with this Lake Churup Hike. Admire the Andean landscape as you follow the hiking trail.
Price from 153,80 EUR
Huaraz: Pastoruri Glacier Day Trip
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Explore the extensive Pastoruri Glacier and its surroundings from the city of Huaraz. Visit traditional towns and the Lake of Seven Colors.
Price from 30,94 EUR
Pastoruri Glacier: Climate Change Route (Full day)
The Pastoruri Glacier is located at 5000 m.a.s.l., even so, it is one of the few glaciers in South America that is easily accessible (reached on foot), where special equipment is not required to reach it.It is located within the Huascarán Biosphere Reserve and Huascarán National Park, thus providing it with a very particular ecosystem.It is located at a higher point than Mont Blanc (highest peak in the European Union).It is considered a route where you can see the effects of climate change and global warming.Possibly in a few years it will no longer be possible to visit.
Price from 35,96 EUR
Private Lake Wilcacocha Hike
Enjoy one of the most impressive views in all of Peru with this private Lake Wilcacocha Hike. You'll admire the rugged landscape around the Andes at its best.
Price from 85,40 EUR
From Huaraz: Chavín de Huantar & Chavín Museum Day Trip
Visit the cradle of the Andes and the Huascarán National Park before taking a tour of the archeological Chavín Museum with a guide.
Price from 30,94 EUR
69 Lake Tour of Peru
Description:We WILL PICK UP IN YOUR HOTEL . After there we will leave Huaraz by road to Yungay (1 hour), then start the trip on dusting road that takes us to the point called Cebollapampa. This is the starting point for the climb of Pisco ( 5,750m.). During the ride we enter the imoressive valley of Llanganuco, and also start at the check point to pay the entrance to Huascaran National Park (30 soles). We pass the lakes of Chinancocha and Orconcocha, of a beautiful color, surrounded by imposing summits of Huascarán North(6,655m.), Yanapaqccha ( 5,347m.) Huandoy ( 6,395m.), Chacraraju ( 6,112m.) and Pisco ( 5,750m). From Cebollapampa ( 3,850m.) we start the trek to Lake 69 (4,600m.) takes 03 hours uphill, a beautiful blue lake. For come back takes 2 hours at the lake, we descend to Cebollapampa to take the bus back to Yungay – Huaraz.
Price from 23,72 EUR
Huaraz: Llanganuco Lake Day Trip
Take in some of Peru’s most beautiful natural scenery. Explore traditional towns, the Callejón de Huaylas wilderness, and the remote Llanganuco Valley.
Price from 30,94 EUR
Parón Lake Full Day
We will take the Huaraz road to Caraz to take a detour to the Parón lagoon where we can see many mountains around it such as the Caraz, Aguja, Huandoy, Chacraraju and the mountain that we all want to see the ARTESONRAJU or better known as the Mountain of the PARAMOUND PICTURE
Price from 23,15 EUR
Huaraz: Nevado Mateo Full-Day Climbing Excursion
Embark on a trek to the Nevado Mateo summit at 16,896 feet (5150 meters) from where you can take panoramic views of Cordillera Blanca.
Price from 229,80 EUR
Santa Cruz 4 Day Trek
The world class Santa Cruz Trek is one of the most popular in Huaraz for good reason. The multi-day trek takes trekkers through the most stunning scenery in the Cordillera Blanca including awe-inspiring mountain passes and vast plains in 3-4 days!For pure mountain scenery in the Cordillera Blanca, theres no better value than the Santa Cruz trek. All necessary camping equipment and food / water is provided.
Price from 132,83 EUR
Pastoruri Glacier
Pastoruri Glacier in one of the best tour in Huaraz, where you enjoy the nature and live an amazing experience, in the rute you pass for some tradicional cityes like Recuay, Catac, Ticapampa, etc. we make stops in aguas gasificadas, Puya Raymondi, Pumapa Shimin Lake (seven colors lake) and Pastoruri.
Price from 31,46 EUR
Best of Huaraz Mountains and Lake and Archaeological sites 4d/3n
This is the perfect tour for those adventurers who want to explore the top tourist attractions in Huaraz specially the amazing hike to the blue water lakes surrounded by glaciers and amazing landcapes. All you have to do is book your flight or bus to the city of Huaraz and we take care of the rest. We will pick you up from the airport or bus station.You will stay At Hotel Valencia you will find a warm, safe and how-to atmosphere. Located in the center of Huaraz, a few meters from the Plaza de Armas and a few blocks from the busiest and most attractive areas of the city.
Price from 355,78 EUR
Full-Day Llanganuco Lakes Private Tour from Huaraz
Llanganuco Lakes is one of the most wonderful areas, for adventure lovers, and it can be visited in a short 4 hours hike! This tour involves you in passion for nature and adventurous hiking. If you don't wish to hike, you can stay in the car and follow hikers the same route in this comfort option.
Price from 89,44 EUR
Full-Day Tour to Lake Paron from Huaraz, Peru
Paron lake formed as a natural reservoir has an area of 44.3km2, it is 3.7km long from east to west and average of 7000m width from north to south, the original depth was about 75m, but today the level was lowered 15m to prevent the collapse of the moraine, the water from the lake was formerly used for the canon del pato hydroelectric scheme, since 29 july 2008, this condition has ceased. The lake itself is within the borders of the Huascaran National Park. The water level is controlled by a tunnel and underwater gate, to keep water level at 4155masl.
Price from 71,91 EUR
Pastoruri Glacier Private Full-Day Tour from Huaraz
Located in the south part of the Cordillera Blanca, Pastoruri is one of the glaciers left in the tropical areas of South America. The glacier is around 8 square kms in size and around 4km long with a terrestrial snow ending. It'r is retreating quickly, it has lost 22% of its size and 15.5% on its ice mass in the last 30 years.
Price from 65,23 EUR
69 Lake - Cordillera Blanca - Private Service
Is one of the best treks in Cordillera Blanca, where we will visit a beautiful lake its name is Llangancuco then we walk for 6 hours aproximately round trip, enjoying the nature to visit the 69 lake and we will return to Cebollapampa to take the bus back to Huaraz.
Price from 94,39 EUR
Disfruta Santa Cruz 4D / 3N
IMAGINA DISFRUTARLOS ANDES PERUANOS SIN PREOCUPACIONESASESORAMIENTO · ORGANIZACIÓN · SEGURIDAD · BUEN SERVICIOHuaraz Tours, Trek & Climb es un tour operador mayorista con más de 09 años de experiencia, ofreciendo servicios de tours, trek & climb en los Andes Peruanos. Te Ofrecemos:Asesoramiento Profesional Precios accesibles y justos.Alimentación 100% seleccionada con las calorías adecuadas según el servicio realizar.Contamos con buenos equipos de alta calidad para su expediciónPersonal de atención vía whatsapp 24 horas del dia.
Price from 179,79 EUR