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Birding Tour - Cloud Forest To Manu National Park
It is a tour in which in a few days you will be able to observe a lot of different species, as we will visit different altitudinal floors with their corresponding fauna.We have a team of very professional guides, who know how to perfectly identify all the species in a visual and auditory way, being this second one very important when you work in the jungle, since the vision is sometimes difficult due to the light or the height of the trees .In addition, we have been doing this tour for a long time, so we know the route well and the species that we can find in it. Nature will always be unpredictable, but despite that, we know certain specific points in which to easily see certain species.We make a very friendly deal with the passengers, which will make them feel good with our guides.On the other hand, we are always available to the client, accepting all those proposals or wishes that they have.
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