Tours & activities in Sedona

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Dead End Escape Room
70 Miles from any other civilized area awaits the cabin.A Dead End road, a military operation, and the fate of us all rests on your team.
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Private 7-Hour Sedona Vortex Empowerment Energies Workshop and Land Tour
“Empowermental Energies ”  7 (7.5) hour Workshop. Spend the day with us on a personalized journey through Sedona. Held in W Sedona  9:30 to 5pm  This workshop is full of tools: Effective Communication Skills, Empowermental Tools, Clearing the Past,  Flipping Wounds into Gifts, Moving Forward, Claiming your power,  and 3 hour Land Journey – connect to your authentic self in the Sacred Red Rock Energies.  Includes a lunch break on your own.  Snack and water will be provided.   LIMIT 6 people per group.   Total 12.SOLO WORKSHOPS Are $888 per person  / personalized and customized to your interests.  Sign up as a full day    
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Private Custom Grand Canyon Tours
Amazing Tour of the Southwest. Private Custom Tours with15 years of guiding experience. Knowledge Geology, Native History, Native Plants and Animals of the Southwest. Full day of amazing views and great capacity for integration.
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Life-transforming Guidance & Healing.
Todd Denny M.S.W. is a master healer and only works with one client/group per day. Along with his healing session, he teaches you skills to continue the healing work.We discuss your specific needs and then I carefully craft my healing protocol based on our conversation.Along with the powerful healing session, I send you video links that include tutorials to continuing the healing work on your own.You will learn:Present Moment MasteryProper Breath Techniques for Transformation.How your mind works for greater happinessVisualization – How to Project Future SuccessThe Joy of Recall, a Caycedian exercise for energy and Confidence How to Relax Mentally and Physically Personal Coping Skills How to transform Negative Intrusive ThoughtsHow to reduce Neurosis and WorryHow to use dreamwork for powerful insights.A simple and powerful meditation to stay grounded and calm.
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Hike and Happiness Experience in Sedona
This is a unique and memorable hike & heal experience while in the powerful red rock mountains of Sedona. While in nature, we will have a transformational coaching session to look at how to improve your happiness. We will have an earthing/grounding exercise & meditation in movement. We will also experience a fun experience connecting eye to eye (eye gazing) reaching the heart space (soul) for immediate healing! You will come away with hope & inspiration to improve an area in life that has held you back from living & loving in happiness on a daily basis. Many guests experience spontaneous breakthroughs that bring clarity and the potential for inner peace leading to inner freedom! Gratuities are accepted & appreciated with love & gratitude
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Private Sedona Wine Tour with a Certified Guide
We specialize in creating first-class experiences. Our guides give their all to help you really enjoy your day with us. With 3 flights and a gourmet dish from the wineries or breweries per person. Private door to door service.
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Sedona & Oak Creek Canyon 2-Hour Private Tours
Private Custom Tours to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Amazing views of the Red Rocks and surrounding area. Photo stops along the way.
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Harley-Davidson Jerome Private Tour in Sedona
NO SPECIAL LICENSE NEEDED as one of our drivers takes you on the back of a Harley-Davidson. Coming into Jerome on a Harley-Davidson is a feeling like no other. This is considered one of the top roads in the US for motorcycles. Combine the views and the roads, it's a ride that you will tell your friends about for years. We are the only Harley-Davidson and motorcycle touring company in Sedona. There's no better way to see Sedona then on a Harley-Davidson. There's proven science there's massive therapeutic benefits to riding a motorcycle. Especially a Harley-Davidson.So decrease your stress, increase your focus, have fun while riding on one of our late model Harley-Davidsons.You can’t get an experience like this anywhere else. Something you must do while in Sedona.
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Can-Am 2 seater Full Day Rental in Sedona
Stop wherever you want, drive wherever you like, don’t be rushed. These vehicles are street legal and can be taken on and off-road. We show you how to get to the best places where you can enjoy Sedona’s scenery and wildlife at your own pace.
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