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Walk the Oldest Streets of South St. Augustine Haunting Tour
The small cobblestone streets, old homes and businesses of St.Augustine at night add to the reality of the ghostly past giving a unique experience.
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Haunting Hour St Augustine Supernatural Walking Tour
A tour for true believers. Step into the Supernatural with this hour long tour of our as we walk the streets of an old world city in North America. We will discuss classic St. Augustine ghost stories, personal accounts and theories on all things paranormal. Our tour guides have an excellent knowledge in the historical, mystical and metaphysical. We'll start on the Bayfront, at 117 Avenida Menendez in historic St. Augustine, then travel to a cemetery, stop by a haunted bed & breakfast and visit Aviles, the oldest street in America.
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Paranormal Encounter in St. Augustine
We will investigate the spirits that linger near the Oldest Wooden School House on St. George Street with exclusive access to both the gardens and the School House itself.This building is documented on tax rolls since 1716 and was bought by Juan Genopoly in 1780. Genopoly was an indentured person who came to the Turnbull Plantation to grow and process indigo. He became a merchant and his family lived in the building. In 1788 the school was started with teaching both boys and girls. The last graduating class is believed to have ended in 1864.Come and explore the grounds carefully, using all of the tools paranormal investigators use. You can bring your own or select one from our assortment of tools available. Make sure you bring your camera and take photos!We are determined to solve why those who have departed this life refuse to leave the area! This is a real paranormal experience. There are no jump scares, it isn't a haunted house type attraction.
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Walking Historic Tour of the Nations Oldest City
Your licensed professional guide will walk you through the real history of St. Augustine, Florida. Known as the nations oldest city, St. Augustine has great buildings, attractions, landmarks, and waterfront views. Your tour may cover history spanning from 1565 to the present, with special focus on particular areas such as Henry Flaglers magnificent hotels and neighborhoods. you will be able to learn the real history of the main structures of the city like Castillo de San Marcos and why it was built, to the city gates which protected the city from invasions. Learn the true history of St Augustine from the residents and professionals that live there. We have operated tours in St. Augustine since 1998 and nobody does it better.
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Old City Ghosts Walking Tour in St. Augustine
The stories you will hear are from some of the earliest colonial settlements up into the 20th century. The accounts on our tour are researched, authentic, and up-to-date to ensure you have the best, most chilling experience possible.
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St. Augustine's Not Just A Chocolate Tour
Chocolate. Pralines. Do we need to say more?! Have a sweet time winding your way through historic downtown on our Not Just a St Augustine Chocolate Tour. Discover some of St. Augustine’s best unique sweets and chocolates while learning about what makes these treats so addicting! Each of our tours is as much about local history as it is about chocolate. Our local guides have gone to great lengths to understand the areas we take you to so we can share some of its fascinating stories. With personable guides and small groups, it should always feel like having a friend in St. Augustine. A variety of samplings will be provided along with extra to take home and enjoy later.To keep your sweet buzz going, we provide a thermal bag and extra take home goodies we sampled on tour to enjoy later.
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Private Nights of Lights Golf Cart Tour up to 5 people
Private environmentally friendly electric golf cart tours up to 5 passengers, with holiday music and ample free parking!
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Brunch & Bubbles Rolling Tour (Chauffeured)
FOOD & BUBBLY PAIRING TOUR:Why walk when you can RIDE!!! It's a ROLLING event for the TASTE BUDS!Travel in style - via a motorized vehicle! We will take you on a tasting adventure, as we visit some of our favorite venues, in St. Augustine!Each location has been hand selected to ensure the ultimate tour experience. Indulge in some of the best local cuisine, perfectly paired with delicious bubbly cocktails, and thoroughly enjoyed by all who appreciate a true brunch adventure!
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Second Breakfast Brunch Golf Cart Tour in St. Augustine
One of the brightest food tour experiences to Saint Augustine. We travel via electric golf cart across the historic districts of our nation's oldest city. Second Breakfast is an international delight.Many cultures have a second breakfast, meals are meant to be savored, and all across the world cuisine is to be prized. Join us for a multi-ethnic experience celebrating the best of brunch as we traverse our historic town.For the most enjoyable and entertaining tour to start your day off right, choose the Second Breakfast Brunch Golf Cart Tour. We hope you join us on this wonderful adventure for small-groups.
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Dolphin and Wildlife Adventure of St. Augustine
Experienced Naturalist on board as your guide, you will be sure to leave with a new passion for our marine life. This part of Florida is beaming with estuary delights, all of which come together to form quite an ecosystem. Here in the bay of St. Augustine, we are lucky to have an abundance of dolphin, and other magnificent wildlife. We regularly see them playing and hunting on our tours! Although nature is never guaranteed, we bring you to the best locations to observe the wildlife including dolphins, sea turtles and Florida birds such as the pelican, osprey and roseate spoonbill.This tour is great for any age, but if you are over 21 we have a bar on board with a great variety of beer and wine including mimosa's! We also have snacks and soft drinks available! No outside alcohol allowed, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drink as long as non-alcoholic.We have plenty of free parking at our location and a restroom on board for your convenience.
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Saint Augustine Historic District Photo Tour
Expand your photographic skills, share in the history and capture the historic beauty through the lens of a camera and/or cell phone with composition tutorials. Patricia will expand upon your inner artistic expression through composition tutorials. All tours are fine-tuned for the casually interested, aspiring photographer, professional photographers and all the creative souls in between. Saint Augustine Photo Tours are led by Patricia Bean, a local professional, published photographer, and licensed history tour guide. Each stop includes the interesting and unique history and photographic opportunities through this engaging, fun process.
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Matanzas River Kayaking and Wildlife Watching
A Kayak Adventure in the most dynamic waterway in the area. Come take a kayak trip with our ecotour company to expand your Eco-consciousness. While kayaking with our experienced ecotour guides, we teach how to connect on a deeper level with Mother Nature through hands-on experience in a way that is only available from a kayaker's perspective.
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West Gate Paranormal Haunted Wanderings Tour
Investigating the afterlife since 1995, West Gate Paranormal Tours are run by paranormal investigators, who have researched the history as well as the legends of the nation's oldest city.Our tour is owned by one of the top rated tour guides in the city and state, and has helped to set up other tour companies and help them reach top status as well.Our tours are non-theatrical, and we rely on FACTUAL history, so there's a lot of debunking, but none of the Halloween style scares. You will be presented with some of the most thorough history, and told of the legends of the city, as well as hear the actual story behind where some of these legends originated from.We have investigated areas within the city that had never before been investigated, and we have appeared on TV presenting some of our evidence found in the very spots that the tour will guide you.We offer a unique, and historically accurate tour. Why not join us and find your OWN evidence?
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Guided Running Tour in Saint Augustine
This running tour provides a unique experience providing a fun light morning exercise while exploring the historic town and old streets while learning its history.
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Fun City Scavenger Hunt in St. Augustine by Zombie Scavengers
In Zombie Scavengers of St. Augustine, players will use an app to try to survive a zombie apocalypse. You'll do so by finding survival objects around the city, in any order you'd like, to get points and do fun zombie themed challenges for points as well. Use strategy to try and find as many items as possible in order to survive. Your survival team will be able to see the score on the app's rankings compared to teams across the country. You'll have a remote host via chat in case you need anything. Let's survive in St. Augustine today!
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St. Augustine History Museum Admission
At the St Augustine History Museum, a combination of historical displays and private collections bring over 400 years of Florida history to life. Guests can visit the Spanish sunken treasure room, a Timucan Indian Village and a Florida Cracker trading post.
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Self-Guided Haunted Ghost Walking Audio Tour in St. Augustine
This is a Smartphone Guided ghost tour on the WalknTours app. Go to the oldest wooden school house, press play and put your phone in your pocket. From there you are guided turn by turn along the spooky streets of St. Augustine. Go at your own pace and on your schedule. 1 purchase works on 2 smartphones. Once you unlock the tour it does not expire and can be taken anytime.The tour offers spooky narration and theatrically crafted music. Contactless and social distance friendly.It's recommended to listen on headphones or earbuds. Also you can Listen on a bluetooth speakers or your phone speaker. What makes this tour special?-The spooky narrator is one of a kind.-This is not a fact dumping tour. It's a spooky adventure. -Go anytime. Go at your own pace-Great bang for your buck. Get the adventure for a fraction of the price of other tours.You’ll see haunted cemeteries, hotels, restaurants, and houses with a ghostly history lasting nearly 400 years.
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Rhythm of the Night Tour - #1 Booze Cruise in St. Augustine, FL
Old Town Cycle Cruise is the ultimate booze cruise on the water in St. Augustine. The city's first-ever cycleboat to hit the water! We provide 90-min Public & Private BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage - Including Alcoholic Beverages) Tours in the Historic St. Augustine waters. We have space for 24 passengers and the tours include Master Captain, First Mate, 12-Cycle Stations, Music, Party Lights, Ice and Beautiful Views of the Best Sightseeing. Come pedal or kick back & party with us! Perfect for Bachlorette Parties, Birthdays, Ladies Night and Team Building!
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A Night Among Ghosts - The Real Ghost Hunting Experience
Are we sold out here? Find more times, availability and options on our site. A Night Among Ghosts is St. Augustine's most investigative tour experience. Your group will utilize investigative techniques and paranormal equipment and will learn about the ghostly history and happenings, visit multiple haunted sites, and have fun while honing your investigation and intuitive skills. Equipment use includes Spirit box, Pendulum, dowsing rods, trigger objects, meters, and more! We begin at the Odd Macabre courtyard, where you will get to know your guide and your team for the night, discuss investigative techniques, and learn about ghost hunting. Then walk to actively investigate 2 locations in the historic district.
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The 13 Keys Scavenger Hunt - Hauntings in Old St. Augustine
This activity combines a scavenger hunt and a self-guided ghost adventure around the Nation's Oldest and most haunted city! When you arrive at our haunted parlor, you will check-in and then off you go to find clues, learn history, & maybe even spot a ghost along the way! This activity was curated by a couple of paranormal investigators who lead real ghost hunting experiences and are strongly versed in the history of St. Augustine.
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WhichCraft Candle Parlor Experience
Choose from at least 40 scents that include seasonal options. You will choose up to 3 fragrances, then our staff will assist you in creating your own custom blend. Are we sold out here? Check our site for more times and availability. We are there to guide you through the wicking, pouring, and scenting process. Next, you will embellish your own custom label, and then you have time to enjoy historic downtown St. Augustine while your candle cures.
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The 13 Keys Scavenger Hunt - Archives of the Old City History Hunt
Your experience will begin at The Odd Macabre Company, where you will receive your 13 Keys Scavenger Hunt instructions. Then off you go into the historic district following clues, solving riddles, and enjoying an immersion into the history of St. Augustine. This history hunt is a unique way to truly get to know St. Augustine.
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The 13 Keys Scavenger Hunt- Very Merry Nights of Lights
When you check-in with your group you will be given your Very Merry Nights of Lights scavenger hunt materials and gear. You'll meet and get connected with your helper elf who will be there for any reassurance needed as you make your way through the magical nights of lights in St.Augustine. Your guide will assist you in real time, as needed, helping with additional clues along the way where you'll utilize your wits to solve puzzles and challenges, while having a jolly time finding the 13 Keys to complete this most magical hunt!
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Historical Tour of St. Augustine Per Row (3 seats)
This is an extensive and educational tour of St. Augustine. Explore the cultural events that made St. Augustine a key component in world history. The tour is conducted on our electric vehicles in the downtown area of St. Augustine passing by all the main historical structures and areas.  Between The Mission Nombre de Dios, Castillo De San Marcos, The Ponce De Leon Hotel (now Flagler College),  The Cathedral Basilica, The Tolomato Cemetery, The Saint Francis Barracks, and The Plaza De La Constitución...there are endless adventures waiting to be discussed.  The driver is your guide and you are welcome to ask questions.  During the historical tour your guide will point out historical attractions and places of interests while discussing the history of charming St. Augustine.Please, Select "3" guests to show the true availability. This is a PER ROW booking with up to 3 seats no matter if you have 1-3 guests. The only way to book is by selecting "3" guests. It will be the same price.
Price from 67,50 EUR
St. Augustine Scavenger Hunt: The Pretty Ancient City
Let’s Roam is the #1 app-led scavenger hunt company. Walk to all the best landmarks and hidden gems, answering trivia questions and solving challenges. Work with your team or compete against them, as you learn new facts and create memorable experiences. Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunts are great as an everyday activity, or for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate team building events and more! Each player chooses an interactive role, with challenges varying by person.
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