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East Zion: Slot Canyon Exploration and UTV Tour
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Take a thrilling UTV ride followed by a stunning hike in a slot canyon. Explore the backcountry of East Zion, home to world-renowned Slot Canyon formations and incredible views.
Price from 85,37 EUR
East Zion Experiences 4-Hour Slot Canyon Canyoneering UTV Tour
Travel in Off Road ATV's to the base of a little known slot canyon called Coal Hollow Slot Canyon. After a short 1/2 mile but steep hike we will arrive at the first of 6 to 7 rappels. We provide all the equipment we will need for this amazing opportunity to rappel into a slot canyon. We will spend around an hour navigating through this Amazing place.Private Tours for groups of 4 or more.
Price from 139,15 EUR
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Zion National Park: Self-Driving Audio Guided Tour
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Explore the staggering mountain peaks, stunning natural pools, and gorgeous vistas of one of America’s most beautiful landscapes.
Price from 8,62 EUR
East Zion Experiences UTV Slot Canyon Tour
Come join East Zion Experience for an unforgettable slot canyon experience. We will spend the majority of our tour on our UTV's. Our guides will drive you in the UTV (Can Am Defenders) to Upper and Lower Red Caves Slot Canyons. Don't forget your camera you will have the ability to take amazing pictures to remember this. Private Tour for groups of 4 or more.
Price from 91,01 EUR
East Zion: 1-Hour Stargazing Experience
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See more stars than you have ever thought was possible on this stargazing experience. Complete with a telescope, hot chocolate bar, and blankets. Enjoy an evening under the stars while learning from a trained stargazing guide.
Price from 10,35 EUR
Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon Adventure (Private)
This is a private tour to a public destination. By private, we mean that we don't combine groups. We will however fill as many seats as we can in a single UTV. Please contact with questions regarding how we privatize. (Minimum 2 guests per booking.) This is a fully guided tour where guides do the driving. NO GUEST DRIVINGGet ready for a fun ride to Peek-A-Boo slot canyon! The best way to get to the canyon is with an off-road machine. Our Polaris Rangers are the most fun you'll have getting over the sandy trails to the sandboarding location. Sandboarding is an optional activity for children, teens and anyone that wants to give it a try free of charge. There are sand dunes and beautiful scenery along the way. This slot canyon is away from the crowds and is a great alternative to some of those busy areas at the national parks. The hike through the canyon is not difficult. A short ladder is present. It is a great opportunity for kids and families to relax and go at their own pace.
Price from 112,02 EUR
East Zion: 1-Hour White Mountain Horseback Tour
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Take the opportunity to visit a slot canyon from horseback. Enjoy a scenic ride to the mouth of a secluded slot canyon and take in the towering sandstone walls.
Price from 59,50 EUR
Peekaboo Slot Canyon
We are the 6th generation of (LOCAL) tour guides in Kanab. We have a love and passion for our area. We know all the secret places and hidden gems and love what we do. We have an open air truck for extra room and safety.
Price from 112,02 EUR
St. George: Sunset ATV Adventure near Zion National Park
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See the spectacular Southern Utah sunset during an ATV adventure in Sand Hollow State Park near Zion National Park. Enjoy the thrilling ride and the breathtaking views of the desert with its iconic red rock formations.
Price from 182,46 EUR
Sandboarding & Slot Canyon UTV Adventure (Private)
This experience is private, no need to worry about combined groups causing social distancing problems. (Minimum 2 guests per booking.) This is a fully guided experience where guides do the driving. NO GUEST DRIVING.Sandboarding is a unique activity and makes this a great family tour with the addition of the short slot canyon hike. But the best thing about this tour is the ride in a UTV/ATV. The sand dune we board down is great for all ages. You can either board standing up or sled sitting down! At 2 hours, this tour allows you to easily get in a fun activity that wont make you dedicate an entire day to an excursion while also providing some fast paced excitement. We have found that many guests prefer not to ride for hours on the dusty trails. And with short vacation time not everyone has the opportunity for the longer tours! It is a quick stop on the way to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park and will most likely be a location you pass on your travels to see the parks.
Price from 112,02 EUR
Las Vegas: Zion and Bryce Canyons Small Group Tour
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Experience the beauty of Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks. Discover secret vistas and learn from a guide on this tour of no more than 14 people, with lunch.
Price from 206,10 EUR
Sunset, Sandboarding at Peekaboo Slot Canyon UTV Adventure (Private)
This experience is private, no need to worry about combined groups causing social distancing problems. (Minimum 2 guests per booking.) Guides drive the UTVs. No guest driving.Great sunsets can often be found near Zion National Park. This location is within 30 minutes of Zion. This is a great opportunity to see the beautiful Peekaboo slot canyon and then have some fun on the sand dunes at sunset. The beauty of the dunes just adds to an already unique ATV adventure. Sand boarding down a dune is one of the optional activities and the kids especially will love it! Whether its a sight seeing ride or an adventuresome outing for the kids, this experience has something for everyone.
Price from 112,02 EUR
East Zion: Brushy Cove Jeep Adventure
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Hold on tight as you traverse wild terrain in a customized Jeep. Ascend over two thousand feet and see the breathtaking views of the vast East Zion from Brushy Cove and Elevator Trail.
Price from 68,30 EUR
Ultimate UTV Slot Canyon Tour
We travel to and from each place in a fun UTV. We see Peekaboo Slot Canyon, The Great Chamber, and a hidden lake.
Price from 144,40 EUR
From Springdale: The Zion Narrows Hike
User rating
Experience The Narrows, the most popular hike in Zion National Park. Walk along the river surrounded by soaring sandstone walls and awe-inspiring views at every turn.
Price from 272,08 EUR
Guided Hike through Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon
Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon is a quiet, special place off the beaten path just outside of beautiful Kanab. The quiet serenity of beautiful colored Navajo Sandstone rocks that have taken millions of years to form will take your breath away and leave you wanting more.
Price from 67,32 EUR
East Zion: 1-Hour Checkerboard Overlook Jeep Tour
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Buckle up and explore the backcountry of East Zion on this 1-hour adventure-packed Jeep tour. See views of Zion's Checkerboard Mesa and descend into Jolly Gulch on a scenic and exciting ride.
Price from 29,58 EUR
Zion Jeep Tour Premium Package - Morning Tour
The only company that visits this area. 4-hours round-trip! Way beyond sightseeing, explorational and interactive; a true off-road Jeep tour experience! Stopping at the spots that interest you - drinking fresh rain water out of rock pools or taking a bite out of a prickly pear cactus. We love to chase lizards and enjoy the snakes from a distance. Reaching 5,300 ft. elevation, 30 miles of trail. Perfect mesh of history, geology, and pristine high desert. Seriously, views that rival the Grand Canyon; so quiet you can hear the wind glide off the Ravens wings! Tour offers peace, solitude and serenity. Honestly, our guides break the mold (knowledgeable on history, geology, how Native Americans lived thousands of years ago). Engineered to be the least dustiest Jeep tour providing 360 degree views. In this industry, you get what you pay for, quality costs money; we don’t apologize for the quality of our tours. 3-hours of fun in the dirt. NOTE: No off-road tour company is allowed within ZNP.
Price from 115,26 EUR
Springdale: Half-Day Canyoneering Experience
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Get a taste for canyoneering on a guided 4-hour adventure, located just outside of Zion National Park. Rappel, hike, climb, have fun, and enjoy amazing views.
Price from 169,58 EUR
East Zion Experiences 2-Hour Slot Canyon Canyoneering UTV Tour
Travel in our off-road Can Am Defenders to the Coal Hollow Slot Canyon. This tour is a great tour for young families and beginning canyoneers. After arriving at the canyon we will have a 1/2 mile steep hike. We will then Rappel through the slot canyon via 4 rappels. Private Tours for groups of 4 or more.
Price from 99,77 EUR
Las Vegas: Bryce and Zion National Park Tour
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Experience both Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park on a day trip from Las Vegas. Take a guided excursion through the stunning natural beauty of both parks.
Price from 123,40 EUR
East Zion: Half-day Canyoneering Tour
Canyoneering is one of our most unique activities, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Zion National Park area holds some of the world's premier canyoneering opportunities. This thrilling activity combines climbing, hiking, and rappelling; it gives you the ability to explore stunning slot-canyons that have been carved by water and wind. Exploring the Slot-Canyons of Southern Utah is a unique experience, but only one click away for you!
Price from 130,40 EUR
From Springdale: Zion National Park Scenic Hiking Tour
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Join a guided tour of Zion National Park and enjoy its incredible surroundings on a private guided hike. Follow your guide and discover hidden gems and viewpoints that will leave you in awe.
Price from 169,58 EUR
Peekaboo Slot Canyon Jeep Tour
Explore one of Utah's best known slot canyons, Peekaboo. Located 5 miles north of Kanab this slot canyon is a must see. After an amazing 15 to 20 minute Jeep ride, walk through the 1/2 mile slot canyon Peekaboo. Peekaboo is one of southern Utah's best known slot canyon. Walk through this narrow canyon with high sandstone walls on both sides of you. You will get to see how the Native American's that lived in this area used the canyon as you can look at their Moqui steps that they created to read high up area's on the cliff walls. Make sure to bring a camera so that you capture some of the beauty you will see. You wont forget the amazing red sandstone canyon. We hope to see you soon.
Price from 78,76 EUR
From Las Vegas: Zion National Park Full-Day Adventure
Escape to a breathtaking nature preserve, Zion National Park, on a day trip from Las Vegas. Use the national park's complimentary shuttle service to explore at your own pace.
Price from 128,49 EUR