Barcelona Tours

Barcelona Tours

Barcelona is a treasure trove of incredible sights that you must see when visiting. One of the most visited monuments to add to your tour is the Sagrada Familia. It is regarded as an international centre of worship and spirituality. The architecture of the Basilica will leave you in awe with its vertical impressions and depiction of Christianity in various designs. This Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece is taking over a century to build, and that effort is visible in very stone.

There are also other Gaudi architectural marvels such as Park Güell that you can enjoy on a city sightseeing tour. In this place, Gaudi portrayed different artificial elements so well that they almost appeared natural. From the two Hansel and Gretel-themed gatehouses to the mosaic lizard sculpture, the would-be self-contained suburb offers a glimpse into Gaudi’s imagination. La Pedrera is another one of Gaudi’s work and has been an iconic building in the city. With no straight lines and a rippling facade, the building was way ahead of its time when it was finished in 1912. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is an attribute to the genius of the architect.

A visit to the Museu d’Historia de Barcelona will give you a peek into the heritage of the city and its people. The building was part of the Grand Royal Palace; and therefore, holds a bit of history in itself. Roam through the old streets and take a stroll into a ruin or two of 6th Century churches. Visit the Capella Reial de Santa Àgata or go to the Mirador del Rei Martí.

While on your big bus tour, don’t forget to check out the Museu Picasso. Art lover or not, a showcase of the painting genius is hard to pass on. Browse through the work of Picasso in his earlier years growing up in Barcelona. Go to Palau Meca, Palau Aguilar or Palau de Baro de Castelle to view the permanent collection.

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