Ireland Tours

Ireland Tours

Should you be visiting Ireland some time, then you might want to consider seeing the following attractions which are some of the best in the country, and visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Giant’s Causeway, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is included in a day tour from Dublin to Belfast. On the Sightseeing tour, you’ll get an opportunity to explore sites where you will learn about the capital’s history, see the murals in the streets of the Skanskill and Falls areas, as well as the Belfast Docks. The Sightseeing tour also takes you along the scenic Antrium coast, until you get to Giant’s Causeway, one of the great geological marvels of Ireland. Also to see on this tour, is the 15th century Dunluce Castle, one of the filming locations for the famous Game of Thrones.

This is a memorable 3-day tour to Cork, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the natural and cultural high points of Ireland. Two modes of transport are used in this tour, namely the train and a big bus. As you travel by train and Big bus through the area, you will get to see the most stunning natural scenery as you make your way to Ring of Kerry, as well as the UNESCO-listed Cliffs of Moher. Included in this tour, is a visit to the world-famous Blarney Castle and its spectacular gardens where, like thousands of other tourists do, you can kiss the Blarney Stone.

A visit to Ireland isn’t complete if you haven’t experienced the local beer, so participating in a pub crawl in Temple Bar, the cultural quarter of the city, will be absolutely memorable. The tour is led by two extremely friendly musicians, who will take you through this trendy, yet historic area of the city. Apart from being loads of fun and educational, the pubs you visit will have you witnessing the true Irish drinking culture, listening to traditional storytelling, and enjoying Irish music at its best. The tour lasts for 2-1/2 hours, and is crammed full of pure Irish entertainment in all forms.

One excursion that is an absolute must for any history lover to Ireland, is Newgrange, believed by many to be one of the most amazing monuments of European prehistory. Dating back to circa 3200 BC., it was built by a wealthy farming community during the New Stone Age, or Neolithic times.

Classified as a passage tomb, the monument consists of a passage that leads to a large chamber, where the remains of the cremated were placed. Despite being man-made, the chamber was undisturbed for hundreds of years, more than likely out of superstition or respect for the dead, but has been accessible since 1699. Shortly afterwards, antiquarians became interested in the monument, but it was only in 1962 that excavations on the site began.

Accessibility is only possible by guided tour. This excursion requires visitors to walk across the pedestrian bridge spanning the river, where they are then taken by shuttle bus to the monument.

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