London Tours

London Tours

When travelling to London, it is good to remember that there is a large variety of sights to see in the charming English capital. The range of attractions can be accessed using many of the city sightseeing tour services including the Big Bus Tour which is an open-top sightseeing double decker bus, much alike to the classic red buses that can be found throughout London. The tours of London are very useful for those attempting to get a comprehensive view of the city, including live guides or recorded commentary in 8 different languages to tailor to a wide customer base. London hosts a lot of big name attractions, some of these include:

Buckingham Palace. The hub of the British monarchy, the charm and sophistication that the area has to offer provides a great opportunity to get up close and personal to where the Queen sometimes resides. The beautiful surrounding grounds are also a treat, with many quaint walks and plenty of open space for all to enjoy.

The London Eye. Possibly one of the best known attractions, the London Eye provides a breath taking view of the city skyline over the course of 1 hour or so; allowing visitors a bird’s eye position above such sights as Canary Wharf and the houses of Parliament.

St Paul’s Cathedral. A building with a long line of associated historical events, the 18th century cathedral is found in the heart of the city, boasting exquisite architecture and design for those who appreciate the older buildings of London.

The Houses of Parliament. The central hub of government, the houses of parliament are a must see sight next to the river Thames. Also included is Big Ben, the famous clock tower that towers over the nearby streets, providing an awe inspiring look back into the past.

Canary Wharf. Based on the Isle of Dogs, one of the most famous business centres of London hosts various tours of the facilities, again providing visitors with a view over the city skyline. These include excellent restaurants where you can experience high quality food nearby.

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