Tours & Activities in Tarija

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Valle La Concepción Bodegas Tour

Discover the wine region of southern Bolivia with this tour through Valle La Concepción. We'll visit different wineries and learn about the regional varieties!

Price from 600,00 BOB
Tarija Complete Tour
Spend a day surrounded by vineyards, culture, and nature on this complete tour of Tarija. You'll also taste typical products and delicious high-altitude wine!
Price from 600,00 BOB
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Chorros de Jurina & Marquiri Canyon Tour
Enjoy a day surrounded by nature, waterfalls, and crystal clear water pools with this excursion to the Chorros de Jurina and Marquiri Canyon!
Price from 300,00 BOB
Tarija Stargazing Activity

On this stargazing activity in Tarija, we'll look for constellations and planets at the National Astronomical Observatory of Santa Ana!

Price from 250,00 BOB
Tour to Sama Reserve & Laguna Grande of Tajzara
See the rugged landscapes of plateaus, lagoons, and sand dunes of Tarija Valley on this excursion to the Sama Reserve and the Laguna Grande of Tajzara.
Price from 950,00 BOB
Inca Trail of Tajzara Trekking Tour
Walk along the same trail as the Inca soldiers on this trekking tour along the beautiful Inca Trail of Tajzara. You truly love it!
Price from 1270,00 BOB
Tarija Wine Tour
User rating
Discover Bolivia´s wine capital with this sophisticated wine tour in Tarija. You'll get to learn all the secrets behind the city´s renowned high-altitude wine.
Price from 300,00 BOB
6-day Bolivia Hiking Tour
On this 6-day hiking tour through the Tariquía National Reserve, we'll explore a mystical world of breathtaking nature and ancient legends in Bolivia.
Price from 3330,00 BOB
Tarija City Tour
Discover the ancient past of Tarija, from the time of dinosaurs to its colonial era. The most complete historical adventure!
Price from 250,00 BOB
Horseback Riding in San Lorenzo
If you're in Tarija, take a relaxing horseback ride through San Lorenzo while enjoying the views of this picturesque town in the province of Méndez.
Price from 500,00 BOB
San Lorenzo & Coimata Tour
Discover the birthplace of Eustaquio Moto Méndez, leader of the fight for Bolivian independence with this fascinating Tour of San Lorenzo and Coimata.
Price from 350,00 BOB
Tarija Valleys 3-Day Tour
With this 3-day tour through the valleys of Tarija you'll travel through beautiful meadows, fern forests and green pampas, not to be missed!
Price from 2018,00 BOB
Tarija Paleontological & Archaeological Museum Tour
With this Paleontological and Archaeological Museum and the Valley of the Giants Tour in Tarija you'll take a a fascinating journey back in time.
Price from 250,00 BOB