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Santa Fe de Antioquia at sunset - Free Tour
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Welcome to Santa Fe de Antioquia! The mother city that, at sunset, is wonderful. Such good weather is perfect to discover the second best preserved Historic Center in Colombia.
With 480 years of history since its foundation, this city is full of anecdotes, places and monuments, which I am looking forward to telling as well as showing the 30 most interesting places. This tour is loaded with very pleasant stories, few reviews of dates and many curious stories of Santa Fe de Antioquia. We will also have a tablet as an audiovisual support to show you old photos to better set the tone for the tour and to place you in time more easily.

At the end of this tour it would be very cool to have a craft beer. This allows you to live this historical experience in a better way in a land that falls in love and surprises.

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Religious tour, the tradition of Holy Week.

Holy Week in Santa Fe de Antioquia is lived all year round, the temples and museums are a very special experience of this tradition wrapped in faith that is felt in the inhabitants of the city of Antioquia.

  • Little-known stories of the temples and their images of Holy Week of more than 200 years
  • Museum of religious art and learn about all the important aspects of this tradition.
  • Experiences with freighters or Nazarenes.
  • Experiences of this fervor of more than 480 years.
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Free tour of the historic center of the mother city of Antioch
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I love that you want to know more about Santa Fe de Antioquia! Let me tell you the story about this wonderful city.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to explore Santa Fe de Antioquia in depth for the first time. At first, I didn't know everything incredible about this place, but something inside told me that I had to discover it.

When I delved deeper into Santa Fe de Antioquia, I was impressed by its beauty. The city was full of history and mystery. Its cobbled streets and colorful colonial houses transported me to another time. During my visit, I discovered that Santa Fe de Antioquia is a city that has witnessed many important events in the history of Colombia. Plus, its people were friendly and welcoming, which made my visit even more special.
Since then, I have fallen in love with Santa Fe de Antioquia more and more every day and each time I discover something even more wonderful.
Now, as a professional tour guide, I want to share my passion for this city with travelers looking for something different and authentic. On my tour, you will be able to discover the best kept secrets of Santa Fe de Antioquia, learn about its rich history and enjoy its delicious cuisine. You will not regret visiting this wonderful city!
On the tour we will visit:

  • Primate Cathedral of Antioquia
  • gun beach
  • The Supreme Government Palace
  • Mansion of the Antioquia patriarch JEMF
  • The José María Martínez Pardo square
  • Monument to race
  • Atanasio Girardot's parents' house
  • Santa Barbara Square
  • Humiliadero cross monument

  • And much more!

So my friend, do you dare to join my tour? I assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience!

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