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Walk to the Guatapori River - Nature, Legends and Fun
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The Guatapuri River is one of the 36 main rivers of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it passes through Valledupar and its Guardians are the IJKU or Arhuacos community. In this experience we will enjoy walking through the nature of the Guatapuri River. We will start at El Puente Hurtado, where you will know the reason for its name and the legend of the Vallenata mermaid. We will continue downstream towards the Gazebo of Los Juglares, visiting its monuments and knowing its stories. We will also visit the Province Park, and we will continue downstream to Maravilla Beach, where we will have the opportunity to observe the fauna and flora of the tropical dry forest, until we reach the cool waters of the Guatapuri River, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. If travelers like it, they can enjoy massages, meals, drinks and vallenato music groups, which are not included in the tour.
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Free Walking Tour in the Historic Center of Valledupar
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This tour is made by illustrated and trained local guides who will tell you the stories of each place, the walk begins at Alfonso Lopez Square, walking through its monuments and colonial houses, then we will walk through its old alleys to show you the Bernacula architecture of the old Valledupar with its fences of wood and traditional courtyards, the Cathedral of the Rosary old convent that is where the legend Vallenata is born and The Church of the Immaculate Conception house of the Patron Saint of Valledupar. This experience is to know the stories, myths, legends, traditions and customs of the old Valledupar, and of the native Indians who inhabited this land when the Spanish arrived. If you need to know more about the activities and other attractions in Valledupar, our guides can guide you. Make your reservation now, Valledupar is Magic and if you want to feel that Magic you have to know its Stories
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Foundation and growth of Valledupar. Historical Center.
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Hello, I am Juanchito and I come to guide you along a path full of minstrels who play accordions and a land full of ancestral people who play bagpipes and drums.

This tour , the history of Cesar, is a tourist route from the Cesar government building to the Valledupar mayor's office.

A journey from 1550 to the present day where the Spanish conquest changed the history of this territory.
We will learn data such as urban fauna and flora, demography, culture, history, in a city that was founded 473 years ago.

Learn about the stories of the ethnic groups of the ancestral peoples, characters of the republican revolution, and the vallenato artists that make up our current era

Duration of the tour 2 hours, open-air interpretation. Delicious Caribbean cuisine.
Reserve your spot. Magical experiences that will make you feel like family.

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Free tour "Valledupar, the City of Sports"

What an exciting story I want to share with you! I invite you to discover the incredible sports venues in Valledupar , a city that seems to hide fascinating secrets in every corner. For this reason, I decided to create a Free Tour to show travelers like you the true passion that the people of Valledupar feel for sports.

Our tour begins at the emblematic Megamall shopping center, where we will meet to start our adventure. From there, we will walk through the streets of the city and discover the most emblematic places related to sports.
We will end our tour at the Julio Monsalvo Castilla Indoor Coliseum, an impressive sports venue that hides incredible stories. Here you will learn how multiple disciplines are lived in Valledupar, the sport becomes popular in the city

You will learn how these disciplines have developed in Valledupar and you will discover the secrets of the athletes who have made history in the city.

This Free Tour is different from the rest because it leads you to discover the passion that the people of Valledupar feel for sport. Book now and live this adventure with us!

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Mitos y leyendas del río guatapuri

¡Bienvenidos viajeros tropicales! Hoy les invito a un emocionante walking tour por el río Guatapuri, en el balneario Hurtado en Valledupar, Colombia. Este tour no es como cualquier otro, porque no solo caminarán por un hermoso paisaje, sino que también descubrirán los misterios y leyendas que rodean a este río.

El tour comenzará temprano en la mañana, cuando el sol todavía no esté muy fuerte. Empezaremos con una caminata suave y refrescante a lo largo del río Guatapuri, donde tendrás la oportunidad de admirar la flora y fauna local. Pero eso es solo el principio.

¡Continuando nuestro tour, nos dirigiremos al Parque de la Provincia, un lugar que cautiva a los visitantes con sus imponentes estatuas en honor a los grandes músicos vallenatos! Aquí, nuestros guías expertos en la música típica de la región, nos contarán la historia detrás de estas hermosas obras de arte, y de cómo la música vallenata ha sido una parte fundamental de la cultura del Caribe Colombiano.

Después de conocer más sobre la música vallenata, continuaremos caminando por el río Guatapuri, donde podrás refrescarte con sus frías aguas cristalinas, y dicen que el que se baña en el Guatapuri regresa, ya sea a casarse o a comprar casa.

No pierdas la oportunidad de descubrir los misterios del río Guatapuri en este tour emocionante y único. ¡Reserva con nosotros ahora mismo y prepárate para vivir una experiencia inolvidable!

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Free tour Valledupar / Cañaguatero

Welcome to Histour Cañaguatero in which I offer you a fascinating immersion into the historical genesis of one of the oldest cities in the Colombian Caribbean .
The world capital of vallenato enjoys an exquisite timeline that will take you to know ancient legends and traditions that gave life to a unique culture in Colombia . During this tour we will walk the cradle of Vallenato folklore and culture, the emblematic Alfonso López Pumarejo square and much more.

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