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Saharun beach full-day tour from Zadar
Book your full-day tour of Saharun beach from Zadar! Sail through the island of the Zadar archipelago and enjoy lunch on the stunning Saharun beach.
Price from 58,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Plitvice Lakes: National Park Official Entry Ticket
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Get tickets for Croatia's largest national park, with cascading lakes and UNESCO-listed tufa formations. Choose your trail and hike through the pristine beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park.
Price from 10,00 EUR
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3-Hour Zadar Food Tasting Tour
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A tour designed for all the foodies who love to explore local cuisines. During a 3-hour tour, you will enjoy a variety of dishes from the Croatian coastal region - Dalmatia, ranging from traditional to modern classics, and find out more about local customs. It's a fun and informative tasting tour to the largest green market, but also local restaurants, and food shops in the very city center of Zadar. Piece of advice - come hungry!
Price from 89,00 EUR
Dugi Otok Kayak Tour
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Kayak your way to the most hidden places of Dugi Otok, one of Croatia's most beautiful islands. ​You'll fall in love with this paradise in the Adriatic Sea!
Price from 85,00 EUR
Zadar Free Walking Tour
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I will take a walking tour of Zadar from the city gate. I will tell a brief history of the city. Walking tour is based about telling past and present overview of city. For each site I will tell story about its past and what is meaning for city today. After the introduction, I will describe the fortification system in Zadar in the 16th century. In more detail, I will describe the construction and meaning of the city gate and how the entrance to the city was built also, I will describe the Ponton Bastion and the Forte Bastion.

We continue to the Cinco wells Square where there is Captain Fort and the Jelena Madio public park opened in 1830 by Baron von Welden. Later in the walking tour, we will continue to the old entrance to the city. The next stop is the Church of San Simeón. I will explain all about the phases of the church and how it changed its title. I will also explain the political situation that led to the making of the Chest of Saint Simeon.
Later, we will pass by the Rector's palace in Zadar. The next stop on the tour is the People's Square with its buildings. After that, we can go to the market where the remains of the church of Santa María are. The longest walking tour will be to the Church of Saint Grisogonus and then to the Forum. In Forum I will introduce you to St. Donats Church and St. Mary's Church. At the last stop, the tour will go to the Cathedral of Saint Anastasia or the Church of Saint Francis. The tour ends with the Sea Organ.

Tour Itinerary:

The Landgate
Square of the Five Wells
Jelena Madio Park
Church of Saint Simon
People's Square
Church of Saint Grisogonus
Church of Saint Mary
Church of Saint Donato
Cathedral of Saint Anastasia
Church of San Francisco

My walking tour is mostly history oriented because I graduated with a major in history so I designed my walking tour in accordance with my most prominent competencies. However, I always intend to adjust my walking tour depending on the people who booked it so I don't take always the same route and don't cover the same topics. Expect some jokes as well 🙂 Feel free to ask me anything regarding your stay in Croatia.

The location of the meeting point s Five Wells Square. You have a photo of the location in the photo gallery. If you want to do shorter than 2 hours and 30 minutes I can adjust depending on the others in the group.

For any of your questions regarding the walking tour and your stay in Croatia contact me on +385919411145. I have WhatsApp as well

Price from 0,00 EUR
Kornati National Park full-day boat tour from Zadar
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Book your boat tour of Kornati National Park from Zadar! Enjoy a full day of island hopping, relax, swim and enjoy lunch on board.
Price from 54,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
From Zadar: Island-Hopping Speedboat Tour with Drinks
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Experience the beauty of Croatia's Adriatic coastline on a half-day adventure from Zadar aboard a speedboat. Embark on a fascinating island-hopping excursion and swim in crystal-clear waters.
Price from 39,90 EUR
Best of Zadar
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Get to know the city of Zadar and all of it unique experiences. See all the highlights including the Land Gate, St. Donatus' Church, the Roman Forum, Sea Organ, Greeting to the Sun, St. Anastasia's Cathedral and visit the Bell Tower. Finish the tour at the best place to admire the amazing Zadar sunset.
Price from 20,00 EUR
Zadar Free Tour
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This free tour of Zadar is the best way to start exploring one of the most beautiful cities of the Dalmatian Coast and its most important monuments.
Price from 0,00 EUR
Free Spirit Walking Tour Zadar
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Sign up for the tour and meet your guide at Forum, in front of the Archaeological Museum for a 1.5-hour special introduction to the city of Zadar guided exclusively by guides with 500+ tours experience. Never becoming "yet-another-boring-tour", it focuses both on history and culture as well as the modern everyday life of Zadar. The tour covers all the Old Town main sights including Forum, Five Wells Square, Kalelarga, People's Square, St. Donatus Church and St. Anastasia's Cathedral, Sea Organ, and many more.

*Due to Croatian laws the official price of the tour is: 0.10 Euro per person

Price from 0,00 EUR
Private day-tour to Plitvice National Park from Zadar
Hike in the oldest and largest National Park in Croatia and enjoy the unique and beautiful nature in Plitvice.
Price from 63,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Zadar: 3 Island Swimming and Snorkeling Cruise with Prosecco
User rating
Make 2 anchor stops to discover 3 stunning islands in the Zadar Archipelago on this cruise from Zadar. Swim and snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy seasonal fruit with a glass of prosecco.
Price from 37,80 EUR
Dugi Otok - half day kayak adventure
User rating
Discover the magic of Dugi Otok and one of the most beautiful beaches, Veli Žal! During a half-day kayak tour you'll have the opportunity to explore hidden bays and a unique cave which you can enter only by kayak or swimming.
Price from 75,00 EUR
Zadar Private Tour
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Discover one of the most beautiful cities along the Dalmation Coast on this private tour of Zadar in Croatia. Create your own personalized itinerary!
Price from 175,00 EUR
Evening free walking tour - Zadar Old Town
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In this 70 min walking tour to begin with we will take you trough the old town which is padded on the peninsula, surrounded by beautiful parks and city walls. At the heart of the peninsula there are numerous monuments, restaurants and cafes and also numerous facilities for visitors such as museums, various shops. . .

Zadar's incredible Sea Organ , designed by local architect Nikola Bašić, is unique. Set within the perforated stone stairs that descend into the sea is a system of pipes and whistles that exudes wistful sighs when the movement of the sea pushes air through it. The effect is hypnotic, the mellifluous tones increasing in volume when a boat or ferry passes by. You can swim from the steps off the promenade while listening to the sounds.

Sign up for the tour and meet your guide at ''Five Wells Square'' . Tour start with special introduction to the city of Zadar. The tour covers all the Old Town main sights including:

  • Forum
  • Five Wells Square
  • Kalelarga
  • People's Square
  • St. Donatus Church
  • St. Anastasia's Cathedral
  • Sea Organ
  • and many more.
Price from 0,00 EUR
Zadar's Old Town evening guided walking tour
Book your ticket for this guided walking tour of Zadar's Old Town in the evening. Explore the Old Town's highlights and learn about the city's history.
Price from 26,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Zadar: 3 Island luxury Speedboat Tour w/ Drinks & Snorkeling
User rating
Join a speedboat tour in Zadar and discover pristine beaches and the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea. Visit Ošljak, spend some time exploring Preko, and enjoy unlimited drinks throughout your tour.
Price from 20,00 EUR
Half-Day Cruise of Ošljak and Preko
User rating
We are the company where guests are most important. With guests, we have an individual approach and unique tours. You can expect kind guides and an unforgettable experience.
Price from 43,20 EUR
Ugljan Island Yacht Tour
User rating
Sail around the archipelago of Zadar and enjoy unforgettable views with this Ugljan Island Yacht Tour. In addition, you can swim in its crystalline waters.
Price from 42,00 EUR
History free walking tour - Zadar Old Town
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Zadar history walking tour will be unique experience through the most exciting old town that will leave everyone breathless. 

Sign up for the 60 min tour and meet your guide at ''Five Wells Square'', tour start with special introduction to the city of Zadar guided exclusively by guides with high experience. This tour has a focuses both on history and culture as well as the modern everyday life of Zadar. The tour covers all the Old Town main sights including Roman Forum, Captain Tower, Five Wells Square, Kalelarga, People's Square, St. Donatus Church and St. Anastasia's Cathedral, Sea Organ, and many more. 

Price from 0,00 EUR
Best of Zadar with St. Anastasia viewpoint
Join a guided walking tour through Zadar, see the Sea Organ and climb the St. Anastasia Bell Tower.
Price from 32,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Zadar: Kornati and Telašćica Full-Day Boat Trip with Lunch
User rating
Cruise through the Kornati National Park visit the salt lake in Telascica on this tour from Zadar. Explore the coastline, stop to swim, sip on wine, and savor a tasty packed breakfast and lunch.
Price from 47,69 EUR
Romantic Zadar Sunset Boat Tour with a Glass of Prossecco
User rating
We will start our cruise from one of the most beautiful harbors in Adriatic, Foša. After that we will cruise by the Zadar seafront and famous Sea Organs where thousands come every night to see world famous sunset. While driving you will have an amazing view of cities landmarks like 1500 years old Donat church and old roman forum. We will find our place in Zadar canal where we will meet the sunset. Trough out the whole cruise we will enjoy by listening to romantic Italian and Croatian serenades and drinking great Italian Prossecco from Venetto region.
Price from 24,00 EUR
Zadar Guided Tour
User rating
Discover the important historical legacy of one of the oldest Croatian cities with this Zadar Guided Tour. Explore the beautiful old town and the Sea Organ.
Price from 20,00 EUR
Zadar Free Tour with local guide
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Welcome to the 2 hours FREE WALKING TOUR of the beautiful city of Zadar with local guide.

The tour covers all HISTORICAL periods from ANCIENT to MODERN times, actually the last 2000 years of Zadar’s history.

Zadar is a 3000-year-old settlement, but Julius Caesar laid the foundation stone of Zadar as a city, and from then to nowadays Zadar was governed by many empires and rulers like Byzantine, Croatian, Hungarians, Venetian Republic, Austrians. Especially 20th century was very interesting and events in the 2nd World War left huge scars on the city.

Besides history facts you will also learn about historical art styles like romanesque, renaissance, baroque, explained on actual sites in the old town.

Find many interesting details only true locals know.

If you like I will be happy to give you tips regarding restaurants, local dishes and drinks and interesting places around Zadar, perfect for day trips and of course I will try to answer all your questions. 

Tour includes:

  • general introduction regarding Croatian and Zadar history
  • Roman town entrance
  • UNESCO’s city fortifications
  • The Land gate and Port of Foša
  • The five wells/cistern square
  • St. Simon church and the legend of Saint Simon's body
  • People's square
  • St. Anastasia's cathedral
  • Roman Forum and pillory of shame
  • Sea Organ🎵🎶 and Greeting to the Sun

and many many more locations to discover.

Join me, discover and learn something new and treat yourself with a great memory from Zadar...

Tour is in English and rain is never a problem             

99.9% of the time we have sunshine

NOTICE: if you booked the tour and in case you can't attend, please be so kind to CANCEL it.

Price from 0,00 EUR
Ancient meets modern walking tour of Zadar
Buy your tickets for a Zadar city walking tour to see where a city in Croatia where ancient meets modern.
Price from 78,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Italian French Spanish German
Zadar: Plitvice Lakes Guided Day Tour with Tickets
User rating
Discover the stunning waterfalls and waterways of Plitvice Lakes National Park on a day trip from Zadar. Stroll along the various nature trails along the lakes above the beautiful cascades.
Price from 58,00 EUR
Private Speedboat tour "Hidden Gems of Dugi otok"
User rating
On our Hidden gems of Dugi otok tour which lasts at least 7-8 hours, we’ll take you from Zadat towards the northern part of Ugljan island, and through the passage of Muline towards Dugi otok island which is our destination for the day. While cruising towards Dugi otok, you’ll get to know the archipelago and possibly see some dolphins on the way. You'll have an opportunity to snorkel around the shipwreck, climb the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic and explore the untouched beauties of Dugi otok and Molat islands. We'll make a number of stops on this highly custom private tour. On this full-day tour, you'll never find yourself on an overcrowded beach with tons of other tourists. We want you to get the first-hand experience of the Croatian Islands and soak in their atmosphere. We welcome your ideas, and take your schedule into account, the tour does not have a schedule carved in stone, we take in your suggestions. With Speed Boat Zadar, you decide how to spend your day!
Price from 165,00 EUR
Telascica Natural Park Boat Tour
Travel along the coast of Zadar with this Telascica Natural Park Boat Tour. You'll enjoy the spectacular cliffs and have the opportunity to swim in its waters.
Price from 69,00 EUR
Early Bird free walking tour - Zadar Old Town
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Zadar history walking tour will be unique experience through the most exciting old town that will leave everyone breathless.

Listen to narrative covering the city's ancient history in this 70 min walking tour, from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD. Stops include:

  • The UNESCO-listed city walls
  • The sea organ
  • Roman Forum
  • Kalelarga
  • St. Donatus Church
  • St. Anastasia's Cathedral,
  • People's Square 

and more. 
Local guide provides in-depth narrative on the city's history Walking tour is the best way to see the city highlights Learn much more than you would wandering the city on your own Convenient central meeting point.

It was nominated by a prestigious Belgian blockbuster "Best European Destinations" as a best tourist destination in Europe 2016.

Price from 0,00 EUR