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Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin entrance ticket
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Visit the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin - an iconic of classical modernism -and admire paintings and sculptures of the 20th century from Cubism, to Surrealism.
Price from 15,00 EUR
Berlin: Third Reich and Cold War Walking Tour
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Discover the tumultuous contemporary history of Berlin on a guided walking tour. Learn about the city under the Third Reich and the division of the city in subsequent years during the Cold War.
Price from 19,90 EUR
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Private Tour: Berlin by Trabant Stretch-Limousine
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See the sights of Berlin by Trabant stretch-limousine! With more room and a little more luxury than the standard Trabant cars of the former German Democratic Republic, the customized vehicle is the perfect mode of transport for a tour of the city. Learn about Berlin’s history from a private guide, enjoy commentary tailored to your interests and see sights such as Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island, Berlin TV Tower, Government district and many more. Entrance fees and food are at your own expense.
Price from 247,24 EUR
Berlin TV Tower: Fast View
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Take in Berlin from the top of the TV tower
Price from 26,50 EUR
Tour available in: English Korean Danish Russian German Canadian Greek Spanish Italian Japanese Dutch Polish Portuguese Swedish Chinese French Czech
Free Walking Tour of Berlin
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Discover the history of Germany's capital through its monuments, streets and squares with this free tour of Berlin. A fascinating walking tour awaits!
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Skip-the-Line Fast View Tickets to Berlin TV Tower
Price from 26,50 EUR
Welcome to Berlin! Free tour by Walkative!
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Berlin is without any doubts one of the most interesting and important cities in the world. Our tour will give you a good understanding of the city, its history and the many ideas born in Berlin that shaped this city and the entire world! We will journey in time from the humble medieval beginnings, through the capital of a mighty kingdom and empire, revolution, dark times of nazism, destruction and communist divisions up to today – the trendiest and hottest city in the world. That was truly a spectacular transition, one you should not miss! 

On the tour we will see and discuss:

  • TV tower
  • Red Town Hall and the remains of the old Berlin
  • Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral
  • Unter Den Linden and Humboldt University
  • Book Burning Site
  • Checkpoint Charlie and Berlin Wall stories
  • Adolf Hitler’s Bunker Site
  • Jewish Holocaust Memorial
  • Brandenburg Gate

The last stop for this tour is Brandenburg Gate.

Look for the yellow umbrella at the meeting point!

ℹ️ ⚠️ ATTENTION - booking rules

The tour is fit for pets, but one site, the Holocaust Memorial, is only allowed to walk around (so you see it, but not walk through). Please have that in mind.

Please note that our free tours are designed for individual travelers and small private groups only. Hence, we do not accept parties of 8 or more people on regular free tours and guides have the right to deny participation to such groups. If you travel in a party of 8 or more please book a private tour in advance.

If you show up at the meeting point with the bigger group our guide will ask you for the payment (12 eur/person) before the tour or cancel your reservation on the spot. To confirm your reservation please arrive 10 minutes before starting. We can not guarantee participation when you will be late.                                  

Please note that multiply bookings (under different names) for 7 people who belong to one group will still be treated as one organized group and the guide has the right to deny participation to such parties.

This policy is implied in the best interest of our individual visitors. 

Please respect our rules.     

Price from 0,00 EUR
Berlin WelcomeCard: free public transport and museum discounts
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Reserve your Berlin WelcomeCard comfortably in advance and get priority access and discounts to the main tourist attractions in Berlin.
Price from 28,00 EUR
Berlin Wintergarten: 90s Forever - Hits & Acrobatics
With the gaudy show “90s FOREVER – Hits & Acrobatics” we travel musically right into the 90s!
Price from 43,35 EUR
5hours: Guide, Chauffeur & Photographer in Berlin private Tour
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The tour that will take your visit in Berlin to another level. Three hours of Chauffeured Sightseeing Tour with experienced guide and a photographer. The guests are met in the hotel lobby or the place of accommodation. The vehicle of the tour is Mercedes luxury Van. Five hours of journey in to the history of Berlin. The "time travel" involves visit at sites like: The Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, Berliner Wall and more. Short walking tours are planned for the most important highlights. After historical background and many side stories photoshooting will be part of the walking tour. The photos will be provided in the same day. The tour is fully customizable for any special wish . Spoken languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, and German.
Price from 590,00 EUR
Neues Museum: Entry Ticket
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The treasures of Egypt and art through the ages
Price from 14,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Chinese Portuguese Polish Korean Dutch Czech Spanish Italian Greek Russian Danish Swedish Canadian French Japanese German
Day Trip to Potsdam and Sachsenhausen
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On this day trip to Potsdam and Sachsenhausen, we'll visit these two historic must-see places in Germany in one day, unmissable if you're in Berlin!
Price from 58,50 EUR
Berlin TV Tower: Fast View & Restaurant Reservation Ticket
Price from 25,50 EUR
East Berlin: Wall and Cold War Special
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Berlin, 1961 : one city, two countries. Communism and Capitalism separated by a 155 kilometer wall that faced the Soviet sector and the Western sector. 28 years of divided families, of tanks face to face, of cut communications, of escape tunnels, of spies and red telephones, of ghost stations and above all of tears.

 Today, 34 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain , we wonder how Berliners lived through the Cold War. What was life like for a Berliner behind the wall? How important was the role of the family and the role of women in socialism ? What were the Stasi's methods of repression and surveillance ? We will also talk about the most famous escape attempts and how the resistance and peaceful revolution was organized, which led to the fall of the Soviet bloc. If you wonder what the wall means today and if it still exists: this is your tour .

 In 'Side to Side' tours we seek to answer these questions. Tours to see and know Berlin, but also to think and feel it , this is our philosophy. We will talk about all this visiting the most emblematic places that are the living testimony of a not too distant past.

 At the end of the tour, you will be able to discover the most emblematic corners of Berlin thanks to the digital guide 'Side to Side East Berlin' that I have prepared with great care. A small gift that includes a selection of the most authentic bars, restaurants and breweries so that you can make the most of your stay in Berlin.

Do not hesitate and book with ' Side to Side Tours' one of the most elaborate and thought tours to get to know the Berlin of the Cold War .

Price from 0,00 EUR
Bode Museum skip-the-line tickets
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Visit the Bode Museum in Berlin with skip-the-line advantage and see its magnific collections of sculptures, coins and Byzantine Art.
Price from 13,00 EUR
Berlin: Pub Crawl with Skip-the-Line Club Entry
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Discover the vibrant nightlife of Berlin with an exciting pub crawl experience. Discover iconic venues in the lively neighborhoods of Mitte and Friedrichshain, and enjoy skip-the-line access.
Price from 22,50 EUR
Private Berlin Custom Half-Day Tour with Private Driver and Guide
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Discover Berlin’s history on this 4-hour tour with your own private driver and guide. See Berlin’s historic center, walk through the Brandenburg Gate, see the Reichstag, drive through the old border at Checkpoint Charlie, and come to terms with Berlin’s dark Nazi past at the book-burning memorial. Your guide will show you all this and more as you uncover the tortured past and fantastic present of Germany’s capital city, all from the comfort of your private air-conditioned vehicle.
Price from 299,50 EUR
Berlin TV Tower: Fast View + Inner Ring Seat Restaurant
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Direct access to the Berlin TV Tower, and a guaranteed reservation 200m up!
Price from 24,50 EUR
Tour available in: English Greek Canadian Danish German Spanish French Italian Japanese Korean Dutch Polish Portuguese Russian Swedish Chinese Czech
Berlin Complete City Tour
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The Berlin complete city tour is the perfect way to get to know the German capital in just one day. You'll discover the most important sights of the city.
Price from 30,00 EUR
Tickets to FALLING | IN LOVE Grand Show
Price from 44,90 EUR
Beyond Berlin’s History - making sense of the present learning from the past
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Welcome to Berlin! Join me for a captivating ~3,5 hour tour of Berlin's rich and complex history. Starting at Alexanderplatz, we'll explore the city's diverse landmarks and delve into its fascinating past.

My tour will take us to iconic sites such as the Marx and Engels Memorial, Museums Island, the Nazi book burning site, Gendarmenmarkt, Checkpoint Charlie, the remains of the Berlin Wall, Hitler's bunker, the Jewish Memorial, the Reichstag, and the Brandenburg Gate.

What sets my tour apart is my unique perspective on history. My focus is not just on the places themselves, but on the ideas they reflect. As a Jewish woman of Polish heritage, I approach Berlin's past with a deep sense of personal connection and empathy. I tell the stories of my own family, weaving together personal narratives with broader historical themes.

Rather than simply presenting historical facts and events, I approach the subject of ideologies like fascism from a sociological perspective, highlighting their current relevance.

We'll explore the ways in which Berlin's history has shaped its character and identity, and how it continues to impact the city today. We'll examine the parallels between the past and present and reflect on the lessons we can learn from history.

So come along with me on this unforgettable journey through the heart of Berlin. Let's gain a deeper understanding of the forces that have shaped it into the vibrant and dynamic metropolis it is today.

Please be aware that nobody can be accepted on this tour from 10 minutes after the tour’s start. Thank you for your cooperation.

Price from 0,00 EUR
Berlin Reichstag tour in English with visit inside the building
User rating
Tour of the Reichstag with an English guide and see the most visited parliament building in the world. Learn its history, enjoy views of the parliament building and its glass dome.
Price from 18,00 EUR
Tour available in: English
Berlin: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour
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Learn about a dark time in world history on a walking tour of Sachsenhausen, the closest concentration camp to Berlin. See what life was like for Jewish prisoners during the Nazi era on a guided tour.
Price from 25,00 EUR
BERLIN PHOTO TOUR with a professional Photographer from Berlin
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Everybody takes photos nowadays, especially while traveling. But there's a distinct difference between snapping a quick shot of a landmark and carefully crafting a photograph. The goal of this photowalk through the center of Berlin is to provide you with the photographic skill set to capture some of Berlin's most iconic landmarks in the best light. The blue hour is when a city is most photogenic. It's the time of day when natural and artificial light are equally bright and complement each other perfectly. Did you ever wonder how to capture those cool light-trails or how to get a shot of a famous landmark without any people in it? Well, I will happily share all of the tips and tricks I use myself to capture cityscapes during the blue hour. This way you will not only end up with some stunning shots for your social media, but also with the knowledge to make your next city trip a photographic success, too.
Price from 109,00 EUR
Pergamon Museum – The Panorama: Exhibition by Yadegar Asisi
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Wander Pergamon in 129 AD through a panoramic exhibition on Museum Island
Price from 14,00 EUR
Tour available in: English Swedish Korean Danish German Greek French Italian Japanese Dutch Polish Portuguese Russian Chinese Spanish Czech Canadian
Big Bus: Berlin Sightseeing Bus
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Hop on the Berlin Big Bus sightseeing bus and get ready to uncover the must-visit spots in the vibrant German capital. Hop on and off at any of the stops!
Price from 31,50 EUR
Illuseum Berlin Tickets
Price from 14,00 EUR
Berlin and Nazism: Rise and Fall of the Empire
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Victims and executioners, invaders and invaded, dictators and dictatorships, pacts and betrayals. All this is part of the narrative in which the history of Nazism is framed, but what are the reasons that lead a civilized country like Germany to fall into fanatism? Who collaborates and why in the Nazi blitzkrieg? What interests are hidden behind the Hitler dictatorship? And, above all, where did the Final Solution and the extermination of an entire people lead the world? 

If you want to answer these questions and reflect on what happened, getting to know the protagonists and the places that write the most important chapters of the 20th century, this is your tour. Let yourself be guided by the philosophy of 'Side to Side': tours thought out and documented from the historical rigor; author tours, with a precise and close language that avoids the sensationalist clichés. 

We will visit the most important Nazi monuments in Berlin and the memorials to the victims to rebuild together the history of Berlin under nazism. 

The tour will take us through the Brandenburg Gate, scene of the Nazi parades and also testimony of their defeat after the battle of Berlin. The Reichstag, the parliament, where the nazis conquer power. The Holocaust Memorial, dedicated to murdered Jews in Europe. Hitler's bunker, still today the object of conspiracies and for some a place of worship. The street of terror, where the Nazi chancelleries imposed fear and submission. There we will see Goebbels' Ministry of Propaganda, the New Chancellery, the work of Albert Speer and the Air Ministry, Hermann Göring’s impressive air force. The tour ends at the Berlin Wall, in front of the Topography of Terror, a documentation center and museum on Nazism that you cannot miss. 

Throughout the tour we will also visit the memorials to the victims of the LGTBIQ collective, and the gypsy people and we will also talk about other lesser-known affected groups. Resistance to Nazism and how Germany today confronts the consequences of the most tragic chapter of its history complete the content of one of the most interesting tours of Berlin.

The tour includes the digital guide 'Side to Side: Heart of Berlin' that I have prepared with great care. A small gift so that you can continue discovering Berlin on your own: restaurants, breweries, alternative excursions and much more. Do not hesitate to book, 'Side to Side Tour' is your tour. 

Price from 0,00 EUR
Museum for Contemporary Art at Hamburger Bahnhof skip-the-line ticket
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See modern and contemporary art at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, from the Friedrich Christian Flick Collection to innovative forms and concepts of arts.
Price from 13,00 EUR
Berlin: 1-Hour City Tour by Boat with Guaranteed Seating
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On this tour, you will get to learn about the intriguing history of Berlin and see all the major attractions from the comfort of a river cruise. Travel through Berlin on a 1-hour river cruise from Friedrichstraße or Nikolaiviertel.
Price from 21,90 EUR