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Iloilo is not everything you read on Wikipedia and Google searches... Interesting stories are found in every tour as I show you... Located in the heart of the Philippine archipelago, the city of Iloilo represents one of the Philippines' most endearing and accessible provincial centers. Guests often tour the city on their way to the white sand beaches of Guimaras Island, the Gigantes Islands and the iconic bays of Boracay to the north. Those who chose to stay are invited to get lost among the old vestiges of Spanish colonialism that still dot the streets of the old city in clusters of crumbling churches and overgrown cemeteries. There is also a relaxed atmosphere of the city to enjoy, between relaxing on its sandy beaches, long walks along the riverside esplanade or relaxed Ilonggo meals of Pancit Molo and Batchoy broths. However, every January, the Dinagyang festival transforms the city into a cultural and religious extravaganza of street performances and revelry. Iloilo is also a university city, which means it packs a punch in the nightlife department; To make the most of that, be sure to ask your Iloilo tour guide about the wealth of themed clubs that come together in the Smallville district for a night of unadulterated fun. 09:00 am - Explore the ancestral houses of Jaro and La Paz. 09:30 am - Proceed to Casa Gamboa and see some local Tinukib products. 10:00 am - Listen to the stories of the miraculous Lady of Candles. See it and be heard. 10:30 am - Visit the "Athens of the Philippines" - Molo District. 11:30 am - Walk through the city's various attractions, such as Fort San Pedro, Plaza Libertad, New Town Hall, and the City Museum. 12:00 pm - Continuation to Sinamay House before the tour ends

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